Residual Income Streams

Is there anything better than waking up in the morning and see that you have earned money while you were sleeping?


Well, my friends, this is possible and I am leaving proof.  It is called Residual Income Streams, some people might call it Passive income.


I don’t know about you but I have been skeptical for years, with good reasons.


I’ve been trying different online programs and they all turned out to be scams. I lost lots of money..


I eventually got tired of these so-called great profit-making investment companies that promised growth in your financial investment even by investing as little as $10, $20, or $50. These companies would take people’s hard-earned money making them believe within the next few months they will come out with a great financial profit.  I was a victim of too many of these schemes until I came across Residual Income Streams.


Let me tell you, this totally changed my life!



What Is Residual Income


Residual Income also known as passive income is the income that keeps coming after doing a one-time-task. For example, selling membership online.  Every year when a person renews that membership you will earn residual income from it. Residual income is a very good key to building your wealth.


Why is it so good? Once that residual income is on place with a strong platform, you will then enjoy the $$$$ 🙂 Remember, you don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.  Start working on several different Residual Income so you can enjoy multiple streams of income.


Residual income is the smartest business you can get involved with versus any dream job.

You can do a residual income from anything you like or you are good at.


Building Your Residual Income


What are the types of residual income?


1-  Here is a way you can build a residual income:  You can make your own product like writing your own ebook, CD, DVDs, courses or any other thing you are good at and built a site for that product then you can put your product at affiliate networks like ClickBank, Affiliate Junction, or Amazon. This is one way of enjoying the residual income.  You can even earn multiple passive income streams by making other products.


eBook - write your own ebook



2- Promote other people’s products. Of course, it is better to choose a product with recurring fees. But, you can do fine with a one-time-purchase-product if you write a good review that ranked highly in search engines. It will convert sales while doing nothing.


More residual Income Ideas:


Build a mobile phone app

Make videos and put them on YouTube

Create a content-rich blog using a good keyword tool generator and put ads on it


Making Your Own Product


Design and Create a Product Tutorial

Wealthy Affiliate - Free online Classes

Wealthy Affiliate


    • 1- Assuming you already decided on the product you will make, write about your product.
    • 2- First, draft a blueprint with the order of chapters, then, come up with a good book title that is related to your product and has a strong keyword value for search engines.
    • 3- Build a simple website easy to navigate for your product and get an email list and auto-responder like Aweber.
    • 4- Now it is time to get a nice book cover
    • 5-Keep in mind the monthly and yearly fees for your website and other costs like auto-responder, affiliate commission, etc when pricing your book.
    • 6- All done!  Not bad right?  Of course, you can always freelance to Fiverr or other Freelancers.
    • 7- Keep in mind your website design and content are very important.

You Can’t Make Your Own Product? – No Problem



Let’s assume you already know which things you like to start your residual income with, so here is what you will need:


  • -A website with a domain name related to your niche.
  • -You will also need the email list.  This will help you a lot.
  • -Then, start searching for products.  Chose a recurring one that you like – it is better as a beginner.  Then write about them.
  • -After that, it will be time to promote: search for the top reviews and try to know why these reviews are ranked highly, which will help you to get your review on the first page too.  Make it a goal!
  • -Write your own content about that product on your website, then add some affiliate links, like this you will create multiple residual stream income, that is what you are looking for.
  • -Sell your ad spots, put Adsense, use email lists to get more sales.
  • -Think about your audience’s needs and not how much money you will be making, otherwise, you will set yourself up for failure!


Now, Let’s assume that you have no idea which product you would like to market for your residual income:


Click on the picture below to get some help on finding your niche to market


Niche - Find a Niche Market



I hope that this will help you understand Residual Income Stream!


As always, I am here to answer any questions you may have


Wishing you lots of success






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