It Works Wrap Review – Scam or Legit

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It Works Wrap Review:  It Works was founded in 2001 by Mark & Cindy Pentecost.  It is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) that sells body wrap and fat fighter supplements. People that joined the program and become distributors are called “Wrapreneurs.”

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While researching on your behalf, I found this interesting lawsuit filed in the Superior Court Of The State Of California County Of Marin, October 28, 2014.  Click here to see the filed court document.

17. It Works has manufactured, distributed and/or sold the Covered Products containing
lead into the State of California. Consumers have been ingesting these products for many years,
without any knowledge of their exposure to lead, a very dangerous chemical.

18. For many years, It Works has knowingly and intentionally exposed numerous persons
to lead, without providing a Proposition 65 warning. Prior to ERC’s Notices of Violation, It Works
failed to provide a warning on the label of the Covered Products. It Works has at all times relevant
hereto been aware that the Covered Products contained lead and that persons using these products
have been exposed to the chemical. It Works’ website repeatedly asserts that the company’s
products are “safe, effective, and grounded in natural, botanical principles”, and that they are
produced from “the highest quality natural ingredients”.

It Works Wrap Review

Name: It Works – Global
Website: myitworks.com
Price: $99.00 plus tax and shipping to join as a distributor
Owners: Mark & Cindy Pentecost
Headquarter: Bradenton, Florida
Inception Date: 2001
Overall Rank: 25 out of 100


It Works, Product Overview

It Works is a Multi-Level Marketing that sells bodywrap and fat fighter supplement products.  To purchase them you have to go through their Independent Distributors Network.  When you become a distributor,  you then are part of the MLM.

The Pros and The Cons

The Pros:

  • Residual Income Opportunity on reordering products
  • Distributors get a replicated website
  • Well established Company (2001)


  • Body Wrap does not work for everyone
  • Results are ONLY temporary
  • Three months commitment or you will get charged $50. Cancellation fees
  • You’re required to spend money as a distributor to qualify for commissions
  • $35 annual fees to renew distributor agreement


Who is It Works Global For?

It Works is not for everybody.  You must be self-motivated and very focus to succeed.

It Works Global Products sold through Distributors 

The Products:

Those products have not been clinically proven or evaluated by the FDA or any regulatory or governmental agency.

  •  Body Wrap a/k/an Ultimate Body Applicator: The company claims that it often starts to produce visible results within as little as 45 minutes, and the active ingredients continue to tone and tighten for up to 72 hours after application.
  • Fat Fighter:   Is supposed to battle of the bulge, balance blood glucose levels and reduce food cravings
  • Green Supplements
  • Weight Management Products Like shakes and energy bars
  • Personal Care Products


How To Become an It Works Distributor

it works - business builder
it works

You must purchase a $99 (plus tax and shipping) Business Builder Kit and sign up for the 80bv Autoship which means you need to purchase or enroll

You will also get your distributor website which is free for the first 30 days, then $20 per month.

It Works Compensation Plan

A distributor is the first level:  You will earn 10% for your first two customers and 5% for each new distributor you sign up.  You will need to purchase the Business Builder Kit or enrolled four customers.

Click here to view the Complete Compensation Plan


It Works Global Support

It Works has a back-office available to all their distributors:  It is called eSuite.  Distributors can watch training videos, access documentation, and so on.

How to use It Works eSuite Video


It Works Global Price

A brief overview of pricing to become an It Works Distributor:


-$99 plus tax and shipping to receiving your Business Builder Kit which includes four wraps.  Upon ordering the kit,  you will have the right to sell their products.  After you paid for your Business Builder Kit, you will get wholesale pricing on the product which can vary between 40-50%.

-Additional $35 annual fees to renew distributor agreement


It Works Complaints

Wate 6 On Your Side ABC News

KNOXVILLE (WATE) — Former Knoxville ‘It Works’ distributor warns others to ‘check the fine print’- Published:   Updated: 

Better Business Bureau

There are 388 Customer Complaints (1) filed with the BBB.  It Works Global has a C+ rating with them.

Ripoff Report

It Works! Body Wraps It Works! Body Slimming, It Works! Global, It Works!, It Works Loyal Customer Program Is A Scam – Beware – Read all the fine print before giving them your Credit Card Information! Grand Rapids, Michigan – Reported by TellingItLikeItIs

To see more complaints Click on the picture below

It Works - ripoff Report
It works


In an article published by “Truth In Advertising,” you can read the following:

The Florida Attorney General has received several complaints against the company, which TINA.org obtained under a Freedom of Information request. Many of the complaints detailed the how difficult it is to cancel orders and obtain refunds.

As of January 2016, It Works Global aka Crazy Wrap Thing had 281 complaints filed with the FTC. Many of the complaints allege, among other things, difficulty contacting the company and problems canceling auto-shipments.

The FDA also has one adverse event reported for It Works aka Crazy Wrap Thing.

My Final Opinion of IT WORKS

My honest opinion is that if you are a newbie in MLM, I will stay away from It Works.  There is a lot of other companies out there that you can earn real passive income, Wealthy Affiliate is one of them.  But if you are looking to make quick money online you will just get scammed as this DOES NOT EXIST my friend!  In any business online or offline you need to work very hard!

IT WORKS GLOBAL at a Glance…

Name: It Works – Global
Website: myitworks.com
Price: $99.00 plus tax and shipping to join as a distributor
Owners: Mark & Cindy Pentecost
Headquarter: Bradenton, Florida
Inception Date: 2001
Overall Rank: 25 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT because they have not been shut down by FTC but …..

Share your It Works Global experience with us either as a distributor or customer.

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18 thoughts on “It Works Wrap Review – Scam or Legit

  1. Wow, I am so glad I found and read your article about “It Works” because last year a friend of mine tried to introduce me to it.

    She had signed up but of today isn’t with them anymore. However, I was always skeptical right from the beginning when she explained all the steps and how it is structured.

    Quite frankly, it was a bit too complicated for me.
    Thanks, for all the extra links I certainly will read them as well.

  2. Hello great and helpful review that will help so many people when it comes to trying this system. There are so many scams that are out there but it is good to know that there are website like yours that are helping people not to fall into these scams.

  3. Hi Carole,

    Thank you for this amazing review for It Works. My neighbor recently joined them and she kept pushing me to join too. I guess I will direct her to your page, Carole.

    Hopefully she will finally stop pushing me… Gosh! Again, thank you Carole. 🙂

    Kenny Wong

  4. Thanks for your research on this. I am always looking for ways to make money, but not really interested in MLM for this very reason. Buyers definitely need to read the fine print on everything before spending money on the “make money fast” schemes.

    1. Thanks for your comment Tiffany! Yep when you see advertising saying Make Quick Money online, run for your life! What is too good to be true, it is! And please please please READ the FINE PRINT!

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I’m not too fond of MLM because the majority of the money goes into the hands of those above you and you literally do all the work.

    Some can be very profitable but ‘It Works’ sounds like ‘This Stinks’

    I stronger dislike companies who have taken advantage of the “ALL NATURAL” market and had made a fool out of us all. Lead? Really? And the 388 complaints and the C++ BB rating? No thanks.

    I’ve dealt with companies who are impossible to get a hold and who make it extremely hard to get your refund. I know that they are teaching their representatives.

  6. Excellent review. I find your content very informative. Had a friend recently join It Works. She was new to MLM and went into with high hopes & big dreams. Unfortunately she learned the hard truth in short order. Think she barely lasted 2 months with it. As you said, it’s not for everyone. But I encourage her to never give up on her dreams. She just has to find the right fit.

  7. Good grief!!
    I tell yah! You learn something new every day. I have never heard of this company before. Thank you, Carole, for taking the time to ‘uncover’ their shady practices.
    You have to be so careful about some of these MLM companies. Checking them on BBB is also a great idea.
    Thanks again.

  8. Thanks for such a great and informative article, I too have been approached by someone trying to build their upline, so glad I did not get caught up with it. You are so right about read the fine print before committing to anything ~ IT Works would not work for me at all !!! Again, thank you for the heads up.

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