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Create Free Craigslist Ads

New Rules For Craigslist

Craigslist tends to change their rules quite frequently, so you have to stay on top of them.

Ad Title

When posting ads on, you have to make sure that your ads DO NOT have the same title. It will be a red flag for them, and they will remove your ad. Be creative and post different title for each ad.  DO NOT use “Work From Home” in your title nor your ad otherwise your ad, those are RED FLAG WORDS and your ad will be deleted.

Another thing not to say on your title nor your ad content is “Affiliate Marketing

Ad Content

When posting an ad for a business opportunity, your content must not be too explicit, stay as vague as possible.  One crucial thing:  DO NOT include a link otherwise this will be another red flag.

Ok, but how will I be able to tell people about my services or my business opportunity then?

You will need to rely on them to contact you, so that is why your content is critical, it needs to get people curious, so they want to contact you to get more information!

How Many Ads Can I post?

You can only post two ads a day every 48 hours in just one category, and one geographical area.  They will block your ad if you go over that.  I also recommend not to post in the same city.  Keep track of when your ad expires, do not let them expire, renew them before.

Writing An Ad

Be on the same Station than your prospect when creating an ad!  Do you know which Station they all listen?

They listen to only one station:  WIFM

“What’s In It For Me”

In one of my previous article, I was telling you that it is not about you.  You need to change your way of thinking if you want to succeed!  It’s ALL about them, your prospective client.

There are three crucial points of writing effective ads:

  • You must catch their attention
  • You must get them excited
  • Call to action

Remember this anywhere you advertise:  A picture says a thousand words.  Nowadays people are very visual so make sure to upload images that represent well your services or items.

Create Free Backpage Ads

What is Backpage?  Backpage is the second busiest Classified Website in the world after Craigslist!

You can post one FREE ad per email address daily on  If you do not follow this rule, your ad will get ghosted, meaning your ad will show active, but when you search for it, you will not be able to find it anywhere which means it is not live.

Other FREE Online Adverting Sites

oodle advertising
oodle advertising

Oodle Marketplace:

Oodle was founded in 2004 and is an online classified ad market with 15M monthly unique users

                              OLX advertisingOLX:

OLX is an Argentinian global online marketplace operating in 45 countries.  It was founded as a Craigslist alternative for the world outside of the United States.

geebo advertising


Geebo was founded in 2000 and is a USA online classified market-based out of Virginia to promote jobs listing and other services.

recycler advertising Recycler:

Recycle is one of the first and most popular classified free ad papers since 1995 and they Re-launched in 2010 as a national website. Recycle offers full integration and sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

How To Find Qualified Audiences On Facebook.

Be Aware of


Canadian Can Post Free Ads On Kijiji

What is Kijiji?

Kijiji is a platform which enables Canadians to post FREE and paid ads. You can sell items or advertise your services.  They are the number ONE classified site in Canada.with almost TWO million new ads posted weekly!

Before you can advertise, Kijiji requires that you create a FREE account. Here is a little trick I do so my advertising does not get buried under all the other ads: When my ad reach page 10, I delete it and repost, like this I save money, I don’t have to pay extra to stay on the first page.

The Basic Standard Ads are free and expires 60 days after its publication.

If you know of any other legit FREE advertising site and want to share with us, please use the comment box.

Cheers 🙂

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    • Hi William and thanks for your comment! Yes, it is not at all the same thing. Google Adsense is a pay per click ad. The FREE advertisements that I am referring to in my article are classified ad that you can post on their site for FREE.

    • Thanks for stopping by Janxio! I am glad I could help. Now you can use Craigslist to advertise your business for FREE. I just got a customer from my ad on Craigslist today 🙂

  1. Hi Carole,

    What a great post! I had forgotten about creating ads like this, only relying on my websites. And the ones listed at the bottom of the page I was not familiar with at all. Thanks for giving us this information. I am planning on writing an ad asap and am thankful for this information.

  2. Simple. To the point. Thanks for that info on Craigslist. I did not know that. However, if you don’t mind me saying (I hope it’s ok), I would have liked to see a sample Craigslist ad. However, I am going to be doing ads soon, so thank you for this.

  3. Great information, Carole.

    I have used Craiglist in the past when I was selling something, but I never used them to advertise a business opportunity. I always wondered why employment and business opportunity ads on Craigslist were so vague. Now I know.

    • Hey Andy! Thanks for stopping by! Now you know 😉 I was wondering that myself so I did some digging and now I am sharing it with the world!

  4. Hey Carole,

    I want to say that you did a great job on this article. Free ads are a great way to get traffic to your site if done correctly. I myself use Craigslist. Great job here!


    • Hi Chris, thank you for your comment. There are lots of people that are unaware of those free ads site, that is why I decided to write this article! So how are you doing on Craigslist? Can you share your experience with us?

  5. Oh my goodness Carole, I love your website, especially the website name (!!! Those are the words that I want to become my reality too. I didn’t know that ads could be placed anywhere for free. I thought all ads cost money. With this new found information, I will make a note of each place you listed for future reference.

    You have another article that I plan to read this week, which is: Publish Your Own eBook – And More. I’m finalizing a book I just wrote for an online course I created and I want to post it on Amazon’s KDP, so I’m sure the information you provide in your article will be of help to me.

    Nice work!

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