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When creating a course online, you have to ask yourself the following questions, and you also have to be able to answer them:


The Problem – What is the Problem?


Identify the problem that your course will address, then find how to overcome it. Remember your audience is looking to solve a problem, and with your course, you will teach then how to overcome the problem. 






Focusing on how your course will help your students instead of thinking about their problem and how you can help them with your class. 



First, you must define what you are trying to achieve with your course.

Build an exciting course so that your students will engage.  


Find Your Audience


You MUST target a specific audience, people that are interested in your topic (The problem) and they are looking for answers on how to solve the problem.


Be as specific as you can (narrow down).


NARROW DOWN: Define within your audience. What I need by that is: Let say you are targetting people that are interested in cooking. Are you trying to reach beginners or people that want to improve their cooking skills? Based on your answer, the course will be different. For example, beginners’ courses will focus on the basics of cooking versus a group that wants to improve their skills. You would skip the basic class and move on to the specifics of cooking.


How To Solve The Problem? – Research 


Now that you have identified the problem (Your Topic), you need to solve it.


How do I do that?


Join Facebook groups that have the same interest as your topic. Research within the groups how people solve that problem. Check on other social media, look through online reviews, comments.


Define Course Objectives


Describe the objective of your course and WHY you are teaching this class.  Identify the desired result of your course.  What does your course will do for your audience?


Course accomplishment:


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    • Be Specific with your students. Tell them what they will learn from you. Make sure you do answer this question while describing your objection: “What’s in it for me?
    • Be very specific with your content BUT don’t overwhelm your student. Keep it down to your student needs, what problem they are trying to solve
      Avoid overwhelming your students with too much information.
    • Ask yourself what change you are looking to see with your student at the end of your course. Will they be able to get by with cooking, or would they improve their cooking skills?





Online Video Course Example




How To Teach Online Classes – Recommended Tools







Basic Free Vimeo








[stextbox id=’grey’]4 Most Popular eLearning Platforms For Online Class[/stextbox]


Udemy Horizontal Logo

Teach on Udemy


Plan your course


Choose a topic and plan your lectures in Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, or your favorite notebook.

Teach the way you want — even create courses in multiple languages.


Udemy offers free classes on how to build your course, complete with worksheets and real-world examples. 


Record your video


Use your smartphone or a DSLR. Add a microphone, and you’re ready to film your first course!


Camera shy? So am I, but No Worries. Use screencasting software, like Camtasia, to screencast demos.


To learn more about Udemy, click here



2- Teachable


Teachable is very easy to use.  It is a good platform for branding, marketing, and selling.


Their comprehensive technology solution lets you create and sell online courses from your own website. Teachable handles everything from content hosting, delivery, and payment processing so you can focus on creating content and teaching.


To learn more about Teachable, click here






3- Thinkific


The complete guide to creating and selling an online course.


Thinkific is an all-in-one online course platform that empowers anyone to quickly create and deliver stunning courses on their own branded site.

Whether your goal is to educate your customers, to sell courses to earn revenue or to grow your brand and engage your audience, Thinkific makes it easy.


To learn more about Thinkific, click here





4- WizIQ


WizIQ features let you conduct live classes and create self-paced courses within minutes.  It’s very easy to create courses and publish them.


WizIQ has a Virtual Classroom, a cloud-based Course Builder with unlimited course creation and content upload capacity, and the world’s first white-labeled (custom-branding enabled) mobile learning application for learners.


To learn more about WizIQ, click here




My Recommendation:


Now that you understand how to create a course online and the steps to follow, there is one more thing I would like to suggest. I would recommend giving Wealthy Affiliate a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with their FREE membership.


This great Platform is designed for All Levels. I use their Platform with Tutor LMS – eLearning and Online Course Solution plugin. It works very well for me!


Tutor LMS – eLearning and Online Course Solution plugin


What is Tutor LMS and what can it do for me?


Tutor LMS is an entirely free WordPress LMS plugin with premium high-quality add-ons to enable certificates, e-mail notifications, shopping carts, and so much more!


Create, customize, manage, and sell online courses by building a functional e-learning website with this free LMS plugin for WordPress.





Create an online course does not have to be complicated.  Just follow those steps and you will be on your way to your new journey.  Feel free to use the comment box with any questions you might have.


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14 thoughts on “Create A Course Online

  1. Wow! Nice clear and straightforward. I love it. I’m looking forward to more of your posts. Who knows what the future may present, I might want to create my own online course. Thanks for sharing the article.

    1. Hi Maggie, thanks for stopping by! I had lot of inquiries from people asking me how to create a course online so I decided to write a post about it. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much. You really gave me valuable information on how to make an online course. I love this advice:
    Focusing on how your course will help your students instead of thinking about their problem and how you can help them with your class.
    With your help, my online course will be a lot better.
    Thank you.
    Have a nice day.

  3. I have been thinking about conducting training in my field of work and I never really thought of possibly doing it as an online course. You have enlightened me on the many possibilities there are to do an online training course. It will definitely give me a larger audience to reach out to and help. Thank you,Carole and I look forward to reading more from you.

  4. Hi Carole,

    I’ve always thought about building an online course, but I seemed to lack the resources, but now thanks to this Tutor LMS plugin I think I might just be able to create my first online course(I’m already using WordPress)!

    And maybe I’ll host the videos & PDFs on teachable. This should be able to simplify things! I like the fact that you provided links to quality software and platforms, I’m familiar with Camtasia and Camstudio…

    But, in my personal opinion, I think Zoom’s volume is a bit too low, but altogether a great screen capturing software. Anyways, this is great post, I’ll definitely try to implement some of things I learned from this post


    1. Hi Kay! Thanks for your comment. Here we go! If you are already using WordPress go for it!! Get the Tutor LMS plugin and you are on your way! Come back and ket us see your course! I always like to see what others can do!

  5. Hi Carole, what a great post! You have really explained such a complex topic in a simple way.
    Udemy is a great site to learn and teach new courses and I really recommend it as well.

  6. Hi Carole, do you think it’s necessary to appear on camera for a course or can you create an effective course using the over-the-shoulder, screen recording style videos that Camtasia creates?

    I’d imagine, as a teacher, you’d connect better with your audience if they can look you in the eye, so to speak. There’s probably lots of people who would make good teachers and could create great courses but who are afraid on appearing on camera. What do you think?

    1. Hi Gary, thanks for stopping by. It is always good to appear on camera but no, it is not necessary. They are a lot of people that are camera shy and they still make a great living on teaching classes without appearing on camera. With Udemy you can absolutely create an online course without being on camera. I hope this answer your question. 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing these tips. I definitely want to create my own course, but I would offer it as a free gift to my subscribers. I think that course is a great way of providing value to the people and better news is – you can make money offering professional courses.

    Love your website by the way.

    1. Hi Strahinja, thanks for stopping by. I think you are absolutely right. Offering the course as a free gift is a great idea to built a great relationship with your audience!

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