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Spot ’em — Affiliate Programs


Education on Affiliate Programs is a must before joining any of them!  You must do your due diligence or else…..


Before you spend money into an online business opportunity promising you high income and pressuring you to act quickly, you need to do some research and ask some key questions.


Those GET RICH stories that you’re hearing about – well the only way they’ve made real money is by taking your money.  They don’t last long before they get shut down.


Truth in Advertising


What Is a Fake Review, and Why Should You Care?

Dark Side of Internet Marketing:   We looked at the potential for affiliate programs in particular to hurt, under the guise of helping.


1. Face reality: We know that the internet is packed of scams. Beware that great-looking, a look-alike honest-sounding blogger could simply be lying for a buck.


There are so many fraudulent reviews out there.


Google - Check the URL


2. Check the URL: Here’s how you do that:  Hover over the link,  then you check your browser’s status bar. Is the URL “clean” or does it have affiliate-type encoding (not Google’s UTM tracking)? If it seems to have an affiliate URL, does the review identify itself as being written by an affiliate?  Remember, we spoke about FTC Guideline Disclosure


If not, here is YOUR RED FLAG! it’s a fake review. Even if the review looks so good, if it uses affiliate links and does not notify you in any kind of disclosure required by FTC then it’s a fake review.  That is why it i so important when you write your review to identify yourself as an affiliate marketer by using a disclosure required by FTC so you will be within the law and also will earn your audience trust!


Automatic Affiliate Links Disclosure With Pretty Links WordPress Plugin



3. Knowledge of the product: In any reviews or hotel reviews, check if the affiliate review gives you a sense of knowledge and use of the product. Don’t go by what they say in their review, we already know that fake reviewers lie! Go by the content itself.  Does it indicate deep use and knowledge?


4. Show me the proof: You can ask for the proof!  Hmmm How do I do that?  Very easy!   If the review is about a product like pain relief, you can ask to see the studies by respected authorities. If it is a fake review, the affiliate marketer won’t be able to provide you with that information.


Now if the review is about a blender, you want to see comparative information to demonstrate that the reviewed product is a better buy.


Now it is the same thing when it comes to internet marketing success stories.  When you are searching for a good internet platform to start an online business  insist on verifiable success.


What does that mean?  How do I know they are not fake?


Good Point…Stay with me here….I will show you how to do that!


How to Spot a Fake Success Story

Fake Review - Spot them

Fake Reviews

As you know by now the most important thing of a fake review is lack proof.

Now think about this… Picture yourself reading a wonderful so call “success story” about an online business …. it sounds so real that you want to jump right in and get a piece of the action.  Not so fast.  How do you know if it is legit?


Scam artists know how to put a good lie together to get your money.


How can I tell if it is legit?


Insist on proof

There’s a sales technique called social proof. That can be done in so many different ways, from  “love it” testimonials to totally detailed stories. You can find them anywhere, and anyone can write them — including the business owner!

Keep this in mind:  When it says business-building success, insist on proof.


OK But Scammers will give me fake proof….


Find the proof yourself!



Domain Names:  No business story is worth a dime if there is no domain name, especially an online business. They can have as many positive reviews as they want, but without a domain name it’s worth noting. So their story about “I make $10,000/month and rising” would be most definitely a scam!


Now, just because they have a domain name does not mean they are legit.


Try this next:


a. Review the site Check for quality.

b. Use the domain name to verify traffic by entering their URL address into these 3 traffic-measuring tools site:








They all work differently, so it is good to use all 3 to cross-check.  It also provides the highest level of certainty.


When these tools tell you that traffic is undetectable, that is as low as it goes. If all 3 confirm, you can be pretty sure the site’s traffic is zero or near zero.


d. Real or Fake: Those success stories, one that claims to be making huge amounts of money but yet has near-zero traffic, most likely is not true!


There is a lot of companies out there that you can earn real passive income, Wealthy Affiliate is one of them.  But if you are looking to make quick money online you will just get scammed as this DOES NOT EXIST my friend!  In any business online or offline you need to work very hard!


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