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So you want to “Create Free Ads Online” is that right?  I guess that is why you ended up on my site!  🙂

Let’s get started!

Create Free Craigslist Ads

New Rules For Craigslist

Craigslist tends to change their rules quite frequently, so you have to stay on top of them.

Ad Title

When posting ads on, you have to make sure that your ads DO NOT have the same title. It will be a red flag for them, and they will remove your ad. Be creative and post different title for each ad.  DO NOT use “Work From Home” in your title nor your ad otherwise your ad, those are RED FLAG WORDS and your ad will be deleted.

Another thing not to say on your title nor your ad content is “Affiliate Marketing

Ad Content

When posting an ad for a business opportunity, your content must not be too explicit, stay as vague as possible.  One crucial thing:  DO NOT include a link otherwise this will be another red flag.

Ok, but how will I be able to tell people about my services or my business opportunity then?

You will need to rely on them to contact you, so that is why your content is critical, it needs to get people curious, so they want to contact you to get more information!

How Many Ads Can I post?

You can only post two ads a day every 48 hours in just one category, and one geographical area.  They will block your ad if you go over that.  I also recommend not to post in the same city.  Keep track of when your ad expires, do not let them expire, renew them before.

Writing An Ad

Be on the same Station than your prospect when creating an ad!  Do you know which Station they all listen?

They listen to only one station:  WIFM

“What’s In It For Me”

In one of my previous article, I was telling you that it is not about you.  You need to change your way of thinking if you want to succeed!  It’s ALL about them, your prospective client.

There are three crucial points of writing effective ads:

  • You must catch their attention
  • You must get them excited
  • Call to action

Remember this anywhere you advertise:  A picture says a thousand words.  Nowadays people are very visual so make sure to upload images that represent well your services or items.

Create Free Backpage Ads

What is Backpage?  Backpage is the second busiest Classified Website in the world after Craigslist!

You can post one FREE ad per email address daily on  If you do not follow this rule, your ad will get ghosted, meaning your ad will show active, but when you search for it, you will not be able to find it anywhere which means it is not live.

Other FREE Online Adverting Sites

oodle advertising
oodle advertising

Oodle Marketplace:

Oodle was founded in 2004 and is an online classified ad market with 15M monthly unique users

                              OLX advertisingOLX:

OLX is an Argentinian global online marketplace operating in 45 countries.  It was founded as a Craigslist alternative for the world outside of the United States.

geebo advertising


Geebo was founded in 2000 and is a USA online classified market-based out of Virginia to promote jobs listing and other services.

recycler advertising Recycler:

Recycle is one of the first and most popular classified free ad papers since 1995 and they Re-launched in 2010 as a national website. Recycle offers full integration and sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

How To Find Qualified Audiences On Facebook.

Be Aware of


Canadian Can Post Free Ads On Kijiji

What is Kijiji?

Kijiji is a platform which enables Canadians to post FREE and paid ads. You can sell items or advertise your services.  They are the number ONE classified site in Canada.with almost TWO million new ads posted weekly!

Before you can advertise, Kijiji requires that you create a FREE account. Here is a little trick I do so my advertising does not get buried under all the other ads: When my ad reach page 10, I delete it and repost, like this I save money, I don’t have to pay extra to stay on the first page.

The Basic Standard Ads are free and expires 60 days after its publication.

If you know of any other legit FREE advertising site and want to share with us, please use the comment box.

Cheers 🙂

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Amazon Home Business Opportunity

Greetings and welcome to Amazon Home Business Opportunity!  I hope you are ready to discover things that you probably never knew about Amazon!

There is more than selling things on Amazon!  Did you know you can sell your services?

I have lots of goodies I want to share with you!

Selling your services is a great Amazon Home Business Opportunity.

Sell Your Services On Amazon

When you sell your services on Amazon, it will allow you to get discovered by millions of people, and many of them are right there in your area!  How cool is that?

Selling Service on Amazon will provide you with orders and easy to use tools so you can put your focus on your customers!

Sounds good but what kind of services can I sell on Amazon?

Available Services currently on Amazon:

Air Duct Cleaner

Appliance Technician



Auto Detailer

Auto Glass Technician

Bathtub Refinisher

Bicycle Mechanic

Car Electronics Technician


Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Installer

Computer Technician


Fireplace Specialist

Floor Cleaner

Flooring or Surface Specialist

Garage Door Specialist


General Contractor

Gutter Specialist


Home Cleaner

Home Organizer

Home Inspector

Home Security Specialist

Home Teater Specialist

HVAC Specialist

Interior Designer

Irrigation Specialist

Junk Removal Specialist

Landscape Contractor

Lawn Maintenance Specialist



Mobile Device Technician


Music Instructor

Pest Control Specialist


Pool Specialist

Pressure Washer


Specialty Cleaner

Tile Contractor

Tire and Wheel Specialist

Wallpaper Specialist


Window Treatment Specialist

Window Cleaner


That sounds so good Carole, but how does it work?

You will need to:

1-  Apply for Amazon Services by  filling out their application application

2-  When your application is approved you will receive an email with a link URL.  You click on the link to activate and register your account.

3-  Amazon Services do complete background checks on all the businesses and technicians.  Of course, if your line of work requires a license, Amazon will need that you have an active license and valid insurance.

4-  Next you will set up your account meaning you will choose the coverage location and the services you want to cover 🙂

5-  Let’s go to work!!!  Start getting jobs!

Amazon Services

Do you know what is great about all this?

1-  No startup Fees, you don’t have any monthly subscription fees nor advertising fees! (We love this, don’t we? :-))

2- No more chasing after customers, customers come to you!  I am so excited to share this with you!

3-  Amazon has already an established name so you will get the trust from your client and will grow your business!

By the way, Amazon does not have a set time commitment to sell your services. You can walk away at any time.


I know what you think!  How does Amazon Services make money in all this?

Very easy. here how it goes:

Pre-packaged Services:

For a one time service like assembly service (putting a together a bed, mounting a TV to a wall, etc.) Amazon will get 20% for any price up to $1,000.00. If the price is above that, then Amazon will get 15%.  We will get paid directly from Amazon after they deduct their fees.

Amazon deposits payments into your bank account every 14 days cycle and notifies you when they send the amount.

prepackaged Amazon price

For any recurring services like ongoing lawn service, home cleaning and so on, Amazon will get 10%

Wait, there is more from Amazon!

I told you I have a lot of goodies for you!

Amazon Home Service Business Opportunity is not appealing to you?  No problem!  Look what they have in store for you:

Work from Home with Amazon Flex Program:

Become a Delivery Partner and get pay between $18-$25 an hour.  Amazon Flex is already in over 50 cities.  Check if your city is on the list!  Click Here


-Be your own boss

-Set your own work schedule

Here is how it works.  You will need to download the Amazon Flex App

You don’t want to deliver for Amazon?  No Problem, once again Amazon got you covered!

Work from home with Amazon Call Center

Become an Amazon Virtual Customer Service Rep:  Click here

Working from home gives you lots of flexibility not to mention significant saving in commuting cost.  As an Amazon Work-At-Home Call Agent, you are not an independent contractor.  You are an Amazon employee and can work full or part-time for an hourly wage.

I hope that my article can help you.  If you have any questions, please use the comment box and I will be happy to help!

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Publish Your Own eBook – And More

So, you want to publish your own eBook! Great!  Congratulations are in order.  This is a big step for you am I right?  You don’t know where to turn as this will be your first time.  I understand and I am here to help.

First, we need to write the ebook so you can publish your own eBook!

Of course Carole but I have to idea where to start with that.

OK Relax, I will guide you 🙂

Choosing A Topic

Just like successful online businesses, the best result is when you choose a topic that you are passionate about, that you lose track of time while you are entirely involved in it!

What’s next?

-Now that we have a topic, we need to narrow it down.

-Ok but I down understand all that.

-See if you are too broad there is too much competition.  You will need to narrow down your topic by answering those questions:

Who, What, Where, When, How

You can also use different free keywords tool generator to help you narrow down your topic and see the competition.

Now that we narrow down our audience we are ready to start writing!

It is not About You!

The first mistake that can send you to failure is putting yourself ahead.  When writing, you need to think about your audience.  Give your audience what they want, not what you think they need.

Hein? How am I supposed to know what they want?

Easy, by researching your niche in Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo what your readers’ needs are and find a solution to their problems. It is about THEM!

Les get down to business, shall we?

Choosing the right writing software

There is different software option to chose from to write your eBook:

Scrivener: Paid writing platform

Libre Office: Free writing Platform

Pressbooks:  Free to use, with Pressbooks watermarks.  If you what to remove the watermark from your eBook you will need to upgrade to a paid version starting at $19.99. They also have different plans.

If you have already a blog and would like to convert posts into an eBook you can easily do so with Beacon plugin

Writing  for Success

Now that you narrow down your topic and know what you will be writing about, you will need to identify the problems, the concern that people have because that will be what will target your potential clients.

When your prospective customers read your book description, you want them to say “Yes, that’s me! It’s like they actually know me!” They will want to get your book as you have created a connection with them!  You will use that description when you list your ebook to sell.


Go down the list of the problems you previously wrote and write about some of those issues with your readers in mind; show them you understand and that you are here to help. Remember you already have the connection with your book description, so you need to hold on to that.

Then to each problem, you need to find a solution and write about it.

It is the general basis of writing an eBook:  identify a problem then find a solution.  It could be a product, or you can teach a course, whatever you chose, but remember, it is not about YOU!

Editing and Proofreading

Before publishing your eBook, you will need to edit and proofread it before sending out your draft.  While the second set of eye can be very costly, you will have to settle with self-edit and proofread unless you want to spend the money.  Your wordprocessor spellcheck will be the place to start.  You can also purchase a Grammar checker which is way less expensive than the second pair of eye.

Publishing Your eBook

You can self-publish your eBook with Google Play


You can publish your eBook on Amazon Kindle Publishing – KDP


Watch the below video for the step by step guide to KDP – Happy Publishing owned by Amazon

Beside KDP, Amazon offers another self-publishing platform called CreateSpace. Amazon has created three different platforms within CreateSpace:  Paperback, Kindle Direct, and ACX to create Audio Book.

What is Paperback Publishing?

Wikipedia Definition: Paperback editions of books are issued when a publisher decides to release a book in a low-cost format. Cheaper, lower quality paper; glued (rather than stapled or sewn) bindings; and the lack of a hard cover may contribute to the lower cost of paperbacks.

Promoting Your eBook

Before you release your book, it is important to have it reviewed by friends, family.  If you do not have anyone that will be willing to review it for you, check out it is a platform that can help an author to get a free review.

Tips to help you promote your eBook:

-Send email to friend, followers, previous customer, blog subscribers announcing the release of your eBook is another great way to promote your ebook

-Social Media, forums

-Add your eBook to book directory

-Add a link to your blog

You can check out this site who help a lot of Authors create success with their books:  Author Marketing Experts (AME)

People love FREE things!  So, on your introduction to selling your book write a “Call-To-Action.”  It could be something like this:

Hey, you made it!  I am very pleased that you took the time to read my eBook introduction and to show you my gratitude I want to give you a GIFT!

You can give them a copy of your eBook to download.  It is pretty easy to do with KPD Uploading Task.  Remember you will be building a list a prospect for future products also.


NOW this is my call to action. lol If you have any question or any comment or better yet if you are using any of those platforms I want to hear from you!  Please use the comment box below!


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