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Maybe you’re wanting to build passive income, but you don’t know where to start and don’t know who to trust…So you are trying to find the right way or should I say the right product to create passive income online.



Maybe you want to travel the world and want the freedom that comes from passive income…


Well, you are in the right PLACE!


I research and review a lot of those programs and truthfully many are scams! Most of them charge for their so-called passive income package and it is a complete waste of money!


Which brings me next to Passive Income Sumo. I don’t have to tell you that I expected the same with their passive Income package. But, after researching them, boy was I surprised by my discovery! The system helps People Learn How To Make Passive Income Online. Passive Income Sumo Teaches with is a 12 module training course, 12 different ways to monetize your blog, website, or business.


But first let me go over my findings shall we?


Todd Ramse is the author of Passive Income Sumo.


Who is Todd Ramse?


“Todd Ramse is a serial entrepreneur and a licensor, licensee, creator and distributor of quality information products that add value to businesses and people around the world.” ~ Google


Todd Ramse was born on 08/21/1964.  He presently resides in Brandon South Dakota.  May 5, 2000, Mr. Ramse filed RAMSE MARKETING GROUP, INC. with the State of South Dakota AND still in good standing today.


In 2008, Todd Ramse also founded Page1Rank.com which is still active.


September 7, 2018, he published a book “Passive Income Sumo”.  Live your ultimate dream. Make money while you sleep. Your brighter future starts with you. You’re About To Discover 4 Proven Ways To Set Up Passive Income Streams To Bring In More Money For Your Business this year & beyond!


What is Passive Income Sumo?


Passive Income Sumo - Learn the steps
Passive Income Sumo


Passive Income Sumo is a system of 12 modules put together by Todd Ramse that teaches you how to create a passive income stream.  You can use his system with your present business to make it grow.  You don’t have to use all the 12 modules, it is up to you to decide how far you want to take your business.  For me, personally, I use his system with


Here’s why you’re going to LOVE Passive Income Sumo


If you’re ready to start making profits from your passions, then Passive Income Sumo is ready to help you achieve your goals!


You’re About To Discover 12 Ways To Set Up Passive Income Streams To Bring In More Money For Your Business In 2019 & Beyond!


Here’s what you’ll get with these 12 modules:


Passive Income Sumo - 12 different Ways to earn
Passive Income Sumo



*You’ll discover 12 surefire ways to turn a one-time setup into regular orders that flow in for months or even years to come!


*You’ll get the marketing strategies that are working right now! No fluff, no outdated methods, no junk!


*You’ll discover how to build your business in the absolute simplest, yet most effective (and profitable!), way possible!


*You’ll get business-building information and marketing strategies that will work in ANY niche!


*Passive income lets you leave the “dream lifestyle.”


*Passive income gives you the freedom to make more money


Passive Income Sumo consists of 12 modules.


Each module focuses on a specific method that you can use to generate passive income for your online business.

You don’t need multiple websites or businesses. All of these methods can be used on the SAME website.


Module 1:

The Monthly Membership System

In short – you’re going to find out how to create membership content that puts a profit in your pocket and keeps your customers coming back for more. Plus, you’ll find out how to mine the gold that lays hidden in the back end of your membership site!

Passive Income Sumo - Create membership site
Passive Income Sumo


Module 2:

The Evergreen Email System


Module 3:



Module 4:

The Lead Magnets L.I.C.E.N.S.E. System


Passive Income Sumo - Passive monthly module
Passive Income Sumo


Module 5:

The Profitable System For Selling RESELL Rights


Module 6:

The UDEMY Passive Income System


Module 7:

The KINDLE Success System


Module 8:

The Profitable AFFILIATE Program System


With this module you will learn how to set up affiliated marketing. I love this part. I use it in conjunction with my Wealthy Affiliate business and it works SUPER! Stop it right there… Don’t think that affiliate marketing will make you millions overnight. You have to put time and effort. Besides, working hard to build your business has its reward! You are not making your boss richer, you are growing your wealth! 🙂


Module 9:

The Hands-Free COURSE Publishing System


Module 10:

The System to SELL WordPress Accessories


Module 11:

The Passive Income SERVICE System


Module 12:

The Quick And Easy STORE Setup System



Passive Income Sumo - Make money while you are sleeping
Passive Income Sumo


My Conclusion:


If you are really serious about your online business, I would recommend signing up with Wealthy Affiliate first. It is FREE so you have nothing to lose. You can also take advantage of FREE Classes they offer. Then, when your business is up and running you can use the Todd Ramse system “Passive Income Sumo” I did that and It is SUPER.


If you do have an online business, by all means just jump right in with “Passive Income Sumo.” Follow exactly the system and watch your business grow!


If you have any questions please feel free to use the comment box and I will be happy to help!




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18 thoughts on “Passive Income Sumo

  1. This was a very interesting article. Many people are looking to create a passive income. I love that you are debunking many of the scams, and finding quality programs for people to use. Passive Income Sumo sounds like a high quality program. As with anything in life, if you put in the work, you can achieve a great result. I also agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great training program. Thank you!

    1. Hi Isabelle, thank you for your comment! Indeed Passive Income Sumo is an excellent program. I also use it with my Wealthy Affiliate business. I can definitely say that it helps it to grow. The author Todd Ramse is a genius!

  2. Passive Sumo Income definitely looks packed full of info with a number of diverse topics. There are so many different income models and it seems like this covers a lot of interesting ones like how to make membership sites, using Udemy and Kindle. Usually, from what I have seen, you would have to normally purchase individual courses for these, from separate people.

    1. Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by. I am assuming you are looking to make money online or growing your present business! Yes you are right, there is 12 different income models. You can use one or all of them, it depends how aggressive you want to be with building your stream line. When you purchase the system (book) you have access to the 12 different model. Hope this help!

  3. I have to say, this article was very interesting. I’ve never heard of Passive Income Sumo before so thanks for the new information! I also like how you provided a healthy amount of information pertaining to the main topic. It was thorough enough to understand without any confusion. I like the look of your blog and LOVED the shout out to WA at the end. Good job, Carole!

    1. Thanks guys! I really appreciate your comment! This is a great system. You don’t have to use all the modules. But the more you use the more you will make. My suggestion is to try one at the time!

    1. Hi Renae, thanks for your comment! Yes indeed Todd Ramse did an excellent job explaining his 12 modules system. It is a very good system!

  4. Now that crowd sourced blog system part is very intriguing. I am interested in this product for that reason alone. I do have a “crowd sourced” thing going on with a site that I own where I do pay contributors a fair share of the advertising revenue gained for that post on a 50/50 basis. Regular contributors that have created quality content and a lot of it are reaping $200+ for..doing zero!

    Crowd sourced is a great way to go a certain Anita Huffington is making millions from that!.

    1. Hi Derek, thank you for the comment! I agreed with you here with “Crowdsourced” We all know that running a blog can be a huge time consuming. That’s why I love Module 3 of Passive Income Sumo. Todd Ramse teaches you how to get other people to create your content for FREE!

  5. Looking at the 12 different programs, you can use several to add to a blog that is already seeing some traffic. Trying more than one at a time would be very difficult to see results.
    Do you think a website that does not have a niche in the MMO line could still use the Affiliate program module.

    1. Hi John, thanks for your comment! Yes I agree with you. Trying one at a time would be the best way to go. They key here is to be precise, you want to be able to talk with your audience otherwise you are going to be too broad, and it will be tough. I hope this answers your question. 🙂

  6. That SUMO passive income is completely new for me but sounds very interesting. I will certainly scan through it. Thanks for that information!

    1. Hi George! Thanks for your comment! Passive Income Sumo by Todd Ramse is a very good system of 12 different modules. You can use all of them or just some. Of course, the more module you use, the more income you will generate 🙂

  7. Hi Carole, i’m glad that i have a read about this informative post. Many people are seeking ways to achieve financial freedom through online business. And great supportive platform and solid training is one of the keys for success. I’m already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and i have learn a lot from this platform. For a totally internet newbie to a guy has his own online business, that is amazing! This is the first time i heard Passive Income Sumo. I’m interested in some of the modules. I will look more into it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Shaun! Thanks for your comment. I guess congratulations are in order…from a newbie to your own online business! Wealthy Affiliate is one the best platform so far! I have been there and done that….The web is scrawling with scams! You can also use Passive Income Sumo to generate more income with your present online business. It works very well together!

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