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Web builder SiteRubixWhat is Site Rubix Website Builder?

Site Rubix Website Builder is the easiest site builder for beginners or anybody.  With Site Rubix Website Builder you can be up and be running in no time and the best part is you don’t have to deal with the crazy technical aspect of building a website!

Site Rubix Website Builder is powered by Wealthy Affiliate which provides you with training, support, and tools to turn your creation into something truly valuable.  Building a strong foundation for success starts with the best easy website builder. From getting ranked in Google, to earning revenue from your website to advertising your site on Facebook, it’s all included when you build your site at Site Rubix Website Builder.

SiteRubix - website builder

Best Platform to build a website.  Turning your passion into a profitable online business has never been that easy with 1000’s professionally designed website themes to choose from.

Have you ever been in the middle of something and you needed help?  I know I did. Isn’t it awful?  You are stocked and cannot move forward! The most difficult aspect of building a business online is getting help when you need it. Getting help in a timely matter, less frustration is what you will get! The community that truly cares and will be there for you all day, every day.

You can ask for feedback on your website from experienced Internet entrepreneurs. There is nothing better than having friendly people available to help you at each step of the way. You are not alone with Site Rubix and the Wealthy Affiliate community in your corner!

Infinite Website Feature:

Responsive and Mobile Ready!

As much as 50% of web browsing happens on tablets and mobile phones, all of which have different screen sizes. SiteRubix builds websites that are responsive and adapt to any screen size. If you do not have a responsive and mobile-ready website, you are missing out on as much as 50% of potential visitors having a great experience on your site.

This is a snapshot of all the functions within SiteRubix

SiteRubix - build a website

Site Manager: Access to all your websites. This is where you get access to post your content

This includes also Site Health, keeping track of what you need to work on to improve your site.

Here is what the Health site looks like!  On this Particular site, you can see that improvement is needed.

SiteRubix - healthy site builder

SiteRubix Platform runs on WordPress.org.  Wordpress.org allows you to do place ads and affiliate links on your site so you can monetize vs WordPress.com you cannot do that.  People who just want to blog most likely will be happy with WordPress.com but the one that is looking to build an online profitable business will just not make it with WordPress.com

Since SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate you will be provided with 100% FREE hosting on 2 of your Website when you sign up for Starter membership with  WA. Later if you want to upgrade to a premium member you will get FREE hosting on up to 25 Websites!!!


You don’t put all your eggs in the basket!  Since it is powered by Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to their online training and 24/7 live support within the community so you can focus on building a strong successful online business.  In my opinion, this is a win-win!

Questions?  No problem I have the answers and if not leave a question or a comment in the box below!

How much does SiteRubix will charge me if I use their platform?

As mentioned above SiteRubix is power by Wealthy Affiliate.  It is part of your Starter Membership with them.  You can have your website done in minutes with over 1000 templates to choose from.  Then you can start building your business by adding keywords contents.   With your “Starter” membership you get two free websites, including training and support to get your website up and running!

Will I have my own domain name or a provider?

It will be a provider name and it will look like this “yourwebsitename.siterubix.com”.  Choose your website name, create your started account, install your site, and voila!

Will I be able to get my own domain name or I have to use the provider one?

You can get your own domain name at any time after you become a Premium member.  You will be able to move your website provider to your own domain name. Some people like wait to get their feet wet, meaning they want to build some content before getting their own name, some get it right away, and some stay with the provider.  We already went through the pros and cons of having your own name vs provider name.

After I do all that, will my website show up right away online?

Just a few seconds after creating your Site with Site Rubix Website Builder.  No worries about being a programmer, nor a web designer, not even a domain registration.  You are live!  Now let us not get confused here.  Being live and show up with google index is 2 different things.  It can take up to 10 days for Google to find your site.

Wealthy Affiliate - Make money with your passion
Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Wealthy Affiliate was created as an initiative to help other people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson ( Founders) had already experienced success. Since 2005, the platform at WA has continued to evolve and innovate at a pace that is faster than the industry.

  • WA is a life-long learning tool and support network for online workers and genuine online, independent businesses.  Wealthy Affiliate University isn’t an MLM nor a scheme.
  • SiteRubix is part of Wealthy Affiliate Training.  WA provides you with a free Starter Account when you build your website with SiteRubix.  You are also getting support, training, coaching, and website tools.  

Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Business Starts with a Beautiful Website!

Lesite buildert’s build your website now!  You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.  Click on the Web Design Globe on the left to get started.

If you have any questions with regards to SiteRubix or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below!

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14 thoughts on “Site Rubix Website Builder – Best Platform To Build A Website

  1. Hello Carole,

    Thanks for this article about SiteRubix, the best website builder and platform ever that anyone can consider. And with all the training available, they make it very easy to get your website set up in just some few seconds and running.

    What I like about this platform is the support that you’ll get when you sign up to join them. Anytime you’re in need, there is always someone ever ready to help you, thereby making things very easy for you.

    And I will recommend this platform to all who are interested in building their own successful online business website and who wants to make some money online.

    Thanks for this article.

    1. Stephen Thanks for the comment!  It is actually a confirmation of my post!  It is in deed the greatest platform!  I myself took advantage of the support and the best part they are NOT 9 to 5 🙂 Support is there for you 24/7!

    1. Hi Lawrence, my pleasure! It is so easy to talk the truth. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn and build your online success. After a decade of trying those online scheme I finally found my home! A big thanks to Kyle an Carlson owners of WA! Come back for a visit Lawrence!

  2. Hello Carol

    A great post, provides all the step by step information for new users. With this website I can see anyone easily being guided towards the right path. WA is no doubt a great community, you are right it feels awesome when you can rely on just your work without worrying about other technical issues that are taken care off and plus reliable members out there who are always willing to help. Thank you for sharing.

    Best Regards

    1. Hello Raman, I appreciate your comment about my post. With all the schemes out there I wanted to show people they are still good opportunities out there and WA happens to be one of them if you are willing to work!
      Thanks again

  3. Hi Carole, I love the SiteRubix platform that Wealthy Affiliate offers. I know that a lot of platforms make you code your website. I can’t even imagine how stressful that would be for me, and thanks to the SiteRubix platform, all I need to worry about is writing quality content. It truly gives you an achievable path to success in the most simplistic way possible.

    1. Hi Jacob!  That is why I myself love it too.  It is so easy to use, no coding….you just write your article and you are done!  Thanks for your comment….

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for an informative post on Site Rubix website builder.

    I’ve been building site rubix website builder for 4 years now and whenever I create a new site, I do it with a siterubix site. Site rubix is a great tool for Wealthy Affiliate members to get started with.

    For those who are new to Wealthy Affiliate and maybe just want to try out things before they go all in can create a siterubix website that is actually fully optimized even without a custom domain name.

    But great thing is it’s so simple to use and any beginner will learn easily.

    Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Lorenz, I really appreciate you sharing your experience with Site Rubix!  Indeed Site Rubix is really easy to use and the beauty is that you do not need to know coding to use it.  It makes it so much easier.  Anyone can build with Sit Rubix!

  5. Really nice fact on site Rubix wen builder, What I like about this platform is the support that you’ll get when you sign up to join them. Anytime you’re in need, there is always someone ever ready to help you, thereby making things very easy for you.As a new online user inspiring to own your own domain website, wealthy affiliate is a nice platform to get your own website created and I will recommend this platform to all who are interested in building their own successful online business website and who wants to make some money online…trust me you will definitely get all you need to know about online business on the platform at a very minimal cost…

    1. Hi Evans!  I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us!  What I do like about Site Rubix is that anyone can build a website.  It used to be so complicated with coding but now they make it easier on people.  

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