How To Make Money With Digital Marketing

Can I make a living with Digital Marketing?


Of course!  Nowadays people are turning to digital marketing more than ever!


Who says you have to go to work in the morning and return in the evening before you can secure a good source of livelihood for yourself and your family?


There are viable skills you can offer within the scope of digital marketing. Offering your skills online for a fee remains one of the best ways to earn money. Digital marketing has become the latest buzz in the world of making money online. You don’t even have to go out of your home if you possess this skill and you want to utilize it to make some money for yourself.


But what is digital marketing and how can I use it to make some cash?


Digital marketing, my friends, is nothing more than advertising using social media.  🙂  You have to admit that saying “Digital Marketing” sounds very professional and somehow very complicate when it is so simple!


Social Medias - Use Socials Medias for marketing

Social Medias


Digital marketing involves the process of utilizing the power of the internet (usually an online platform) to advertise goods and services and introduce them to the entire global marketplace.


Gone are those days whereby one has to sell his products physically by calling out to people as they pass by your business premises. Digital marketing evolved as soon as sellers began to carve a niche for themselves and devise more effective ways to reach their target audience without climbing a mountain.


Digital Marketing - Use of Social Media

Digital Marketing


So in a nutshell. Digital marketing is the process of bringing the details of a product or service to the knowledge of a potential customer through an online medium anywhere and anytime.


Digital Marketing is without a doubt one of the best ways to make money online.

There are a lot of different avenues and tools that are available to make money with digital marketing.


Here are some examples:


-Start your own Blog and/or build a Website for your Digital Marketing Business:


Now that you understand digital marketing you can market your skill. You can start an affiliate website, a blog on marketing, etc. In some cases, you don’t need to invest money, just time. I highly recommend SiteRubix. It is a Free site builder powered by Wealthy Affiliate. You can check it out by clicking here: Start building now!



SiteRubix - Website builder



-Market Yourself – Do Freelancing:


Sign up with Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, and pick up some work. You can make decent Money!


-Market your skill:


Find companies that are in the needs of digital marketers. They post daily. Market yourself to them as a Freelance digital marketer and how you can help grow their business!


Now let’s see the various ways you can make some more money with this concept.


For emphasis sake, we are going to focus on two main methods which are content marketing and SEO.



This is the case when you publish free and unique content online with the intent of advertising a product or a service to the readers. It is mostly used in search engine searches and acts as a bridge between the consumer and the seller.


The buying process of a typical consumer online revolves around four stages: 

  • Query search
  • Research
  • Comparison
  • Buying



Content is meant to promote a particular product and present reasons why the buyer should buy the product or hire the services of a company rather than another.


How to earn money with this strategy:


You have to master the art of writing quality content that these companies can post on their websites or blog to promote their services online. The content should be unique and such that it can convince a buyer to buy the product.



SEO is a big world on its own but can create an avenue for you to make a lot of money online, but you have to know how to play your game and outsmart your competitors in this niche.


SEO - Seach Engine Optimize



The goal of SEO is to increase the site’s visibility in search engine results. Search engines display results based on the keywords or searched query typed in the search box. SEO professionals use keyword strategy and phrasing to boost site visibility and rank it higher in search engine results.



There are a lot of avenues to make money with digital marketing. But with the right skill, mindset, and goals, you too can become a professional in no due time.

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