American Bill Money Complaints

American Bill Money

In this post, you will get my honest, insightful, and hopefully a complete Review of American Bill Money Complaints if any.  After thrilling research, I will be able to tell you if American Bill Money Complaints are legit or scam.  Remember my article about “What is fake reviews“?  Fake reviews indeed exist!


American Bill Money Complaints


American Bill Money - program
American Bill Money

Name:  American Bill Money Also Known As ABM
Website:  http://americanbillmoney.com/
Price: $125 Monthly Auto-Ship or 12 Month Pre-Pay $1,500

Business Category:  MLM – Residual Income

Address:  PO Box 4008
Portsmouth, VA 23701-9108
Owner: Paul Korzeniowski
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Business Inception:  November 1st, 2003


American Bill Money: Product Overview

ABM specializes in selling direct mail leads of Income Opportunity Seekers and Buyers.  The system consists of the sale of advertising on a peel and sticks mailing labels. The company uses postcards to recruit prospects to join your business.  American Bill Money uses a simple system.

Anyone can do even if they don’t have a computer or any technical skills.


Words from the Founder:


[stextbox id=’black’]My name is Paul Korzeniowski, and I’ve been an Entrepreneur ever since I was a little kid, from maintaining a paper route to cutting grass and washing cars throughout my neighborhood, I always liked having money in my pocket and I was always thinking of how to work for myself. I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, and occasionally, I still take a few classes there to this day.
I’ve been self-employed and self-sufficient since I turned eighteen years old. [/stextbox]


The Good & the Bad




PRO #1  Company has toll-free numbers that you can use for your marketing
PRO #2  Pre-Set Company Website explaining everything about the business
PRO #3  Get paid  commission within 24 hours of Referral

PRO #4  24 hours automated systems sell for you



CON #1  No back Office
CON #2  The website is slow to load

CON #3  ABM is only available in the United States and English only


Does ABM offer any Delivery Guarantee on their leads?

Yes, Any Deliverable leads you have Returned to YOU, within 60 days from the date you got them from ABM. They will replace them 2 to 1 with your next order. 

Compensation Plan


They pay you 60% commission immediately on all the people you refer to ABM, after your first referral. That is $75 a month for all that choose the “Monthly Auto-Ship” and $900 a year for all that choose the “Twelve Month Pre-Pay”.


Your first referral is called “Qualifying Sale,” and this is how your Sponsor or Upline will earn money from you. Your second referral on, everybody you refer, then they owe YOU their first referral, and those new people each owe you their first referral and so on. It goes on infinitely deep, and there is No limit to the levels of duplication you can get paid on.


So Remember from your second referral on, you get a 60% Residual Commission every month. And all these people each owe their first referral to YOU

Better Business Bureau:


There is no complaint filed with the BBB.  If you go to the BBB website (1), you will see that there are 7 positive reviews all done on July 31, 2017.  It can easily be classified as “Fake Reviews” Come on, there is no Positive review until July 2017 and suddenly 7 the same day!!!  But what matters here is that there is NO American Bill Money Complaints.

Ripoff Report


Ripoff Report has reported a complaint filed on August 4, 2014, by Lenora — Marshall Texas.  Take a look at the report and the reply from Paul Korzeniowski owner of ABM  (2).  I wouldn’t even worry about that complaint.


Who is American Bill Money For?


It is for Income Opportunity Seekers.

American Bill Money Recruiting and Support


You will get two 800 numbers to a landing page explaining to you.

Your leads can talk to live operators, or they can sign up 24/7 on your website.

You don’t have to answer any questions, the company does it all for you, and you get notified every time you get a referral and get paid $75 within 24 hours.

American Bill Money Pricing

$125 Monthly Auto-Ship or 12 Month Pre-Pay $1,500


American Bill Money - Home based income Opportunity
American Bill Money


Monthly Auto-Ship Package is $125/month and pays $75 every month to the Sponsor.  That package includes 150 fresh leads of “opportunity seekers and buyers” each month.  Every six months you can purchase 1,000 Postcards for only $75 or 2,500 Postcards every year for $150



Annual membership is a  Twelve Month Pre-Pay which sells for $1,500 a year and pays $900 to the Sponsor. That package includes 1,800 fresh leads of “opportunity seekers and buyers”  you would receive over the course of 12 months if you are on “auto-ship.”  You will also receive a Bonus of 5,000 Postcards FREE.


My Final Opinion of American Bill Money


The postcard communication process is out-dated.  Not too many people mail Birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc.


American Bill Money at a Glance…


Name: American Bill Money

Website: http://americanbillmoney.com/
Owner: Paul Korzeniowski
Price: $125 Monthly Auto-Ship or 12 Month Pre-Pay $1,500
Overall Scam Rank: 75 out of 100



American Bill Money is legit.  They have been operating since 2003 and have not been shut down by FTC so you will agree with me here that they are legit

If you would like to add a review,  just do so in the comment box below.  If you are a member of ABM, we would like to hear from you!


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10 thoughts on “American Bill Money Complaints

  1. This is a good review. Thank you for your honest opinion. There are a lot of network marketing companies out there and not all of them are good. It’s important to do your research before you join an MLM company and it’s sites like this that are invaluable for people wanting unbiased research.

  2. Hello Carole,
    I really enjoyed this reading this review. Atleast I am glad there is not another scam product. No wonder fake reviews are pointless as we all are smart enough to figure that out. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Pretty solid review. Until recently I hadn’t realized just how many of these multi-tiered sale businesses existed. Though there are no complaints, I can’t help but feel ABM is still shady at best.

    Thank you for presenting the good and the bad in an honest manner, knowing that the company still operates through outdated forms of communication is definitely something of value for those interested.

    1. We have to be careful with reviews too.  There are such things as fake reviews.  That is sad to say but it is true.

  4. I agreed with you that fake review indeed exist and that it is also an obvious situation with the Better Business Bureau. however with this type of review, someone can avoid wasting unnecessary time and efforts on MLM. Your review on American Bill Money is very clear and convincing. Thanks for taking out time to research and post this review.

    1. Now more then ever we have to do our homework before jumping in with our eye closed.  What is too good to be true, it normally is. 

  5. Heloo, thanks for yet another wonderful review. This was exactly the kind of information I was sourcing for. I have heard a lot about the American bill money complaints, so I thought I’d do some research on it to see how legit it is. From this review, it’s very clear that it’s no scam. Thanks for sharing this. It’s been helpful.

    1. First, let me commend you for doing your due diligence and not jump into something with your eye closed because you are eager to make some money! You are welcome!  I am glad I could help! 🙂

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