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Greeting Guys and welcome to my Six Figure Mentors Reviews.  This is my honest, insightful and hopefully the most thorough Six Figure Mentors Reviews.

This is how it started:  Back in August 2010 two online marketers, Stuart Ross and Daniel Wagner, joined forced and launched Six Figure Mentors. It didn’t take long for them to notice that the system was not working like anticipated, members were not making money. These guys went back and restructured their system so that their members could succeed online.

Stuart Ross and Daniel Wagner co-founders


November 25, 2015, they founded a Foreign Limited Liliabity Company called Digital Experts, LLC.  There are six trademarks owned by the company that goes by the name of Digital Experts LLC.

The trademarks on file for companies that go by the name of Digital Experts LLC are Digital Experts Academy, Awakeupcall, Digital Experts Academy, Sfm, Sfm Sixfigure Mentors, and Sixfigure Mentors.

There are lots of reviews out there that are not reporting Six Figure Mentors co-founders correctly.  Jay Kubassek is NOT the co-founder of Six Figure Mentors.  Click here to see Jason “Jay” Kubassek LinkedIn Resume.  Click here to see Stuart Ross LinkedIn Resume.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are co-founders of Digital Experts Academy. They created the company in 2012.  It even says on their website under “Our Team” tab.

They incorporated “Digital Experts Academy” (DEA) to “Six Figure Mentors” (SFM) to provide members with training.

Six Figure Mentors Reviews SFM

Name: Six Figure Mentors
Price: $297 enrollment then $97.00/month, plus upsells, $25 Application Fee
Owners: Digital Experts, LLC
Inception Date:  August 2010
Overall Rank:  30 out of 100

SIX FIGURE MENTORS, Product Overview

Six Figure Mentors is a platform that teaches you about affiliate marketing and the steps to follow to earn money online. SFM also has an Affiliate program so you can promote and make a commission from it.

Six Figure Mentors Findings

This company goes by 3 different Trademark name:

  1. SFM Trademark application was filed 02/07/2017
  2. SFM SIXFIGURE MENTORS Trademark application was filed 02/07/2017
  3. SIXFIGURE MENTORS Trademark application was filed 02/07/2017

Click here to view the document from the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Digital Expert, LLC was established as a Limited Liability Company under the Law of the State of Delaware October 17, 2012. See Document here 

May 25, 2015, JAY KUBASSEK (reported in the following document as being the President of Digital Experts, LLC) registered Digital Experts Academy as a Trademark. See Document here

Digital Experts, LLC who is now the owner of SIX FIGURE MENTORS, is also a Foreign Limited Liability Company filed with the New Jersey State, November 25, 2015, with a business address of 42 Kemp Avenue,  Fair Haven, New Jersey.  If you want to search the New Jersey State, Business Name Search click here

Digital Experts, LLC

Now take a look here at the Trademarks for Digial Experts, LLC, There are 6 trademarks either applied for or owned by companies that go by the name of Digital Experts LLC.

The trademarks on file for companies that go by the name of Digital Experts LLC are Digital Experts Academy, Awakeupcall, Digital Experts Academy, Sfm, Sfm Sixfigure Mentors, and Sixfigure Mentors.

Turns out that the address used to registered Digital Experts, LLC is the private home of JAY KUBASSEK who is reported to be co-founded of Digital Experts Academy with STUART ROSS.

This picture was taken from Zillow Site:  Click here

42 Kemp Avenue,  Fair Haven, New Jersey

Six Figure Mentors

When I ran a 411 address search this is what I got:

Six Figure Mentors

Let us take a look at the other address reported on all of their other businesses, shall we?

228 Park Ave S # 11107, New York, NY 10003:

It is a New York Virtual Office which means it provides address (and sometimes communication) services for a fee, without providing dedicated office space:  Click here

WOW!  Look at this:  As of July 2013, JAY KUBASSEK, Inc. of Fair Haven, NJ is on the Corporations Forfeited with the State Of Kansas.  View Document here.   (page 37)

When a state government labels a corporation as “forfeited,” that’s bad news. A forfeited corporate entity loses its right to operate in that state.

Carbon Copy Pro is another company that was filed February 5, 2005, by its owner,  (REGISTRANT) JAY KUBASSEK, INC. A KANSAS CORPORATION.  Carbon Copy Pro was canceled November 6, 2015. View Document here.

During its existence, Jay Kubassek incorporated Digital Experts Academy and was promoting it within Carbon Copy Pro.  After Carbon Copy Pro died, he redirected its visitors to Six Figure Mentors to promote Digital Experts Academy!

Jay Ross

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

The Pros and The Cons

The Pros:

  • Free Affiliate Program
  • 30 Days Free Trial
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Affiliate Link and Sale Page Ready to Go


The Cons:

  • Upsells
  • High Monthly Cost
  • Should provide Free training instead of $25 a month
  • Application Fee
  • Really push on Selling their Products
  • No Web Hosting
  • Need a credit card to sign up for your FREE Trial


Six Figure Mentors is mainly for anyone wanting to build an online business, from newbies to advanced marketers.

SIX FIGURE MENTORS Business System Features

Tools and service:  

Digital Business Lounge:

An easy-to-use platform that lets you quickly create beautiful websites/blogs with the benefit of offering all the Internet marketing tools required under one roof. There’s nothing to download or install.

Lead Capture Page:

Ready-to market lead capture page,  you can create, edit and publish your lead page without any time-consuming coding or design work required.

Graphix Creator:

A powerful application that will enable you to create a rich cover for any eBook or digital product of yours. It doesn’t take more than five minutes to create a cover from scratch.

Simple Trakk:

Track your marketing efforts with just a few clicks and without any complicated set-up or technical skills required. This includes split tests and complete funnel tracking capabilities.



Six Figure Mentors Training

Training Library (marketing training, specific tactics, broken down by experience level)

Complimentary DBL Premium Membership ($67/mo value)

Step-by-step Digital Business System setup and training modules

Access to private Community Site

Multiple weekly live training webinars

Live event eligibility (events held multiple times throughout the year in US, UK, and AUS


Six Figure Mentors is costly. You will find below the cost breakdown. Before anything else, you must pay the application fee of $29.95

SFM Pricing

To succeed you pretty much have to be part of all so, get your wallet ready to contribute to their wealth, not yours!

FREE 30 days membership trial period:  Then if you decide to keep your membership you will be charged $25.00,  and you will be classified as a student.   That will give you a very basic membership.

WARNING:  In order to sign up for your FREE trial you need to give them your credit card information!!!!

Mandatory Application Fee:      $29.95
Essential Membership:  $297.00 plus monthly payments of $97.00

Elite Membership:  $2,500.00 a year – Must purchase Essential Membership first.  This is the top end membership.

DEA= Digital Experts Academy

Silver:  $2,500
Gold:   $8,000
Platinum:  $11,000
Black:  $20,000

Below is the full pricing of the program including the add-on:

SFM Pricing


My Final Opinion of SIX FIGURE MENTORS

Six Figures Mentors claims that they will teach you how to make money online as an affiliate marketing by selling you their products so you can sell them to new members.  It sounds like an MLM to me. I don’t need to take their expensive classes to be successful. I can give you my recipe for success for FREE right now.

Find a niche market that works for you, something which you are passionate about and knowledgeable. You will need to create a website with quality content and affiliate link. You CANNOT generate traffic and make money with a duplicate all done for you affiliate page, and foremost Google DO NOT like that!

Based on my findings I DO NOT recommend this program.  Put your credit card away as with the recommendation I am about to suggest you right now you will not need it. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


Name: Six Figure Mentors
Price: $297 enrollment then $97.00/month, plus upsells, $25 Application Fee
Owners: Digital Experts, LLC
Inception Date:  August 2010
Overall Rank:  30 out of 100



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  1. Denee


    Wow! Thank you so much for a very thorough review! Definitely more information than given by most other reviews of SFM.
    Just curious, but have you heard of anyone successful in their program?

    • Reply

      Hi Denee! Thanks for your comment. There is a lot of fake reviews so it is hard to really find out about real success, but based on the complaints I saw from people I am not so sure about success with SFM

  2. Reply

    Wow, good review! I have come to the same conclusion as you. Hopefully this review will save money for many people.

    • Reply

      Thanks for your comment Marika! I am glad you asked me about them so I could do a review on that business and help people in making a decision about joining them! I welcome any request for reviews 🙂

      • Reply

        Oh, I’m just happy I could help a little. It is you, who have put in a lot of work in this review. 🙂 I didn’t know even half of it before. Thanks for creating this post.

  3. Reply

    Wow! That is a really thorough review of six figure mentors! I would never have thought to look that deeply into them. Great review! I’m probably not going to buy their program after reading this review.

    • Reply

      Hello Melinda and thanks for your comment! I am glad you like my review. There are always 2 parts in a reviews, the founders and the business :-). I just want to help people on making their decision!

  4. Reply

    Hello and thanks for sharing, this program dose seems to be good but the downside is the amount of monies that one has to payout, wealthy affiliate do offer a better program.

    • Reply

      Hi Norman! Thanks for stopping by and comment on my post! I kind of agree with you here: expensive program to help building the founders wealth and as for Wealthy Affiliate in deed they offer better program and training

  5. Reply

    This is really a great review with a ton of information! I had not heard of Six Figure Mentors before, but am always looking for ways to make money from home. I see that this will not be one of them for me. First, you have shown that it really might be a little scammy. Then there is the cost! Wow, $25 for training and all the other costs. I bet everything about this site is fake. I hope others can find this information and know to steer clear!

    • Reply

      Well thanks for the comment on my review Matts Mom! I have not heard about this program either until someone asked me about them. I welcome review request! I hope I can help people on saving $$$ and make the right decision with my reviews!

  6. Reply

    Great review, Carole… thanks for the heads up on this company/companies! Sounds pretty much like a scam to me. It’s never a good sign when companies consistently change their names and re-incorporate under new names…So glad I found WA!

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