Sell My Crafts Online – Show Me How!

Hi there! You have lent to my site because you want to learn how to sell your crafts online, am I correct?

Great! My name is Carole, and I have to admit that you probably know more than me about crafts. Honestly, I don’t have much expertise, but what I know besides crafts can undoubtedly benefit you! I know how to “Sell Stuff Online“!

For the past 9 years, I have been helping a lot of people create a successful online business in many different areas including crafts!


To be honest with you, Crafts are easy to sell online when you market it correctly with the right tools!  As a matter of fact, throughout my years of experience, I found it to be easier than offline.  Think about it…you have a much bigger audience than only your local customers, not to mention the rental space that you have to pay to expose your crafts or the cut that a merchant gets if you sell them.

What if I could show you a way to bypass all of that and connect with an audience willing and ready to buy your crafts?

Ok Carole, are you for real???

Absolutely! This is what the internet can do for you! Let me show you …

You stumbled upon this page because you are looking for ways to sell your crafts online, am I right? You are looking to get exposure to sell and earn a living. Right again?

Yes, that is precisely the purpose of why I am here Carole! Do you think you can help me with that?

Absolutely! Well, I will not personally sell your crafts, but I will show you THREE simple steps to follow to get the exposure and on top of that, I will also give you some insight into how YOU can sell your crafts online!

OK  here we go:

THREE Simple Steps to Selling Your Crafts Online:

Step 1:  Set up A Website for Your Crafts!

That is the first thing you will need.  This will allow you to engage with your potential customers and will act like the most interactive “Crafts Shop” in the world.

It will take you to a whole different level, allowing you to engage people in your crafts and to talk about your it with them. It will also build yourself as an authority online and of course, sell your crafts!

Guess What?

Did you know you can get some awesome websites for entirely FREE? I use for 2 reasons: First, it is FREE and SECOND: It takes 10 minutes to have a professional site up, running and ready to sell your crafts!


If you already got an idea for your initial website you can get started on building your site as soon as … NOW, and remember, get it up and running for FREE.

Besides being a fully functional website, it gives you access to Wealthy Affiliate, a community that will train you and help you with your crafts promotions online.

Start right NOW building your website using the tool below that will tell you if your free domain name is available.


Step 2:  Getting Traffic!  Which mean getting your Crafts Exposed! 🙂

You can be the best Craft Artist in the world, but you have to agree with me that without any traffic, real people to see your work, your chances to sell are ZERO to NONE!


OK, Now it is GREAT! You have a nice Site for your business, but you are in no better position that is why the very first thing you should do after you have your website is:

 “Get Yourself Training On How To Get Traffic Within The Online World.”







No Exposure VS Internet Exposure

2018 Statistic Alert:  As of June 2018 there are 3.95 Billion Internet Users in the world AND in 2017, 1.66 billion people purchased something online.

As you can see, your Craft Business can get amazing exposure online, something that you would never be able to achieve offline. Remember this: Creating a strong foundation is a must to succeed! So, your foundation is your website for selling your Craft and your traffic is going to be the audience that buys your Craft.

I understand that Carole, but where is the training you were talking about and will I have to pay for this training???

OK OK, here we go 🙂

Most likely if you are in Step 2, that means you already set-up your Site, right? You will need to complete the first step in order to gain access to the Wealthy Affiliate community which is WHERE your FREE training start! This is included with your website.

Now get this, if you already have a website for your business and you want to keep it, no worries, you can still get the FREE training on how to get traffic, by directly signing to the website. How cool is that?


Step 3: Keep your Online Craft Business on Track……

Always get help if you need it, it is very important to progress and grow!

There are always experts in the online world ready to lend a helping hand. If you have any questions about promoting your Craft Business or questions about getting more exposure, help is there for you 24/7/365.

Successful entrepreneurs from all over the world within the Wealthy Affiliate Community can answer any question from getting traffic to building your site!

Here is a screenshot of the Wealthy Affiliate Community Helping!


Got Questions About Selling Your Crafts?

Please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment area below. I am always a click away and I normally answer within hours, at least I try 🙂 Let’s get you up and running online so you can have a successful and profitable Crafts Business!

To Your Online Success!