How to Make a Website

Your website is crucial as it is the foundation of your business. You need to think of it as a front-store.  You need to create traffic and build brand and trust within your audience so you can promote and then monetize.

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Who is it for?

It is for a newbie up to someone that is running an online business. In reality, it is for everyone that is willing to work.

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Find Your Niche

Think outside the box.  

Any Problem – Need is a Niche

Any Hobby – Interest is a Niche

Build Your Niche

Success is much more likely to follow too, but you have to work at it!  If you are looking for a Get Rich Quick business, then this is NOT for you!

Content Is King

Do you know how you can leverage search engines and get mad traffic to your site?  Here is the answer:  “Quality Content”.

WA keywood

Free Keywords Tool Generator

Keywords research is the process of researching a strong relevant word or phrase with low competition that internet users will search for their needs or solution to their questions.

Get your Website to show up in search engines

Do you know what Search engines are looking for?  Nice design?  No….. They are looking for ONLY ONE THING:  The Most Relevant Content!  So what you are aiming for is to get lots of ranking in search engines for FREE!  Yes, you heard me right  FREE!  You like that don’t you?  You need to work hard for that!

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Get ready as you will be learning a great deal!  Are you geared up to have fun while building a lifetime income and brand?   Are you willing to market a platform that you entirely trust and believe?  Is your mindset ready to assist others positively?

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