How To Start Up An Online Business

Start Small Online Business

First, There Are Things To Know Before Starting An Online Business

Starting a small online business can sound like a dream: work at home, set your own hours, be your own boss.

All of this is what most of us want but WARNING:

If you’re considering spending money on an internet business opportunity, think twice! Watch out for those empty promises! Any business that offers guaranteed income, large returns, or a proven system is most likely a SCAM. Those should be RED Flags!

There is no such thing as a sure thing!

Most of those programs that ask you for upfront money to join their so-call proven system will most likely ask you to pay even more after you join, which is called upselling. You can kiss that money goodbye!

So, What exactly is an internet business?

It is just like any other offline business: it requires a solid business foundation. If someone approaches you with an online business opportunity, ask them for detailed information. Be skeptical of anyone that gives you a vague description or how it works. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What would you be selling or doing with that business?
  • How and why would people find and use your website?
  • How will it generate income?
  • What would your expenses be? Can you afford it?

Make sure to answer these questions before you consider paying for any possible business opportunity, no matter how good it sounds. Remember this: “If it is too good to be true, it probably is!”

Don’t Fall For This:

  • It’s a turnkey system
  • We will take care of everything for you

The internet is not a magical place for business. To succeed it takes commitment and hard work just like any business. Profitable “turnkey” businesses DO NOT exist.

With online business technology today, you can initiate your business online, as basically anyone can create a professional-looking website!

Do you agree with me?

Lots of big companies out there lead you to believe that making a professional website will be profitable.   So very wrong.  Your site is one of your tools. The best way to build a site is with search engine keyword ranking.

But let’s run back to “Start Your Business Online,” shall we?

First, ask yourself, “what is your greatest inspiration in life.” Then you will bring those dreams to reality! The opportunities to create something out of your ideas grow at this particular point in time! The creative possibilities are endless.


How to turn an IDEA into REALITY

Dream BIG-Hustle Hard!

Do you have a great idea, are you waiting for one to come in your direction?  That is where the mistake lies.    Any idea is worth it if you devote to seeing it realized.

~Setting out your comfort zone

~Apply knowledge into practice

~Determine your target audience


Get Out Your Comfort Zone:   

People are afraid that by leaving their comfort zone, they will have to face their fear.    Stepping out of your comfort zone is the beginning step to initiate toward building a business. The fear of taking up an online business can be overwhelming.  It is very different from the 9 to 5 world.    So leave your comfort zone, face your fears now then your life will shift.

 Don’t let your dreams die, cast them into ACTION!

Expectations of online income – Why most people fail

Fear Of Failures

Why some people fail when they step out of their comfort zone? Insecurity.  They don’t like to take risks, and they get into business with the “what if.”  This comment is setting you up for failure.

Others will jump in the internet fast lane and get distracted by all those making money online scams like “Get Rich Quick Schemes.”  I have been there, done that!  A word of advice, “What is too good to be true” usually is!

Genuine Online successful businesses take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to be profitable.  You have to treat it like a business and work very hard like any other business!  Building online success will always require work. Run from anyone who promises otherwise.

The Power Of A Thought

You need to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Easy to say but how can I possibly do that???

Here some steps to follow:

-First, you need to decide what you want

-Dream Big…Keep the focus on your dreams…very very important

-You need to set goals outside of the box…something that you have never done before

-Put your dreams into action, meaning write down your goals and objectives with those dreams

-REMEMBER:  Don’t hold back from Fear to Fail

There are also some great tools that can help you to reprogram your subconscious


One of them I would highly recommend because I use it myself is “Quantum “.

With The Quantum Powers Program, you can ‘rewire’ yourself back to your Unlimited Self and tap into the infinite Creative Force that lies within you.

You can:

reprogram the subconscious mindcreate more wealth
reprogram the subconscious mindovercome any limitation
reprogram the subconscious mindcreate multiple streams of income
mind powerdo what you love for a living
reprogram the subconscious mindcreate a business around your passion and much more


Apply knowledge into practice:

In an online business, you can succeed if you treat it as a real business. You have something to offer from your experience.

You have years of experience in something, don’t you?  We all do.  Why not take it to the next level?

Build an online business base on your knowledge.  It does not necessarily mean work-related skill; it can be a hobby, a service….any knowledge.

Determining the target audience:


Bring your idea life means “Getting out your comfort zone.” Now you need vision, structure your site by “Determining target audience,” the direction for your website.

An audience is your niche, a group of people interested in something specific. Those are the people you will be targeting.  The key here is to be precise; you want to be able to talk with your audience; otherwise, you are going to be too broad, and it will be tough.

Are you still with me?  Confusing right?  What do you think so far?  I want to hear from you…use the below comment box here.

Here are a couple of examples:

A group of people interested in babies (audience)

About 1,050,000,000 results (0.86 seconds)

Exactly!  It is not a good choice because it is too BROAD.

A group of people looking for “Tips on potty training=  “Targeted Audience.”

About 729,000 results (0.63 seconds)  much better!

It would be another excellent example of a targeted audience.

People looking for baby things will be accurate in their browser search.  More like

A group of people looking for information on “colic babies”:   This would be a targeted audience… About 658,000 results (0.78 seconds)

A group of people looking for information on “teething babies”:  About 12,800,000 results (0.67 seconds) (Too Broad)

Do you see where I am getting?


So When writing article always keeps this in mind:  

Who, What, Where, Why, How”

Who is my audience?

What are they looking for?

Where online can they get this?

Why do they need this?

How can my offer benefit them?

Turn your passion into online Business by following those four core steps:

Find your interest

Build Your Website Free

Get your Website to show up in search engines

Monetizing Web Traffic $$$

How to achieve success online

Start business

No more 9 to 5 – Activate your passion

Click on the image below for your FREE lesson to help you find your business niche


Step 1 –  Choose an interest – Find your nest:  It’s anything that excites you! Got an idea, a hobby, interest, or even a product that you are passionate about or a pearl of passion wisdom you want to share?  We all have hobbies, and the greatest part is that we can transform it into a significant profitable revenue if it is well marketed online. Starting an internet business is fun when you choose a passion!

Take it to reality!

Success is much more likely to follow too, but you have to work at it!  If you are looking for a Get Rich Quick business, then this is NOT for you! Otherwise, take your dreams and make it happen so you can say:  “No more 9 to 5 life!”  With over 3 billion people online regardless of the topic, you choose you can be successful if you put the time to work it!

Transforming your passion, interest to a high-profit online business will set you up for long-lasting success!

Now that we know what to market (interest) and who to target (audience), we are ready to take the next step!

Let the fun begin!  Ready to a Build Free Business Website with a lot of different themes to choose?

website builder

Pick a Theme

Create your first Page and setting up your page menu

Build your Content with high ranking keywords.  It is the brain of your business.


Follow me to Step 2.  Click Below

Step 2 – Create A FREE Website Now:

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Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you!

Check them out now and get rolling with your online business today!

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40 thoughts on “How To Start Up An Online Business

  1. I am out of my comfort zone right now, so I am looking for a way to say goodbye do the 9 to 5 working ours. I`m going to follow your advise and I´m going to commit to built a successful website. Do you know a legit place where I can learn to do this?

    1. Hi Ruben! Smart choice…Yes I surely do…they are lots of possibility out there but you have to be careful with those Quick Rich Quick, It will take time to build a real profitable one. I can suggest Wealthy Affiliated bit.ly/2ut42bt. They have been around for a very long time. It will show you step by step from building a website to building a successful online business but you have to be prepare to work it

  2. Great article. I’ve wanted to build my own site for quite some time but had no idea how to go about it. You offer a great deal of insightful info that really clears up many of my questions about getting started. Maybe it’s time I take that first step.


    1. Hi Jean, Thanks…Lot of people want to start an online business and have no idea where to begin. Especially with all those scheme out there!
      Stop by any time you are looking for more information as I post almost every day! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

  3. Good read as I just started my own blog. This will help me to better understand what I need to do in order to get some profit from it. I want to convert my hobby – being a labrador owner – into something profitable 🙂 Maybe it sounds a bit selfish, but extra cash helps 🙂

  4. What a nice title: Live your dreams! And yes you can because it al starts with a dream.
    Like you say, take the first step to start and have the courage to step outside your “comfort zone” and believe 100% in your own capacities!
    Great article. Just go for it!

  5. Carole, as a new blogger, I truly appreciate your words of advice. I love the information you shared as it was very informative and realistic. I, too, have fallen prey to those make money in a day scams and I have to say that you are right. You have to put in the work and know what you’re doing in order to move forward. Nice site, by the way. I will keep it bookmarked just in case I have questions as I continue on my journey with my website.

    1. Melanie thank you for your comment. If I can help people from falling for those online schemes with my blog then that would be a +! Those people are so convincing that you will make instant money…..you know you have been there too. The only people that gets rich are the schemers, it’s very sad. No such thing as quick money, you have to work, put the hours as describe on my blog….Thanks for stopping by Melanie and please come visit again as I often post

  6. Hi Carole,

    Great article! I can definitely relate to this post since up to a couple of months ago I was working a 9-5. I had no motivation for what I was doing but at the same time and for a long time I didn’t have the courage to make a significant change in my life. I finally did it and I’m really happy now, but as you mentioned, an online business takes time and lots of dedication. I beleive that’s one of the biggest mistakes people make, when starting an onliness business, they underestimate the effort you need to put into it because it’s not a traditional business. Thanks for the article.

    1. Hi Lidia, Congrat on making your big move and leaving to 9 to 5 world! A business takes a lot of dedication, we must work it to get it off ground. Online or offline a business demands lot of your time. People underestimate because of all those misleading information like “Get Rich Quick”

  7. Dear Carole
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows the cheapest and most effective approach to start up your own business which can grow gradually.
    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Andrey, you are very welcome. I really appreciate your comment and I am looking to see you back here again in the very near future. Anything I can do to help, please let me know!

  8. Hi Carole,

    Great article and your website is fantastic showing the cheapest and most effective approach to start up your own online business, some great ideas and concepts..
    Keep up the great work


  9. I feel so many people have lost out on an online because they chase the future “what if”, a mistake even I made when I found about starting an online business many years ago. I wish I had stuck to it, it would have been quite successful now.

    1. Hi Eric, thanks for your comment. There is so much scam out there that it becomes very difficult to know if this is legit or scam. I myself made the same mistakes. Live and Learn 🙂 It is never too late. Don’t chase the future. Live and feel as you already have your dream and see the BIG change happening

  10. Comfort zone can be a scary place. Many people think that stepping out is scary, but staying in is what should be feared the most. We can use that fear and turn it into action and faith. Then, everything is possible. Thanks for sharing fantastic suggestions for starting an online business. I’ve got one myself and it’s the best decision of my life!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ivan…You know you are absolutely right. I like the way you think….We hear all the time that stepping out of the comfort zone is scary while it could be the other way around as well!

  11. Wow, I feel like a whole new door has opened up! Such an insightful article, this is so useful in helping build an online income outside the 9-5. Thank you!!

  12. You have provided a ton of helpful information here!
    The idea of positive thinking is definitely very powerful.
    I like how you have included so many great videos and I especially like the one with the power of an idea.
    Thanks for a helpful and encouraging post!

  13. Hi Carole,
    I am a 9-5 worker and I’m fighting to get out there to be free financially and in time.
    And as you said so well if you dream it, you can do it.
    I believe in it, and currently, I have my own website that can allow me to reach my dream and this thanks to Wealthy Affiliate that I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to build a successful online business.
    Thank you for this post which is full of useful resource tips.

  14. Great article on sharing this! I definitely love how you break it down in different points how to actually get started with an online business. Also it’s so true on how you stated that many people fear of failure, but it’s actually failure that gets you so much closer to the goal (PS. love that Tony Robbins video!)

    I think when I first started, it was definitely overwhelming too because you need to learn so much and apply everything. As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, it helped make the process a lot easier and eventually made me money. I’m still on this platform for years now and can say it’s definitely one of the best platforms and cheapest in terms of learning how to start an online business.

    For anyone reading this and is on the fence, pick up the free starter membership. You won’t regret it!

    1. Hey partner!  It is always nice to hear from people within the community.  Especially sharing your experience.  I do really appreciate it.  I am glad you are still with us after all those years and more importantly,  you are making money.  🙂 

  15. Its quite a really difficult task getting out of your comfort zone in search of your potentials. But if only you canake that bold step, trust me you will never regret you did. You can actually create your idea into a business all if you can come out of that your comfort zone and here at wealthy affiliate you can become great with your idea and make a fortune from it and here at wealthy affiliate we can help you achieve that.

    1. Indeed, it is not easy to get out of our comfort zone but once you are out there is no comeback.  You wish you would have done it earlier.  There is no better time than right now!  You know it 🙂  Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  16. For me and online business is a goal. I have been into it for quite some time and it’s been very interesting and rewarding. Although an online business requires commitment and consistency but it does really pay. In times like this an online business is really the best option for everyone. A big thanks to you for your beautiful website that shows the cheapest and most effective approach to start up your own business, it will really be a take and helpful to so many. 

    1. I totally agreed with you, it is in time like this that we realize that an online business is the best option!  It is time to hire yourself world!  You won’t be sorry.  let’s get out of this comfort zone!

  17. It’s the time commitment that gets a lot of people who try to start up online businesses. We live in a society where we expect fast and immediate results and in the online game, it doesn’t work that way. However, by dishing out regular, high-quality content, having an engaging site, and always boosting its credibility, the search engines and other users do take notice and you will see more traffic, which in turn means a higher chance for you to earn money.

    It took me a good eight months to make my first decent batch of money and it wasn’t until Month 13 was I earning regular online income, so it’s definitely worth the wait. It’s all about being consistent and building a little more each day. 

    1. It is always nice to hear from a successful online business owner!  I really appreciate you sharing your success with us.  It is absolutely true.  Now would be a good time to start up an online business since we are all locked inside with plenty of time in our hands!  

  18. Everyone trying to start an online business needs to read this piece. There are too many programmes online offering overnight success and people need to be weary of these opportunities. Anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is! 

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to start ones journey of starting a small online business. Their training is top notch and the community is friendly and supportive that you can’t ever get lost because 24/7, there is always someone online to respond to whatever questions one may have.

    1. Hi there!  Thank you for your comment.  Yes, it is getting worse with those work from home opportunities, which most of them are not legit according to FTC.  I got scammed a lot before I discovered Wealthy Affiliate years ago and for a business to still be around since 2005 you have to know that this is a not a scam or FTC would have closed them down.

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