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The Importance Of A Website For Your Business


Learning how to start Building a Website in today’s market is a must for your business to grow.


In 2020 more than ever, businesses need to have a website so, knowing how to Start Building a Website is necessary!  It helps your business to grow, therefore the online presence is a must today!  With this in mind, remember that the first impression count!  We live in a world where people will research online before engaging themselves, they will read reviews, etc… so that is why your FIRST impression is vital for your business!


The Power of a Website



So as we all agree that no website means losing business than a bad structure website is worst than not having one,  it makes your business look bad!  With all those available template websites such as SiteRubix, there is no excuse for your site to look unprofessional.


The key here is that you need to offer your audience easy navigation, quality content with a content picture related.  Pictures are essential since we are all visual since birth.  We like pictures not only plain boring content with long paragraphs!   With that said, let us move on with Building a Website Business, shall we?


The Difference between a FREE Website and Your OWN Website


As a Startup business, the thought of a FREE Website sounds attractive; however, let me explain to you the significant differences between them.  When referring to FREE and OWN, we are talking about web hosting.


Web Hosting Companies = Your OWN Website like this one here:



FREE Providers = http://thefreeprovidername.com/no-more-9-to-5.com


Those days people are very well educated with regard to a website.  More and more people go online.  So the 2nd option will not attract customers as much as your OWN Website.  Customers don’t take those websites seriously but if you have a personalized website you create a better trustworthy image for your audience.


In conclusion, the advantage of having your own domain name gives you a better opportunity to succeed online


Learn How To Build Your Own Website For Free


First, you will need a platform!  What’s that???


A platform is a website creation tool.  For instance one of the easiest and more powerful platforms is SiteRubix  It runs on WordPress, is user-friendly, and very easy for a beginner.  The best part is that it is totally FREE.  But don’t get this confused with FREE hosting….As a matter of fact, a lot of hosting companies offer WordPress….


Ok, but what is WordPress?  It is a CMS, one of the best Content Management System.


You don’t need artist skills either. There are thousands of preset templates that you can choose from.


SiteRubix is another site builder that is powered by Wealthy Affiliate and offers infinite website features! With 1000’s of Professional Designs, SiteRubix gives you a platform to build any kind of website that you like. Turn your hobbies, passions, or interests into a thriving Internet business. You don’t need artist skills either. With 1000’s of professionally designed website themes to choose from, you have complete freedom to create the site that you’ve always wanted.



website building


Starter Members = 1 Free Website (on .siterubix.com domain)

Premium Members = 10 Websites

It takes literally 30 seconds to create a fully functional, WordPress website!


Set up your Website with WordPress.org


Upon login to your WordPress account you will lend in your admin dashboard ( see picture below)




For beginners, this must look foreign but don’t worry WordPress is the easiest platform in the world.  You need no technical knowledge.  Hey If I could do that anybody can!


wordPress plugin

The first thing to do it to activate the “Activate” the All in One SEO & EWWW Image Optimizer plugins.  plugin

The next step will be to delete the DEFAULT settings on Posts, Pages, and comments.  Very IMPORTANT!  Most of the WordPress has that if not just skip that step.

How do I delete the default setting?  On your dashboard on the left side menu, you will click on Posts

Posts = Contents

You will then see the default post-Hello Word worldpress

To delete to default post “Hello World”  move your mouse on the trash button and click.  Now go ahead and do the same thing for Pages and Comments on the left side menu.


Now you are ready to choose a website theme!


Go to your menu on the left side and click on “Appearance” then on “Themes”.  Once you are on the theme page, click on add new and start browsing.  My suggestion is to look for themes that are responsive, which means that they will look good on any electronic devices.  You want your audience to have complete full access from anywhere.

Once you have found a theme you will need to install and activate it.  If you decide to change the theme later, no worries as your content will not get deleted.  You can change themes as often as you want!  You might have to add additional settings through the theme customize on the menu.


Create 3 Draft Pages


1- Should be related to your domain name.


  • Example:  
  • http://thepowerofathought.com
  • First Page should be:  The Power Of A Thought

2- All About Me


When writing about you, ideally you want to accomplish the following:


  • ♦Connect with your audience by offering a relevant story
  • ♦Have a personal image of you or at the very least, something relevant
  • ♦Tell them why you are interested in helping them in your respective niche
  • ♦Offer them help if they have any questions or comments

Even if the Page is All About You it is really about your audience and how you can connect with them.


3-Privacy Policy


What is a Privacy Policy Page?


“Privacy policy is a statement or a legal document (privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client’s data.”


So in essence, it tells your visitors how you are going to use their data. Although people will likely never read this, it is a requirement to have on your website for many affiliate programs, many PPC networks, and advertising programs like Google Adsense.


I have attached an example of a privacy policy that you can use. Replace your own website URL with the YOURWEBSITE.com text. Don’t forget to replace YOUREMAIL@YOURWEBSITE.com with your own email address.  Click on PrivacyPolicy to see the example.  Feel free to use it!



Click on the logo below to check my post on SiteRubix!


Web builder SiteRubix






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