Volusion eCommerce Solutions – Your Review

Volusion eCommerce Product Overview

Volusion eCommerce Solutions is for all business types.  It provides one-stop-shop eCommerce solution from newbies to large business.  You can run your business from the dashboard. Established in 1999, Volusion has connected people with innovative and powerful solutions to help grow their business. Volusion offers credit card process, design, and marketing.

Volusion eCommerce Solutions Review

Name: Volusionvolusion
Website: http://volusion.com
Price: Up o 14 days Free Trial – Mini $15.00/month – Plus $35.00/month – Pro $75.00/month – Premium $135.00/month

CEO: Kevin Sproles

CTO: Bardia Dejban

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Location:  Austin, TX

The Pros and the Cons

The Good:

PRO #1: Security and Fraud-Free with every plan

PRO #2:  14 days Free Trial Period.

PRO #3:  All-in-one, Website, shopping cart and hosting are all included  

PRO #4:  Powerful integration tools

PRO #5:  You have access to unlimited support 24/7, live expert to help you anytime

PRO #6:  Share directly from your eCommerce to your social media Facebook, Twiter and Pinterest

The Bad:

CON #1  Some plans on all platforms will charge a transaction fee on each purchase, and this is on top of the credit card processing fees

CON #2  More charges…Volusion has added up costs:  add-on apps fees,  exclusions of key feature, bandwidth charges (Once you go over your bandwidth they charge you for overages).. so pricing can add up very quickly, you have to be on the lookout

CON #3  You are required to purchase an SSL certificate for on-site credit card processing – it usually costs $100 per year. Needless to say that this is another add up fee.

CON #4  Their templates are difficult to customize with limited design features and no add-on

CON #5  There is no inbuilt blog with their template…Wierd we are in 2017, and everybody blog…it is an excellent way to promote; you can add a WordPress, but I hope you know coding otherwise you will be out of luck!

CON #6  Most of their themes are primary for online store only and are not responsive which means cannot operate well with IPad or Cellular

Who is VOLUSION For?

If you are a newbie or an expert are just taking your offline business to a higher level to grow your online business Volusion can help your commerce growth.  Today’s technology helps you time so you can focus on success.

Volusion Tools & Training

Volusion Site Builder Features:

Volusion enables you to design your store for your business. They are offering 75 theme templates and of those only 16 are FREE, and only 6 of the 16 free themes are responsive.


Since they came up with “Volusion 2” May 2017, (see my post at the bottom of this page), Volusion has introduced a fully Responsive eCommerce Themes.  They also mentioned that they would continue to release responsive templates which are good new, they have to keep up with their competitors don’t you think?

Content Management

Adding product to your store is quite easy with Volusion. With only three categories where you can enter your product information, the process is quick and straightforward, and it helps you stay organized, manage photo galleries and publish relevant product information.

Click on the image below to see a short video of the dashboard.


volusion dashboard

You cannot make changes on those templates unless you are familiar with coding so if you are a beginner and wanting to make a change you will probably have a hard time.

With every plan Volusion offers those features:

  • Add Products in a Flash
  • Securely Accept Payments
  • Easily Manage Inventory
  • Built-in SEO Tools
  • Social Media Integrations:  Manage your social accounts and sell more across the web, all from the comfort of your Volusion dash.
 Ease of Use

Volusion offers a Free 14 days Trial Period you don’t even need a credit card to sign up which is great!

Volusion Support

The support provided with the product. You have access 24/7 support via phone, chat or emails to their Austin-based eCommerce experts for any help you might need, from support to marketing specialists and this for all plans except the Mini Plan.

Volusion Pricing

Volusion Different Package

Mini:  $15.00/month

  • 100 Products
  • 1GB of Bandwidth
  • Online Support
  • Secure Checkout

Plus:  $35.00/month

  • 1000 Products
  • 3GB of Bandwidth
  • Online + Phone Support
  • Secure Checkout

Pro:  $75.00/month

  • 10,000 Products
  • 10GB of Bandwidth
  • Priority Support
  • Secure Checkout

Premium:  $135.00/month

  • Unlimited Products
  • 35GB of Bandwidth
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Secure Checkout

Save 10% on your storeVolusion coupon

Redeem your discount in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select a plan below
  2. At checkout, enter this code: 10off
  3. Select ‘Apply’ to receive 10% off your plan

Select a plan here

My Final Opinion of VOLUSION

My final honest option on Volusion is that it is a great platform, but I cannot say it is the best.  Based on research done Volusion software needs some updates and some improvement with their customer service.  On top of that, their additional fees can be costly if you don’t keep track of them so I cannot recommend them wholeheartedly.

However, that isn’t to say that this cart is the wrong choice for every merchant. Plenty of affiliates have found success with Volusion. You might as well sign up for Volusion’s free trial by clicking the link below, and try it out for yourself.

 NEWS Splash:  

Volusion made the news May 30, 2017

As per Kevin Sproles CEO, Volusion has released Volusion 2, which is an upgraded version of their platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It consists of a simplified digital store setup, secure checkouts, including free SSL, and mobile optimization. (1)

“Small and medium businesses deserve the same robust website features and level of service as the established enterprise,” said Kevin Sproles, Volusion CEO. “Since returning as CEO, my number one goal has been to get Volusion refocused to help these entrepreneurs succeed.”

Volusion eCommerce Solutions at a Glance…

Name: Volusion

Website: http://volusion.com
Price: Up o 14 days Free Trial – Mini $15.00/month – Plus $35.00/month – Pro $75.00/month – Premium $135.00/month

CEO: Kevin Sproles

CTO: Bardia Dejban

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


Hope this review helps you…if you have any questions or you want to give me your review if you are a Volusion member use the comment box below.  I will love to hear from you!

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Free Keywords Tool Generator

Using Keywords SEO can be very confusing for newbies.  I know it was for me!  There is a bunch of SEO generator online that you can use.  I will elaborate more on that later with this article:  “SEO keyword suggestion tool”.  With this post, you will also learn “The importance of keywords in SEO”, where is the most valuable place to insert them etc

Alphabet soup technique is a Free keyword tool generator.Alphabet

The power of the alphabet soup technique Reveals unexploited high traffic niches.

Introducing the Alphabet Soup Technique.

In this training, I am going to show you how you can use a free Google Search within any niche to find an unlimited number of highly sought after keywords.

Alphabet Soup Technique Training Video
Alphabet Soup Technique

Alphabet Soup Technique is a method of finding keywords using the Google Instant feature and the alphabet.  But where is that name come from, since it has nothing to do with cooking?  It comes from the use of the alphabet letter to come up with new keyword results.

Have you ever notice when you start typing on Google search a suggested word or phrase appears?

It’s called Google Instant Feature also call Alphabet Soup Technique.  This is FREE to use… How cool is that?  See below a quick search I did on cook

Alphabet Soup Technique

Find out why is “Keyword Research” is important

Here’s why:  The person searching online and the search engine BOTH depend on your keywords to find your site!

Websites that have high ranking SEO have chosen their seed content words very carefully using a good keyword research tool.

If you don’t use relevant keywords for your niche website, you will not attract the right visitors for your business and no one will buy. It is like having your business stationery with the wrong information on it, wrong address and wrong phone number etc.

Which brings me to this…..

Keywords research and SEO

Keywords research is the process of researching a strong relevant word or phrase with low competition that internet users will search for their needs or solution to their questions.

SEO:  A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page.

Until you find relevant words and phrases that are the most important for your website to rank for you cannot optimize your pages on your site, and you can’t draw qualified visitors to your site.

As I mentioned before, if you use the wrong keyword to attract visitors and you optimize for keywords are not relevant to your business, you may still get traffic but it will be unqualified visitors.

This, of course, will be frustrating to you and your visitors as well. Traffic but no leads!  That is Not the way you want it!    Your visitor will leave your site very quickly.  You want them to stick around so you can have to opportunity to convert them into customers.

Free Keyword Tool Generator



What is Ubersuggest?

Übersuggest is a research FREE keyword tool that generates a list of relevant words in response to anything you type in the search box

It has been proven that Google is the most used search engine in the world. Though we have other SEO tools that are available to us online, some FREE some paid but only a few of them are really helpful. Ubersuggest is one of the few effective one to perform a keyword research. It is very easy to use and the best part:   It is FREE

A short video (less than 60 seconds) about how to use the basic features of Übersuggest for your keyword research




What is Instakeywords?

It’s a FREE long tail keyword research tool to give you hundreds of keyword suggestions with valuable keyword data.

All you have to do to start using InstaKeywords is to create a free user account then you can start searching the best keyword for your niche.  Just type in your seed keyword for your niche in the search box and Instakeywords will generate a list of combinations.

Ultimate Keyword Hunter


What are LSI keywords?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is software mechanism used by search engines (Google, Bing, etc) and TOP Webmasters to determine the topic of the content (single article, group of documents or web pages), and to find related and synonymous terms (words and phrases) corresponding to the target topic (keyword or phrase)

Ultimate Keyword Hunter can help you to find relevant keywords and write high-ranking articles. The best part of Ultimate Keyword Hunter is:  It is FREE!

Step 1: Specify Target Keyword

Step 2: Configure stop words and sites to analyze

Step 3: Analyze results, selecting best LSI keywords for your article

Step 4: Write relevant and high-ranking articles real-time. Import/Export LSI keywords.


Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool Research

As a starter member with Wealthy Affiliateyou can do up to 30 Free keyword searches a month.

How do I use WA Keyword tool?

Basically, like any other keyword tool, you will type into the box your keyword or keyword phrase, without any quotes. See below, I used the keyword phrase Making Money.

Let us see what we come up with!

wa search

It does work well but of course like any other keyword tool you need to understand the basics of keyword research.  This is a very important step to know because you want your keyword content to get you rank on the first page of Google search result.

And why is the importance of ranking high?

People will find your content and you will get traffic to your website!  That’s your goal!

Keyboard search Jaaxy


Jaaxy Keyword Tool is a keyword research tool that compiles data from Google search engine rankings and other search engines allowing you to find the best keyword with low competition. It is one of the best tools for high-quality content writers.

Jaaxy offers a Free Trial.  You can do up to 30 Free Keyword searches

It is not only a top keywords search, Jaaxy offers a lot more than that.  Try it now.  Do a keyword search:

To Beat Your Competition, You Need to Know More Than Them.

For a better word, Jaaxy is going to allow you to “spy” on your competition and probe into WHY their websites are ranking, where they are ranking, and you will get insightful data into their website’s content structure, meta tags, content quality/length, backlinks, ad placements, along with other information that the competition simply doesn’t want you to have. Plain and simple, this information is going to give you a competitive edge.

Please leave your questions or comments in the box below!

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Making Money Blogging Online



Are You Looking For Making Money Blogging Online?

Jumping over hurdles and crawling through hoops could lead you to a lifetime income generator


First of all, it is possible blogging and makes money at the same time but you need to know that it takes a lot of work.  If you looking to make quick money you are at the wrong place, but if you are willing to put in the effort and the time you can definitely make money.


What is a Blog?


Before talking about making money blogging online you need to know what is a blog.  Do you agree with me?


Ok stay with me I will explain.


According to WordPress.org “Blog” is a short-term for Weblog.  The key feature of a blog is like a diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites, like a list of posts in reverse chronological order.


In today’s world you will find that lot of people start blogging about what they are passionate about, could be a hobby, web design, home staging, sports, mobile technology etc.




In today’s market if you want your business to be relevant you need to have a blog otherwise you will be missing out on the growth of your business. This is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies you can invest in.


What is an online Blogger?

You guessed it right!  A Blogger is a person who owns a Blog, keeps it running with regular post, articles, information, sharing the most up-to-date news.


Create a Website under 30 Second…. I will show you how




Blog Quality Content

Do you know how you can leverage search engines and get mad traffic to your site?  Here is the answer:  “Quality Content”.


Google, BING, & Yahoo LOVE Content!



The most important thing that you have to remember when building your content if that you have to build it with your audience in mind.  Real people are reading this content so you want to deliver something that is relevant and interesting. Keep in mind that you are writing for them, not for the Search Engines 🙂


Content needs to be readable. People don’t like to read “novels” of content anymore, therefore keep your ideas short, with a small paragraph.


Remember this:  You want people to engage in your content so they can convert and this is when you start getting revenue.


Here are 6 things that make up a quality page or post:


(1) Smaller paragraphs
(2) Separate your ideas with HEADING tabs (h3 or h4)
(3) Black or dark grey text on white background
(4) Use conversational speak
(5) Use a captivating headline
(6) Use relevant images


And the most important thing of all, Write in a natural way, just write as you were talking to your audience!



Before moving forward I would like to talk to you about Affiliate and Earnings Disclaimer.

I have received many inquiries from people asking about “Affiliate and Earnings Disclaimer” and “do I need them”.

The answer is yes you do need them and not only that if you are an affiliate the FTC requires you have it on your site.

Where do you find them?  Very easy… I have an Affiliate and Earnings Disclaimer on my site that you can copy – Simply add your salutation at the end;  if needed change or add the word “We” where applicable.  Click here to copy the link.


Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Policy

If you are planning to sign up for an Amazon Associates Account (Amazon does refer to Affiliate as Associates) you will want to add their disclaimer as well:

Amazon is looking for a proper disclosure as outlined in Amazon’s affiliate disclosure policy. This is different than what the FTC looks for. Personally I thought I was safe with my Affiliate and Earnings Disclaimer page required by the FTC.  WRONG. Amazon is looking for a specific Amazon Associates statement.


It must read as follow and place on your site:

Make sure it is in a visible location too!


[Insert your name] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [insert the applicable site name (amazon.com or myhabit.com)].


Amazon will revoke access to a blogger’s affiliate account if you do not comply with their Affiliate Program Disclosure.  Better be safe than sorry don’t you think?


Make Money Blogging Online

Let me tell you a very important thing about Make Money Blogging Online, the make money part of your business won’t happen quite yet. First things first!  You will have to focus on creating your niche website.

Make sense right? Before you earn money, you are going to first be focusing on creating your niche website get traffic to your site.


The Process of how to Make Money Blogging

Click on the image below to see a short video that will help you understand the process of making money online.  It will show you the process right from the initial audience, to the search in Google, to the website, to the niche, to the types of programs that you are going to be promoting to generate revenue. arrow down

make money



It is actually easier than you think. Even if there are many ways to create successful businesses online, there is only one component to any successful business: “A Website“.


There are many ways that you can earn a full-time income online once you understand the process. The sky is the limit!

The make money part won’t happen quite yet. Before generating income, you first will have to create a strong foundation.


A Foundation? What is that?

It starts with creating a niche website and focusing on driving traffic to your site.  But before that, part of your foundation if knowing your target audience so your can build strong content to attract them with their needs and help them.  Two important things to make sure you know are:


1. Who is your customer
2. What problem are you solving for them



Monetize Your Blog

Affiliate Marketing  is a good way to monetize your blog.  When you sign up with Affiliate Marketing businesses that are relevant to your site you will be getting links, banners that you put on your blog-site.  Every time a visitor make a purchase from that Affiliate link you will get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is by far the best way to make a living online!


Selling Products on eCommerce WebsitesPOS Shopify

You can open a Shopify Store and sell products by linking your store to your blog. Selling your products in many places should be every bit as simple as selling in one. With Shopify’s eCommerce software, you get one unified platform to run your business with ease.


CPC or CPM Ads

One of the most popular way Bloggers make money with their blog is through placing ads on their blog-site.


Here are the 2 most popular ads:


1-  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) also known as Cost-Per-Click (CPC):  Most of the time it is referred to as banners that you place in your content. Then each time a visitor clicks on the ad you get paid for that click.


2-  Cost per 1,000 impressions Ads Also known as CPM Ads:  Those ads pay you a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ad.


Google Adsense would be a perfect example for these type of ads.


Sell Digital Products

Another way to monetize your blog is selling digital products.  Here some example of Digital Products:


  • Online courses/workshops
  • Music, Video, Images
  • Apps, plugins, or themes
  • eBooks

There are lots of things you can do to generate money with blogging.  Those are just to give you a quick overview.

Always make sure that they are useful and relevant to your visitors.  Like if you are blogging about about Healthy Cooking and you are selling Cars digital eBooks..relevant to your site.


You see the picture now?


Engage with your visitors, listen to their needs then you can create a digital product for their needs.


I hope that with this post you have a better understanding of making money blogging online!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.


Hope this will help you with your marketing.  If you have any question please use the below comment box!

If you want to take advantage of our FREE classes click here to sign up




Check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started Level 1


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Stop Fake Reviews – Yes You Can

Fake Reviews like fake news are not good!  In this post, you will find out different ways to Stop Fake Reviews.  Your online business is your future and you must protect it!

Stop Fake Reviews: “Stop ’em — It’s Up to Us All to Fix This”

If your guard is up, you’ll be able to follow these self-protection plans before you pull out your wallet.

But now, I’d like you to adopt a frame of mind. Remember, we’re talking about fraud artists who are out to make money by tricking you out of yours! So I’d like you to…

Get Mad as Hell!

We know things are bad — worse than bad. They’re crazy. It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy… Well I’m not going to leave you alone. I want you to get mad… I want you to get up and go to the window and open it and stick your head out and yell… I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.  Peter Finch, in “Network,” 1976


Now that we have that off our chest, let’s look at what we can do, practically, to stop this despicable practice.

Stop ’em — Relying on the Law


Anyone can be targeted by a scammer… by reporting scams we can all play an important part in protecting ourselves and others from falling victim.Advertising Standards Authority, UK

Fake reviews are illegal. Across the world, they’re subject to misleading advertising law.

America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responsible for monitoring and enforcing rules against posting fake reviews. Dan Warner of Kelly-Warner Defamation Law Attorneys says this:

“The FTC’s mission is to rid the marketplace of “unfair and deceptive marketing” — and it has the authority to both fine and shut down operations.”(1)

And it’s not just the FTC:

So when we spot them we can expect the law to protect us, right?

Kind of.

This is a complex issue. For individuals, solopreneurs and small businesses, solving it via legislation is not always easy. (For large businesses, it’s a bit easier. Amazon has recently begun to sue over one thousand people for writing fake reviews(2).)

But it’s certainly a place to start. If we don’t each play our part in alerting authorities to the problem, we are avoiding playing our part in a solution.

What You Can Do

If you come across a review you believe to be fake, let your national authorities know.  Report illegal practices at…

We’d love to see a powerful message sent by a judge who throws in a good punitive amount of compensation for victims who lose money, time (opportunity cost), goals, dreams, and self-esteem (those last 3 are “pain and suffering).

But there are other good opportunities for extinguishing fake reviews.

Stop ’em with Google

Google has recently launched an initiative called “Verified Customer Reviews” to protect the credibility of its various merchant services. So it has taken steps to manage fake reviews in its own merchant properties — but it has a much bigger problem with its search algorithm.

Google does not band-aid a solution. You may remember Googlebombs — high rankings organized by massive inbound linking programs. Some were publicly embarrassing for Google (and its victims!), but ultimately they solved it by getting better, not by specifically recognizing and detecting that one scenario.

We’ve seen it, too, with Panda and Penguin. Google released fixes for low-quality content and rank manipulating only when many businesses, big and small, had almost overwhelmed it with a flood of no-value, mostly regurgitated “content for content’s sake” and conniving link-based strategies.

In each case, Google only moved when the problem impacted the quality of a large enough number of search results to make a perceptible difference.

Fake reviews feel like specialized, long-tail pap that Panda should be spotting. Worse than no-value, fake reviews are a negative value. They lead consumers to make wrong choices.

That raises the obvious question…

When is Google going to worry about the huge problem of fake reviews, written by affiliates, that rank highly in the SERPs?

Although widespread, it may not yet occupy a high enough percent of Google searches to make it a priority. It’s a serious fail that enables malicious players to use fake reviews profitably.

If Google closes this door by penalizing fake reviews, the practice will stop — because it will stop being profitable.

Why Does Google Search Not Prioritize This?

There’s little blowback from searchers. Consider this…

Few victims of fake affiliate reviews think back far enough to realize that it was Google that ranked fake reviews to the top. By the time they realize that a product is nowhere near as good as the fake review suggests, it’s too late.

The more people who meticulously report fake reviews by those who either promote them or fail to discipline their affiliates for the widespread practice, the more likely that Google picks up on both volume and patterns of a problem.

What You Can Do

When you find a fake review, let Google know.

At the bottom of the search page, click on the “Send feedback” link…


This opens the “Send feedback” window.

Enter text that explains the fake review you have discovered (text in the example below starts with “The following results…”).


The example explains the search, and has…

  • copy-and-pasted the 3 URLs of the fake reviews
  • added an attachment of 2 of the 3 results, using a simple screenshot tool that appears when you leave “Included screenshot’ checked.

Click “SEND.”

These companies should take note. Just as Panda cleaned out content abuse and Penguin greatly reduced black hat manipulative practices (largely link abuse), the time for fake reviews is coming. Google’s business depends on delivering the best content that meets the search intent of each query. Theirs is the worst of all content.

Stop ’em With Real Evidence of Success

As entrepreneurs and business professionals, we go to great sacrifice to reach the dream of success. The power of the internet can quickly become a nightmare, if you are not prepared… In the case of online reputation management, the best defense is truly a great offense.Blog e-Endorsements: Fake Malicious Reviews

If you have a product that’s being victimized by fake affiliates, now is the time to fight back. Here, our experience can certainly point a way forward.

We dealt with the fake reviews attack in three separate ways.

We replaced opinion with fact by creating a head-to-head study of our company vs. the affiliate company targeting us.

This, of course, results in fallout. Some attack us for attacking them (our scientific study becomes “the attack” despite their instigating “fake reviews”). Others offer weak arguments like “I don’t believe in statistics” or stick with “It’s just my opinion and I have a right to it.”

All are marked by the desperate nature of weak replies. That’s because there is no good answer to the truth. The fact is that it’s against the law to mislead a customer into reading a fake review that leads to a different product for profit.

How Does This Relate to Your Business?

If you have the opportunity to perform a study, or otherwise have raw facts that prove that fake reviews are flat-out bad, use them as widely possible.

Don’t debate on the fake site’s pages. That simply creates more content for them, which helps their ranking.

Providing domain names

Some companies will say they don’t, even in their own forums, because they don’t want competition between their “customers.”

That would be a sad answer if it weren’t so laughable. The domain names who are logged into forums are available for all other users to see. Those folks are there to do business. They’re interested in each other’s sites as examples. They have their own sites, based on their own passions. They aren’t looking to start a business about a niche that they don’t know.

Make sure you provide real proof of success. Include domain names.

Make sure you have reviews of your own business by those people who genuinely use it.

These reviews stand out as genuine. The voice and nature of the content help them stand out from “scammy,” fake reviews.

Consider, too, creating a simple page that explains your whole fake review situation.

The Future’s Looking Sweet

Are you still feeling “mad as hell”?

Or has arming yourself with information about how to spot and stop fake reviews made life that much sweeter?

It’s time to take action, always remembering that other great adage…

Don’t get mad — get even.”

Legitimate companies large and small build trust in their brand by providing consumers with quality merchandise and services. It’s honest, hard work that often takes years to pay off.Online attraction marketers poach others’ brand equity to promote their own business model. It’s a manipulative scheme that only takes seconds to set up. (Idaho Business: “Fake Review Scams”)

We live in a unique window in time where the typical person can, at almost zero expense compared to offline business, start something that generates both profit and business equity.

  • There has been a leveling off of the total number of sites (Netcraft’s web survey). The number has been approximately 170,000,000 active sites since late-2011.

Let’s summarize the actions every one of us can take when we come across a review — of any kind — that’s fake.

Affiliate Marketers

  • Keep it real.
  • Overdeliver for your audience. You may make less now, but you’ll do best in the long run.


  • Insist on proof of success — loads of it — and walk if there is none.
  • Report fake reviews to Google and regulatory authorities.

Producers of products

  • If you use affiliate marketing, keep it clean. Monitor and discipline.
  • If you’re a victim of fake reviews, fight back with your own marketing. Investigate legal alternatives.
  • If affiliates of a competitive product claim it’s better, prove otherwise if possible. Your study may be shockingly superior because those with winning products don’t need to stoop to sell.

And finally, if you remember nothing else, remember one of the best pieces of advice about investing money in any product:

If it sounds too good to be true — it probably is.

It’s your future. Protect and maximize it.


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Truth About Reviews

You’re going to thank me for this article, in more ways than one. This will help you understand the truth about Reviews.  I’m here to tell you about the one kitchen tool you never knew you needed — until now.

The Hutzler 571 banana slicer. Here it is, along with one of its many reviews…

“For decades I have been trying to come up with an ideal way to slice a banana. “Use a knife!” they say. Well…my parole officer won’t allow me to be around knives. “Shoot it with a gun!” Background check…HELLO!

I had to resort to carefully attempt to slice those bananas with my bare hands. 99.9% of the time, I would get so frustrated that I just ended up squishing the fruit in my hands and throwing it against the wall in anger.

Then, after a fit of banana-induced rage, my parole officer introduced me to this kitchen marvel and my life was changed.

No longer consumed by seething anger and animosity towards thick-skinned yellow fruit, I was able to concentrate on my love of theatre and am writing a musical play about two lovers from rival gangs that just try to make it in the world.”


Of course. It’s a little light entertainment in a world that often needs it.


Of course. It’s one of the many tongue-in-cheek Amazon reviews of products which are deemed to be so useless as to be crying out for it.

Fake reviews for banana slicers and their ilk can be accepted for what they are – comedic. They’re obviously “fake,” and no one takes them seriously.

But generally, reviews tell us what to read next, where to eat dinner (and what to order), where to go on vacation, which doctor to call. Soon, as Google demonstrated with the introduction of its voice-activated Google Home device in May, reviews will be read aloud to you as you lie on the couch, wondering which movie to see next.

Reviews, in short, are a critical and integral part of modern life. They’re even more crucial to the younger age group than the older, so as time goes on their importance will only increase.

“70% of mobile shoppers reported being more likely to purchase a product if the mobile site or app they’re purchasing from has reviews.

For Millennials it’s even higher: 77% of those aged 18 to 29 are more likely to purchase via mobile if the site or app has reviews.”

Source: The Power of Reviews<==A Must Read

So when reviews, particularly those that have the potential to alter people’s lives, are not just misleading but plain dishonest, the ripples can be immense.

The faking of reviews, both positive and negative, is a serious issue. At the core of the problem is the fact that there are huge benefits to behaving unethically, but very little cost for those caught doing so. Suw Charman-Anderson in Forbes: Fake Reviews – Amazon’s Rotten Core

Let’s roll this back a little.

What Is a Fake Review?

In the first article  “What Is a Fake Review, and Why Should You Care?” we examined the different types of fake reviews. There’s no better summary of what constitutes a fake review than this one by the European Parliamentary Research Service:

“…a positive, neutral or negative review that is not an actual consumer’s honest and impartial opinion, or that does not reflect a consumer’s genuine experience of a product, service or business.”

The problem is far more serious and widespread than a fake-funny Amazon review, or a fake restaurant review.


First, because there’s evidence that £23 billion (1) — that’s $30 billion at today’s rate of exchange — is being wasted each year due to untrustworthy website reviews.

That’s $30 billion of our money — folks who rely on reviews for everything from books to hotels to the latest in top-of-the-range cars. Wasted because we’re being duped by fake reviews.

And second, because it’s not all about the instant financial. Picking the wrong product carries significant opportunity cost. And the fallout from that — including, in the long-term, income — can be far more significant.

And, sadly for our industry, nowhere is the situation worse than in the world of internet marketing.

Section 1

Internet Marketing: The Dark Side of Affiliate Marketing?

Twenty years ago, when we started our own affiliate program, affiliates generally recommended what they truly thought was best. They were happy to earn income while  providing a valuable service for their readers. WIN-WIN.

Many companies in the online business / internet marketing industry still offer an affiliate program to help promote their product or service. As an affiliate, you get a commission if one of your readers clicks the link to the recommended product and then purchases it.

That’s not a problem — as long as the reviews are honest.

And therein lies the issue.

We’re all aware of Consumer Reports (or “Which?” in the U.K.). On the Consumer Reports (CR)  “About Us” page they say:

“For 80 years, we have provided evidence-based product testing and ratings, rigorous research, hard-hitting investigative journalism, public education, and steadfast policy action on behalf of consumers’ interests.

Unconstrained by advertising or other commercial influences, we have exposed landmark public health and safety issues and have strived to be a catalyst for pro-consumer changes in the marketplace.

Our Mission Is Driven By:

  • A team of trusted experts who put thousands of products to the test each year in our 50 state-of-the-art labs and 327-acre automobile testing track.
  • Advocates and policy experts in offices across the country who engage with more than 1 million consumer activists to push for improvements in the marketplace.
  • A digital team developing new channels to better listen to and amplify the concerns of everyday consumers.
  • Venerated CR surveys—second in size only to the U.S. census—capturing feedback on purchasing decisions, experiences, and shopping habits, helping us further our work to inform and protect.”

Venerated in pre-Internet days, it remains a gold standard of how to review a product. It is, in short, rigorous, fair and trusted.

But it’s not free. Even though it costs only $35 per year (and no, I’m not an affiliate ), we have become used to “free” online. So reputable is sidelined in favor of costless.

“Free,” though, does have a cost. It takes time (and therefore money) to create outstanding content that delivers everything the consumer wants to know. It takes time to create a trulyhonest review — one based on the reviewer’s trial of the product, a thorough evaluation, an impartial assessment of quality and a thoughtfully written, well balanced article.

Reviews are at their most potentially profitable, of course, at the point where you’re closest to making a purchase. The most obvious point of intersection between you, the ready-to-buy consumer, and the reviewer is when you are searching for product reviews, ready to click on an affiliate link.

All of which has given rise to a much darker side of affiliate marketing. A side that sees the importance of making a quick buck take the place of time-consuming, meticulous reviews. Where giving the potential customer a great experience that matches her need is overtaken by greed.

With the rise of their commercial importance, with more and more people relying on reviews before they buy, we have witnessed a surge in dishonest, often blatantly fake, reviews. They are especially endemic in the “make money” / “online business” arena, where it has become impossible not to find fake reviews when researching any product.

What’s Real, What’s Fake?

“The internet is a wonderful gift, but it’s also a bonanza for corporate lobbyists, viral marketers and government spin doctors, who can operate in cyberspace without regulation, accountability or fear of detection.”

We looked at the machinations of some different types of fake reviews in my post “What is Fake Reviews“. Let’s look at one of them — affiliate marketing — in more depth.

1 – Real Affiliate Reviews are valuable when the author knows the niche and the competing products well, enabling him/her to provide deep coverage and comparison.

It’s known that 82% of shoppers specifically seek out negative reviews: they want to know everything about the product — warts and all. A real review will point out a product’s weaknesses where they exist as a crucial part of a good quality assessment.

The final conclusion — positives and negatives assessed in a fair and objective way from a basis of personal knowledge and written as an honest, impartial opinion — helps the reader to make the best choice possible.

So far, so straightforward. But…

No remuneration (in any form) should be received by the author from the company that provides the product or service.

If an affiliate relationship exists, that individual review must reveal the relationship, including a statement about payment.

In fact, any remuneration must be revealed. For example, if a camera reviewer receives a camera for review purposes, the reviewer must return it or reveal acceptance of this “gift.”

Such notification is legally and morally critical. The reader, once notified, has a fair chance to assess the review in the light of full disclosure. When a review is of outstanding quality, such disclosure can be to the author’s advantage.

So what’s fake?

Sadly for the marketing industry, many affiliate reviews — written mostly for payment and not out of a passion to deliver outstanding information to the reader — fail to disclose. Notification of relationship and payment is not included because the author is fearful that it will decrease confidence in the review.

The reader incorrectly believes that the review reflects a consumer’s honest and impartial opinion, “without fear or favor.” She has no way of knowing otherwise.

2- “Bait and Switch” Reviews

And then there are “bait and switch” reviews. Any review of a product written in order to sell a different or competing product is fake. Legally, it is misleading advertising.

Here’s an oversimplified offline version:

  • Angus sees an ad in a local paper for Scotch at $1 a bottle. Angus likes Scotch! — and he has a keen eye for a bargain.
  • So he goes down to the local retailer who ran the ad to claim his bargain bottle.
  • “Sorry,” says Ronnie the retailer, “I don’t have any more of that brand in stock. But I do have this brand. That will be $60, please!”
  • If Ronnie has advertised the $1 brand knowing he does not have it in stock, he’s guilty of “bait and switch.” His aim is to do whatever it takes ($1 Scotch “bait”) to get people into his store — and sell them a higher priced product ($60 Scotch “switch”).

In the world of internet marketing, if the review of Product A (the “bait”) carries a clear affiliate notice and if Product B (the “switch”) is evidenced to be the superior product, I personally would consider that to be “aggressive marketing.” While it’s sneaky, the referral to Product B (if superior) is still a useful service.

The law, though, does not agree — it’s “misleading advertising.” The reviewer has been deceitful in luring the consumer to sell a product different to the one the consumer was looking for.

But it gets worse.

Under the Guise of Helping, They Hurt

Because when, using the “bait and switch” technique, an affiliate lures you in with a fake review of Product A, and points you to Product B knowing that it’s demonstrably inferior to Product A, that amounts to next-level immorality that, in my opinion, approaches fraud.

There are potential victims type of fake review…

  1. the consumer who’s lured into buying an inferior product
  2. the targeted company, especially when it has the superior product. Its brand is unfairly tarnished.

This type of review is the worst kind of fake.

Any scheme that intends to hurt the consumer is odious. And in the general niche of “online business,” this widespread practice casts a pall of credibility over the whole space.  

Seemingly written to help (“you may be searching for Product A, but I’m glad you found me because I’m here to tell you you’ll be so much more successful with Product B”), it’s actually written purely to mislead a solopreneur — to make a buck.

  • The author knows that he could (and should) be pointing you to a superior product, even if it pays him a lower commission.
  • Instead, he chooses to maximize his own income by deliberately leading you to an inferior product.

And unlike the banana slicer, the damage done by this type of fake review is not limited to the cost of the product. A knowingly bad recommendation could…

  • cost you years of your life (opportunity cost)
  • end in your final surrender to the reality of failure
  • result in a feeling of despair and defeat, when success was a realistic alternative.

As champions of solopreneurs and “The Individual Dream” (the updated, digital/global version of “The American Dream”), we find this practice odious.

Those who knowingly write fake reviews to mislead solopreneurs to an inferior product because it makes them money at the expense, potentially, of someone’s livelihood and dreams of a better future, are to be despised.

Not only do they harm people with goals and dreams, and the initial motivation to achieve them…

They diminish us all.

Things Can Only Get… Worse?

“Consumers trust reviews. And it’s the responsibility of brands and retailers to provide authentic content that consumers can trust.

Writing fake reviews is lucrative, so I expect the problem to get worse. The prevalence of fake reviews is so high that it has become a serious issue that consumer protection agencies like the “Competition and Markets Authority” in Great Britain are investigating. There are plans to fine companies that use or encourage shady review tactics.

But sadly, fake reviews still dominate the online business space. Affiliates and the companies that train and/or fail to monitor/discipline them are directly to blame. And the whole scheme works because search engines fail to discriminate.

Fake review detection technology is available. “Review aggregators” have addressed the problem aggressively. It’s reasonable to assume that Google would have the sophistication to detect and penalize fake reviews.

However, when you search for “Product A review,” you’re likely to encounter several fake reviews in the “online business” space. It’s so bad in some sub-niches (e.g., “MMO,” “work at home”) that virtually all of the Top 10 on a search engine’s results page can be fake reviews.

Things Can Only Get… Better!

Fake reviews can lead to people making the wrong decisions and fair-playing businesses losing out.Nisha Arora, Senior Director, UK Competition and Markets Authority

Experiencing life as the “victim” of fake reviews, whether from the company or the individual perspective, is a depressing business.

Depressing for the company because your hard earned reputation, earned over many years, is tarnished by fake reviews and by a product proved to be far less successful.

Depressing for the company, too, knowing that people are being side-tracked into situations that are unlikely ever to give them what they deserve. And knowing that many of those people could do so much better.

Reading — and writing — about fake reviews can be an even more depressing experience. The more you dig, the more you find.

So much negativity. So much disregard for others. So little respect for the potential of individuals, many of whom are in a vulnerable situation.

The only “winner” in all this are the affiliates who lack the moral fiber to play fairly. They lure folks who search for reviews of products into their fake reviews, then mislead them into another.

They are, in effect, stealing potential solopreneurs away from the opportunity they were researching. And potentially, from a fulfilled future.

What to do? Sit back and become more depressed? Sigh and say “Well, that’s the world today for you”?


The pain and suffering inflicted upon individuals as a result translates into a huge “this is all a scam” black eye upon us all.


It’s up to all of us to take responsibility. It’s up to us to cleanse our house. There are action steps possible — some easy, some not.

Whether you’re a potential consumer of e-business products, or a producer / promoter of them, we’ll show you how to help stamp out this practice.

Conclusion – My Honest Opinion

Wealthy Affiliate and SBI-Sitesell are 2 big rivals Affiliate Online Marketing.  I have been a part of both so I can honestly speak out.  In my opinion they are 2 big strong long time affiliate marketing with different training system about building a successful online business.  At the end of the day it all comes out about online success.  I am not going to sit here and bad month either one of them. I wrote honest reviews on Wealthy Affiliate and SBI-Sitesell.  It is up to you to read it and make your own decision on which one you want to be a part of because they are LEGIT and very powerful!

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What is Fake Reviews – Lets Find Out

What is “Fake Reviews” and Why Should You be concerned?


Fake ReviewI am sure you saw products, eBooks, etc with a lot of sparkling reviews so you can buy them.  Then you find out after buying them that it is far from what the review what saying: eBooks have misspelled words, products do not do what the review said it would and so on.

What does it tell you?  Yep, I think you were a victim of fake reviews!  Do you see now where I am coming from with “What are Fake Reviews?”



Lets find out more about What is “Fake Reviews”


They’re reviews that make incorrect statements likely create a false impression for consumers to purchase their goods.

Those Reviews are false even if they seems to be truthful.  They are created with only one thing in mind “SALE” not the consumer.

What you see online is a mixture of  both positive and negative fake reviews.  Confusing right?


Let me explain this to you….


Fake Positive Reviews” are the boosting an image that is no where close to reality.  But Carole, why is that?  It is to influence the consumer to buy their goods!  They make it like you got to buy this!!!!  At this point you really want to buy it!  They will do anything for a sale even criticize the competitor same product!


Additionally, when a business have more positive reviews they rank higher with many search engines. Also, more positive reviews can help offset negative reviews.


Another dishonest reason to Positive Fake Reviews is to blemish the brand reputation of a competitor.  By faking that they were a previous customer of a competitor, the review appears more truthful.


Fake Negative Reviews” are like they will destroy a person image or business reputation. Example of Fake Negative Review on a business:  “Don’t go to that restaurant I went and I saw bugs crawling and the taste of the food was so disgusting that I got sick'”.  Here is a Fake Negative Review on a person:  “Warning guys do not go see that therapist or you will be sorry you ever did, she ruined my life”.


For a while Fake Negative Reviews were often thought to be left by a competitor trying to turn away people from similar products or business but a new study from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Northwestern University says that’s not usually the case.

In conclusion positive or negative fake reviews are fictive.


Why Are Consumer Real Reviews So Important?


A positive reputation is one of the most powerful marketing assets a business has to convince new customers to contact them. The social proof contained within reviews and star ratings helps consumers short cut their research and make decisions faster and with greater confidence than ever before.  – Bright Local, Consumer Review Survey 2016


According to Bright Local Consumer Review Survey again, reading reviews has been called: “One of the final stages of the purchase path.”(1)


And why would you say that? Because when customers research a product for review, at this point they are in needs of that product or service.  They will look at reviews for positive comment before engaging themselves to purchase.  By doing so they are making sure they are choosing the best product to match their need and the best merchant to purchase from.


In conclusion positive and negative, fake and real reviews will have an impact on the final purchase.


According to FTC over 70% of customers rely on Online recommendations before buying.  A 2016 survey reveals that as many as 84% purchasers rely on online recommendation the same way they would trust a good friend! This is 4% increase from 2015.


But why Writing a Fake Review??



You are a waiter at a well known restaurant and you got fired. You’re very upset wondering how will you ever find another job? So to get even with your employer for letting you go,   you write a negative fake review online under a fictitious name of course.



Your coffee shop is not doing too well compare to your competitor right around the corner. You never step foot there but you can see the customers are lining up every day.  You are thinking “Well he is taking business away from me I will fix that”.  You go online and write a review saying I will never go back again to this place, the coffee taste burn, seems it has been brewing all day, not fresh at all and let me tell you about their baristas, so rude I don’t even know why they are still in business!


Intellectual laziness:

You’re asked to write a review about a certain product after using it.  You get lazy and do not bother to try the product, you go on line and start reading a couple of reviews about the product.  Without even verifying the truth about those reviews you go ahead and write a review based on the reviews you read and repeat their misleading information.


But the main reason for all those fake reviews is “Financial Gain”

We just spoke of WHY writing fake reviews now lets talk about HOW:

  • Some people get hired to write reviews for money
  • Individual working for a company:  They are acting as proxies meaning that they are employees of the company and they write reviews for them without disclosing their real identity by changing their IP.  If you do a Google search you have people showing you exactly how to do that!
  • Affiliate Marketers. People that will earn commission if a visitor buys the item or service that they are reviewing. These reviews are often just a speech sale without even knowing the product because of the commission they are earning if a sale is made.  Normally the Affiliate marketer has a lot more knowledge of the product than the prospective buyers. Here is a quote from an article:
“If you’re researching pretty much any internet marketing training product, odds are you can find a TON of fake positive reviews for it. If you search pretty much any keyword, you find videos and pages upon pages of search results ranting and raving about how wonderful it is — even for the worst products you’ve purchased in your life.”


Fake Reviews are Far More Pervasive Than We Realize.


Here are the 2 most deceiving one:


Fake Reviews: Platforms

Here some examples that I am sure you are very familiar with:  Review sites for Amazon, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Glass Door

Millions of people are posting reviews on them.


Consumers rely on these platforms for almost all their purchase decision. If you put aside the fake reviews, they can be very helpful. You can find anything from the best luxury hotel in Ottawa capital national of Canada to an eye doctor in Cape Coral, Florida.


Sadly those Review Platform can be disrupted by fake reviews that either promote or attempt to blacken their reputation.

With those Platforms purchaser’s bad experience can destroy their credibility very quickly.


Fake Reviews: Individual

Individual Reviews can be worthy.  A review  written by a reliable business can also spread the entire product experience in a single, deep, expert article.


The sharp online business does not “sell out,” writing a enthusiastic review about a poor product, because they know it’s better for the business to think long-term.


Here is an example:  It would be very bad tactic to write a strong review that recommends a poor villa in Florida, run by a moody owner who is ready to pay lot of money to recommend it.


This is a perfect example to show you short term gain.  Yes that is good but you want to think long-term gain.  If those stories end up to TripAdvisor their reputation are going to be affected.


Sadly, there are people, companies, businesses that think only about making a quick gain and take rejoice ruining other people’s  life.

The key here is to maintain a long term trustworthy niche content.


This is taking us to…


Fake Reviews: Affiliate Schemes


Negative Marketing:  It is a company that write negative review attacking directly a competitor. Normally a consumer disapprove of that.

Some companies will get around but encouraging their affiliate to write reviews on products or other affiliate companies.

Here’s how it works:


  1. A company will persuade their affiliates that their company is by far the best of its kind.
  2. They will motivate their affiliates to write a review of a product from a company competitor even if the affiliate has no knowledge of the product (What does it tell you…see where I am coming from with this).
  3. Then they make sure their affiliates understand that their review needs to end with a recommendation from their company’s product even if the review is positive or not…Here again it is all about financial gain not about honesty!
  4. If the affiliate review on the competitor product is based on a truth actual usage that reflects a detail review of the product, if you can back up your review with evidence and if – the affiliate offers the prospective buyer with an honest review; and if the affiliate disclose the affiliation with the company and at the same time informing them that he/she is getting a commission from selling the company‘s product, there’s no problem.
  5. The affiliate wins appreciation by referring the visitor to a superior product and that makes everyone happy.
  6. But if the competitor’s Product has never been tried, if you don’t have any evidence to prove the product  superiority, and if the company affiliate does not disclose to the buyer that he/she is selling an affiliate product and earns  commission from the sale, then it is consider FAKE.
  7. Why is that?
  8. Because there is no evidence of superiority established. Therefore the review is clearly for financial gain. The buyer has been mislead and most likely  purchased an inferior product which will not match their needs.
  9. Legislation on this is clear. The purchaser is entitled to an honest review.

Let’s look at how this works at a practical level.

  • Angela, who is searching for a reputable counselor following a distressing assault, has heard of “Saintly Counselling”, so searches for “Saintly Counselling reviews.”
  • She finds multiple fake negative reviews, written by affiliates for “Devil May Care Counselling” who get paid for every client they introduce.
  • She doesn’t know they’re fake. It wasn’t completely obvious: one said “Saintly” destroyed her life forever, one said it was “Meh” and one said it had some good points.
  • Each of them ended their review with a recommendation for “Devil May Care,” calling it the most effective counselling in the world — even though they had never experienced it.
  • Angela clicks on the affiliate link and books an appointment with “Devil May Care.”
  • “Devil May Care” get the counselling fee, of which they give a percentage to the affiliate on whose link Angela clicked through.
  • Of course some part of each review is fake, but the biggest fake point is the recommendation of “Devils”‘s superiority.
  • In all cases, the company and the affiliate, with the complicity of the company, gain financially at the consumer’s expense.


But there’s more to it than that, even. Because Angela is not only defrauded, she may also suffer immense hardship. Poor counselling can lead to catastrophic damage.


The same principle applies to any product, even though it may not have the same ruinous results. But picking the wrong dentist may result in an expensive, incompetent root canal that you didn’t need; selecting a bad hotel will ruin your vacation.


Grey Areas: Are Reviews of Reviews Fake?

The European Parliamentary Research Service defines the content of fake review as follows…

A fake review can be defined as a positive, neutral or negative review that is not an actual consumer’s honest and impartial opinion or that does not reflect a consumer’s genuine experience of a product, service or business.

familyIt may be difficult or impossible to experience some products before writing a review recommending them. If your niche is the island of Sicily, for example, it won’t be possible for you to stay in every hotel on the island (unless you’re very lucky and very rich!).

Such subjects require credible research of objective data, and wide coverage of the subjective experience of others. Original research such as a survey, if properly conducted, adds to the value of such coverage.

This type of “review” should present as balanced a picture as possible.

A review not based on personal experience, even when carefully researched, crosses into a “grey” area. The key to whether it’s a fake review or not is intent.

  • When performed rigorously and in a balanced way that honestly tries to reflect the truth, this type of “review” can be valuable to the reader.
  • But if it has an agenda to mislead, it would be considered a “fake review” for the purposes of this article.
  • The review should clearly identify that it is based only on research, that you have not personally used the product in the manner that a typical consumer would.

Included in this kind of “researched review” is the “review of reviews” category. Here too, the onus is on the author to thoroughly assess each review for accuracy and to present a balanced picture.


This type of review becomes “fake” if it…


  • is passed off as personal experience
  • knowingly includes fake reviews (or if it should have known)
  • intentionally fails to be a thorough and objective reflection of the user experience
  • indulges in practices such as seeking out others who have had a negative experience. A few angry ex-customers (or ex-employees) can unite to create a powerful, but inaccurate picture that fails accurately to represent the views of the much larger general user base.

Fake Reviews Are Neither Fair nor Just…


Readers who find a review via an online search are entitled to expect an accurate reflection of a user’s experience, written by that user. In a perfect world, a true review would accurately and fully fulfill that search intent.

But fake reviews are not, in fact, reviews. They are actually sales pages disguised as reviews.


If you sense that this borderlines on fraud, so does Amazon which has suffered from fake reviews for several years:

Since the beginning of 2015, the company has filed lawsuits against more than 1,000 people in relation to this issue, taking on both those who offer to sell fake reviews as well as those who buy them.(5)


The US Federal Trade Commission and consumer protection groups are increasingly interested in stopping this rampant practice with lawsuits. And it’s not just an issue in the US:


“International collaboration is increasingly important for enforcement agencies combating deceptive practices online.” (6)

Following the FTC’s lead, it’s very likely that more class action by other, smaller companies will follow.



Fake reviews can be a short-term, high-yield strategy. But they are potentially illegal and morally reprehensible.

Where large amounts of money are to be gained or lost, fraud will almost inevitably follow.


And since reviews of a product are the closest thing to purchase intent, it is for some the opportunistic vehicle of choice to rank high at search engines and, using deceptive methods, alter choice for the consumer.


Teams of well-trained affiliates can certainly create and maintain the illusion of truth over a period of time. Ultimately the truth will out, but until then they will happily do their visitors a disservice in return for juicy commissions.


Marketing an inferior product through fake reviews should be ruled out on moral grounds. It’s simply not principled knowingly to sell an inferior product to a customer.


For some, though, principles are unimportant in the rush to make money. In those cases the risk of legal action may be the only thing that stops them. Care for the customer is starting to motivate honorable companies to follow that path.


Behaving ethically may be a slower road to success. But ultimately, it’s the right road.  You may earn less money by giving the best product the best review, but the road to long-term online success is by OVER delivering high-value content to your visitor.

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Shopify eCommerce Platform Review

Shopify eCommerce Platform Review

Product Name:  Shopify

Website:  shopify.com

Price:  Free 14 days Trial Period

Shopify Lite:            $ 9 /month

Basic Shopify:          $29/month

Shopify:                     $79/month

Advanced Shopify:  $299/month

Founders:  Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, Scott Lake

Overall Ranking:  98 to 100

Who Is That For: For beginners and experts

Legit or Scam:  Legit

When was it founded:  2004

Verdict:  Recommended

Affiliate Program:  Click here to sign up

What is Shopify eCommerce?

Shopify is the leading online shop builder.  Whether you sell online, on social media, in-store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.  In 2016 Shopify acquired Oberlo an eCommerce platform lets you import products directly from the Chinese superstore AliExpress.


Tomas Slimas, Oberlo co-founder gave a small confirmation commentary – “We can confirm that we have handed over nearly all of our communication to Shopify”


Shopify powers over 500,000 ambitious shop owners all over the world with over 1,000,000 active users!

Download your FREE eBook NOW:

Internet selling formula
Internet Selling Formula: Ways to Make Money as an Online Seller Today. Shopify, eBay & SEO Consulting Business Ideas


Who is Shopify for?

Either you are a newbie online or an offline expert taking your shop online, Shopify can bring your commerce to a totally new level.  Its technology will help you save time so you can focus on success.

Everything in one place

Selling your products in many places should be every bit as simple as selling in one. With Shopify’s e-commerce software, you get one unified platform to run your business with ease.


  • Fully customize your online store
  • Add new sales channels in seconds
  • Manage unlimited products and inventory
  • Fulfill orders in a single step
  • Track sales and growth trends

Shopify has helped me grow my business amazingly. It’s been a pleasure because everything has been easier than I ever imagined.

-Corrine Anestopoulos, Founder, BIKO Jewelry


Abandoned checkouts

Not everybody who adds something to a cart makes it all the way through to purchase a product. When a potential customer provides their contact information but doesn’t complete the order, Shopify stores that as an abandoned checkout.



Shopify only stores the information that is provided by the customer during checkout, and doesn’t automatically create a customer account.



If customers add items to their cart but leave before checking out, then Shopify doesn’t store their information. Discount codes, exit offers, and security badges are some of the ways you can keep customers from abandoning their carts.


Click here to read the article about abandoned checkout

Kit Virtual Employee

Kit is a virtual employee for your Shopify store. Kit helps drive sales by doing everything from creating highly-targeted Facebook ad campaigns, to sending personal thank-you emails to customers, to handling the other apps that you use to manage your store.


Hiring Kit

To get Kit working for you, you’ll need to add the Kit app to your Shopify store, connect Kit to your business’s Facebook page, and choose your preferred way of talking with Kit.


All Shopify store owners can put me to work—free!   –Kit


If you’re getting started with Kit, then you might also want to set up a Facebook Ads Account or learn more about your Kit account.

One of Kit’s main methods for driving business to your store is running Facebook Ads. Like all Facebook Ads, ads run by Kit cost money.


Any budget you spend on Facebook Ads goes to Facebook and is billed through your Facebook account. Kit will help you set budgets for the ads that you run.


Pros and Cons



Over 100 Professional Store Template Team to choose from.  This will build trust and credibility.

Over 1400 App (Free and Paid) that helps you with running your eStore.


Shopify POS let you accept Credit Cards anywhere at any time.  The ability to accept credit cards in-store, on the go, and everywhere in between means you can sell anywhere your customers are.


They manage the hosting process

POS Shopify


Swipe (audio-jack) Reader

  • Accepts magnetic stripe cards
  • Supports Visa, MasterCard, and Amex


Fully integrated FaceBook Store.  Customers can easily browse your products and collections using the new, always visible, Shop section on your Facebook Page.

Shopify has a 24/7 support team

KIT virtual employee



If you don’t use Shopify payment method they will charge you a transaction fee on every sale (0.5%-2%).  It might sound like a lot but on a $10,000 sale, your transaction fees will be between $50 to $200.





Some apps are free and some are paid so your monthly cost.  For example if you integrate an accounting software you cost will be $31.99 per month on top on your monthly membership.



If you are looking for something FREE you won’t get that with Shopify.  The closest you will get is a 14 days trial period.  If you are serious about starting an online store I would recommend to sign up for the 14 days trial then you have nothing to lose if it is not for you-you just cancel.


Shopify Lite:                $9/month  Sell on social media, in person, or on an existing website with Shopify Lite.


Shopify pricing

Set up your shop, pick a plan later

==>Try Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card required<==

Shopify Ecommerce University guides


Here is what you are getting:

  • How to find a product to sell online
  • The ultimate guide to crowdfunding
  • The ultimate guide to pop-up shops
  • 50 ways to make your first sale
  • The ultimate guide to business plans
  • The definitive legal guide to e-commerce
  • The ultimate guide to drop shipping

Shopify and Amazon


In 2015 Shopify Partner to Bring Amazon Services to Merchants. Amazon Webstore owners can seamlessly migrate their online store to Shopify.


Sell on Amazon with ShopifyAmazon Shopify

You can now sell on the world’s largest online marketplace simply and conveniently through Shopify.


Quick and simple

Conveniently sync your products in Shopify to Amazon listings in minutes.


A single inventory

Simplify running your business by managing inventory and orders from multiple sales channels in one place.


A whole new world

Sell with Shopify to run a customizable online store and reach new customers on the Amazon marketplace


Overall Recommendation

Shopify is a very powerful online shop builder platform.  It is everything you need to build a successful online store and with their 14 days FREE trial period you can’t go wrong!




If you have any question, please feel free to use the below comment box!

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Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit – Let’s See

This is my honest, insightful and hopefully the most thorough Wealthy Affiliate Scam or legit review and what the platform can do for your business.  Whatever you are a newbie or someone that is running an online business, there is always room to grow your business.


Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit Program Review 

AKA The Wealthy Affiliate University Review


Wealthy Affiliate

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website:  http://wealthyaffiliate.com

Price:  Starter Membership $0 (Click Here)

Premium Membership $49/month or $359 Yearly (Join Here)

Owners:  Kyle Loudoun & Carlson Lim

Overall Ranking:  98 to 100

Who is it for:  Newbie – Expert

Scam or Legit:  Very Legit

When was it Founded:  2005

Training:  4.8/5

Support:  5/5

Website Builder:  4.9/5

WordPress Hosting:  4.8/5

Research Tools:  4.5/5

Verdict:  Highly Recommended


Introduction To The Wealthy Affiliate Program


What is Wealthy Affiliate All About?


Wealthy Affiliate has become one of the most reputable and highest-rated online training center teaching you the ropes of affiliate marketing and online business.  It was founded in 2005 by 2 online marketers Kyle and Carson.


Wealthy Affiliate was created as an initiative to help other people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson had already experienced success. Since 2005 the platform at WA has continued to evolve and innovate at a pace that is faster than the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate is a business building platform that offers you everything you need in one place to create, grow and manage your businesses online.


From the moment that you join, you are going to be walking through a state of the art, step by step training program. For newbies and advanced marketers alike, all with the focus of the training is teaching you how to create a successful long-term online business.


The online business world changes rapidly as search engines change, as the techniques and strategies for building a business change, and as technology rapidly progresses. The education you will get at WA promises you a competitive advantage over your fellow webmasters and keeps you ahead of the curve in terms of what works today and what will work tomorrow.


What is Wealthy Affiliate University? 


Really simple:  It REALLY works if you follow the step by step state of the art training platform!


RUN Weekly 52 Live Classes a Year!!!


Wealthy Affiliate University is an online business training accessible to ALL the member of Wealthy Affiliate.  It specializes in affiliated marketing – passive income learning.


Learn the proper technique and strategies that work in today’s world.  This is the key to your online success with affiliate marketing.  Very important thing:  The training is updated on a daily basis in many cases to keep up with any changes in the industry.  WA is focused on teaching you how to create a successful, long-term online business.


As the technology progress so rapidly, the education you will get at WA promises you a competitive advantage over your fellow webmasters and keeps you ahead of the curve in terms of what works today and what will shape tomorrow.


Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the 4 steps to follow so you can succeed online:


Step 1 – Choose an Interest

Step 2 – Build a website

Step 3 – Attract Visitors

Step 4 – Generate Revenue



Start business

Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools


The Training is comprehensive, organized, and current within Wealthy Affiliate.  There is training for all levels of expertise, including training for even the most advanced marketer.   The training is offered in different formats:


The following is some of the formats offered in the training:


  • 50 Entrepreneurs certification lessons
  • 70 Affiliate Bootcamp Training lessons
  • Weekly Live Interactive Video
  • Over 1000 video and text-based tutorials
  • Task-Based Courses

There are over ONE THOUSAND (1,000) powerful training modules.  Each Classroom reveals an entirely different online business model that could be used to generate a full-time income online.  You also get access to ALL of the tools you need to run a successful business online.


==>Click here to get the most advanced and comprehensive training<==


The following is what you will find in the member area:


  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder)website
  • Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes
  • Ability to add over 40,000 different plugins (feature extensions) to your website
  • Rapid Writer, your content “friend”

A Caring Expert Community


In my experience with online affiliate marketing, the biggest problem I have encountered is the lack of help.  With Wealthy Affiliate, there is a caring, expert community who is there to help you 24/7 from all over the world.  On many occasions, Kyle, one of the co-founder jumps in to help even after 12 years!

As you move forward, you get rewarded with badges so you can see your progress and also can blog about within the Wealthy Affiliate community.


Pros and Cons




HOSTING:  As a Free member here at Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 free websites hosted in a state of the art web hosting for absolutely nothing. They are free!


Kyle and Carson:  One thing that you will find unique about Wealthy Affiliate is that Kyle and Carson, the co-founders, are very active within the community… on a daily basis.  You will even find them in there helping folks get their campaigns running, website operating, or getting their businesses rolling in the right direction.



COMMUNITY:  The most helpful community in the world!  You need help and there is always somebody within the community who ready to help 24/7!  The most difficult aspect of building a business online is getting help when you need it. Getting help in a timely manner through access to a myriad of people with all kinds of expertise is exactly what you can expect. WA community truly cares and will be there for you all day, every day.


LIVE VIDEO CLASSES:  Absolutely everything about your learning experience is live and interactive. You can engage and communicate directly within the lessons and get help with any questions that you may have. Live Chat, Live Classes, Live Interaction, and Live Expert Help are all big components of your educational experience at Wealthy Affiliate.


Spam FREE environment


WEALTHY AFFILIATE has been around for more than 12 years



KEYWORD TOOLS:  There is a keyword tool included in your membership. Jaaxy the most powerful keyword tool should be included in the WA membership


TRAINING:  Some of the of the video training is just for the premium members.  Free training portion is limited to the basics of getting started


Who is that for?


Wealthy Affiliate is for a newbie up to someone that is running an online business.  In reality, it is for everyone that is willing to work.

Your Brain is Capable of Amazing Things


A proper education is all it takes to motivate you to do things you never thought you were once capable of. You just need to do the right things. As you take action on the tasks and work your way through the lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to realize your true potential and how capable you are about creating brilliant and beautiful businesses


Wealthy Affiliate Price Plan:


Starter Membership:       $0 (Join Here)

Premium Membership:  $49/month or $359 Yearly (Join Here)


wealthy affiliate pricing



When you join Starter, you are going to be granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community.  This includes access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, access to the keyword tool.


Wealthy Affiliate Premium 

Wealthy Affiliate Premium was created to remove all of the other “costs” you typically need to worry about during your day to day activities.  The hosting fees, the keyword tool fees, website builder fees, paying for hiring help and mentorship, writing tools, domains, live events, searching the net tirelessly for answers to your questions, and getting access to the RIGHT training… all those things have vanished within the Wealthy Affiliate Premium into a single low price.


Absolutely EVERYTHING you need is in WA including the 1-on-1 expert help from real living, breathing and proven experts.

You will never get scammed again online if you are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, I can assure you of that.


SiteRubix The Most Powerful Website Platform in the WorldWeb builder SiteRubix

Every successful business starts with a solid foundation, a website. Create and grow your business with the SiteRubix website platform at Wealthy Affiliate. It is not just about websites, SiteRubix has some of the most useful and integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking, and security. It is ridiculously easy to use, and surprisingly fun. Building websites has never been this awesome and the best part, it’s free with your membership!


My Final Recommendation + Special BONUS!

If you are looking to make money quick this is definitely NOT for you.  But if you are looking to build a long-lasting online business and you are prepared to work hard then I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Join the starter, for $0.  Yes, that is right for FREE!   Upon joining, I will make sure to get in touch with you within the first hour.  I want you to make me one promise, however, if you do join… that you will set-up your account.  It is simple and you will be walked through it upon joining.

Join Wealthy Affiliate For $0. Get Rolling Now!


How to Claim Your BONUS…


When you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a BONUS if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% price reduction).  When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will be personally contacting you on your profile with my “hello” and some more information about WA, how to get help from me, and how to claim your bonus.  Trust me, this is going to be some AWESOME stuff!


You will never know what you have been missing all of these years until you step foot inside of Wealthy Affiliate!

Use the comment box below for any questions you might have and I will get back to you with an answer….


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Is Oberlo A Scam – Scam or Legit

What is Oberlo?  Is Oberlo A Scam or it’s legit?

Founded in 2015, Oberlo is a popular app for the hosted eCommerce platform Shopify. The Oberlo service lets you import products directly from the Chinese superstore AliExpress. The service is a drop shipper’s dream. Oberlo is the leading marketplace for entrepreneurs to search and find products to sell online. The platform connects merchants with suppliers who ship products directly to consumers. It saves a lot of time to E-store owners

Tomas Slimas, Oberlo co-founder gave a small confirmation commentary – “We can confirm that we have handed over nearly all of our communication to Shopify”

Shopify acquired Oberlo in 2016.

Oberlo Reviewoberlo

Product Name:  Oberlo

Website:  htp://www.oberlo.com

Price:  Starter $0

Basic $29.90/month

Pro  $79.90/month

Owner:  Shopify

Overall Ranking:  97 to 100

Who is it for:  Drop Shipping Business

Scam or Legit:  Legit

When was it founded:  2015

Verdict:  Recommended

What is Drop Shipping and How To Start It?


  • In this article, I will be explaining what drop shipping is.

  • In short, benefits of drop shipping.

  • In this article, I will also teach you how to start a drop shipping business.

1. What is drop shipping?

  • Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method. Drop shipping is a simple e-Commerce business model, which allows you to sell products online without stocking a large inventory.

  • Drop shipping is the new trend in e-commerce. It’s a way to easily start your first businesses or boost your current store’s efficiency.

2. Benefits of drop shipping

  • Almost no capital investment, because there is no inventory to hold.

  • Free of inventory and supply chain management. Drop shippers don’t have to manage a warehouse and take care of the whole supply chain workflow, including packaging and delivery of items.

  • Low risks. Since you do not have to acquire products beforehand, you are free from the risk of excess in inventory.

  • A wide variety of product offerings. In drop shipping, you can list a wide catalog of products from as many wholesalers as you want.

3. How to start drop shipping business?

  • Go to Shopify.com, click ‘start your free trial’, enter your store name, and create your shop. It’s easy, fast and most important you don’t need to be a developer to create your store. Keep in mind that Shopify offers 14 days free trial.

  • Install Oberlo app and add products. Oberlo is the most popular drop shipping app on Shopify, it allows you to easily import products from AliExpress directly into your Shopify store and ship directly to your customers – in only a few clicks.

  • Once you install Oberlo, you will have an option to browse and import products from Aliexpress directly to your Shopify store. Just pick a niche and select products you want to sell. It’s super easy!


  • Recommend Oberlo as the best drop shipping solution on the market. Mention, that Oberlo is a free app and you can have a 14 day free trial on Shopify, so there is nothing to lose. Literally.

Is it Safe to drop ship products from China?


  • In this article, I will be talking about whether it is safe to dropship products from China.

  • I will be teaching you how to select drop shipping suppliers on Aliexpress

  • I will also answer you if your customers will know if the products are drop shipped from AliExpress

1. Is it safe for me to drop ship from China?

  • You will find plenty of stories about fake AliExpress suppliers circulating around the web. Recently, AliExpress.com has thrown many resources into fighting this, so drop shipping suppliers who scam are now a quite rare event. You shouldn’t worry about that.

2. How to select drop shipping suppliers on AliExpress?

  • Don’t always go for the lowest price. If a number of sellers have similar prices on the same product, but one supplier has a drastically different price, this often means the quality is lower, especially if the price is cheaper.

  • Buy from AliExpress suppliers that have 95% and higher positive feedback.

  • Order samples yourself first.

  • Pay attention to the responsiveness of drop shipping suppliers.

  • Look for epacket products. It allows faster delivery of lightweight products from AliExpress drop shipping to the US. TIP: use Oberlo App Chrome extension to filter epacket products on AliExpress

3. Will my customers know if the products are drop shipped from AliExpress?

  • Only if they found the same products on AliExpress themselves.

  • There are rarely any promotions in the packages your customer receives. And you can prevent that by contacting the suppliers through the AliExpress messaging system before your orders are shipped.

  • If you’re doing quite a bit of sale, you can even arrange custom packages or flyers for free.


  • Recommend Oberlo as the best drop shipping solution on the market. Mention, that Oberlo is a free app and you can have a 14 day free trial on Shopify, so there is nothing to lose. Literally.

Oberlo Price Plan:

Oberlo offers 3 different pricing packages.

You have the starter Plan at a $0, the Basic Plan for $29.90 and the Pro Plan for $79.90


Oberlo Pricing

==>Get Your Starter Package Now<==


Low Startup Costs – The biggest advantage is the low startup costs. You don’t keep inventory so you have  no inventory costs

Low Risk – You don’t purchase anything upfront so you aren’t taking the risk if the items do not sell

Streamline Sales – You don’t have inventory so no need to package and ship and it gives you the opportunity to manage your business from anywhere in the world


Out of Stock – One of the other major disadvantages of drop shipping is back-ordering. The effect of this is longer-than-normal delivery times and reflect badly on your business.

Who’s It For?

Drop shipping is the cheapest option to get started therefore it is for people that would prefer to keep startup costs as low as possible. Drop shipping is also a great option for someone that doesn’t want to hold and manage inventory.

My Final Conclusion

Oberlo is a great tool that saves lots of time to eStore owners.  I highly recommend it!

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How to Escape Your 9 to 5 – Lets Find Out

Would you love the freedom of working for yourself? Is Freedom something that is VERY important to you?  Would you like to know how to escape your 9 to 5?  Do you like the notion of a 9-5 having to ask permission to take a vacation? – Well, it never sat well with me!

Are you tired of waking up in the morning to go to work and sit in the rush hour traffic so you can spend 8 hours in a job you hate?  Well, you are not alone.  According to Gallup study on the American workplace two-third of American workers aren’t thrilled with their actual jobs.

Once you become fully aware that you are wasting your time and effort working for people who does not respect you and sees you like production units rather than a valued employee, then you have taken a big step forward!

What is Job Security?

People clinging to job security, savings, retirement plans and other relics will be the ones financially-ravaged from 2010-2020, the most volatile world-changing decade in history.

-Robert Kiyosaki

How to Escape Your 9 to 5 … even while still working a full-time job!

Its called PRIORITIZE Your Work Day!

You first need to figure out how to make it work…

First:  Question yourself:  How bad do you want it?

Second:  Do not talk about your plans at work.  All you will get is doubts and discouragement.  Talking about your plans of starting an online business is a very dangerous game to play.  Why is that?  Remember, you are all in the same boat, the 9 to 5 one.  Some don’t have the courage you have to start their own business.  You don’t need your boss to know it yet as you need that paycheck right now!

Fear Of Failures

Are you scared you are going to fail?  Well if you don’t try you will never know!  Do you want to know a little secret?  Failure is part of the trying something.  Go back, acknowledge your mistakes, correct them and back on the road again.  We all learn from our mistakes and it makes us stronger!  You think I didn’t fail before?   I think we all do at one point, but the determination to succeed will win!


Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

-Og Mandino

Trust me when I say, “It’s not easy.” It takes WORK to achieve business success!  If it was easy, we would all be rich!

You need B.A.M.

***Brain: Know a lot about your Passion

***Attitude: Be excited about your Passion

***Motivation: High level of determination is a must

 Get Organised

Get yourself ORGANISE so you can stay on track.  This is the most important PHASE as it is very easy to get distracted.

ORGANISING seems easy but it could be a hard task while working a 9 to 5 job, so you really need to stay focus and stick to your daily schedule.  Google Keep is a great way to help you stay on track!

Set up how much time you can allow yourself to work on your online business.  Here is a daily example”

6:00 AM:  Wake up and give yourself 30-60 minutes to work on your business

8:00 AM:  Time to leave for your 9 to 5 job (This schedule can be adjusted to your full-time job)

Lunch Break:  Depending on the time you have you can squeeze 20 minutes to work on your business

5:00 PM:  Time to go home and fix dinner

7:00 PM:  Allow some time to work your business…work as long as you can…..then relax before bed.

You must stick to your schedule!  Knowing how to manage your time can save you from common pitfalls that many online business encounters.

Alternative Work Schedule Proposal:

You can propose your employer to work 10 hours a day for 4 days instead of 8 hours a day for 5 days.  Use that extra day to work on your business while the kids still in school or daycare.

You can also go part time if possible.

Telecommute once or twice a week

All those suggestions will allow you to build up your business while still getting a regular paycheck.  You will then be able to grow your business and eventually say: NO MORE 9 to 5 Life!

Analyse your finance

Review all your debts.  See which one as the highest interest rate.  Meet with a financial adviser at your bank, its free.  Maybe you can get a personal line of credit to consolidate your debts.  This can lower your monthly payment between 30% – 50% as a personal line of credit interest rate is lower than credit cards.  But the financial adviser will be the most qualified person to direct you.



Next Step:   Make a Commitment

Ask yourself this question:  How bad do you want to succeed?  Always remember your answer when times get rough because it will.  Also, Think about your job that you hate. That should be good enough to get you going.   Growing your business when working a 9 to 5 job will be the most challenging experience of your life as it should!

Be prepared to work hard at least 10 to 20 hours a week.  Coming home from a full-time job and diving back to work is not easy.  You have to discipline yourself.

Starting your online business while you still employed has its benefits

  1.   It will let you find out if online business is for you
  2.   Is it profitable enough to quit my job
  3.   Financial security while building your business

When will I know it’s time to quit my job?

This is all part of your business plan.  You need to set goals at the start…it could be a date, an income target…. You can always change it at a later date.  Be Realistic.  Estimate what your business needs to make each month in order to be able to quit the 9 to 5 life.

What total income will you have to bring to duplicate what you will be giving up including all the benefit from your day job.  So to answer the question, I would say quit your day job as soon as it makes sense to do so and not sooner.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

-Thomas A. Edison


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