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I know what you think 🙂  How can it be possible to spot online scam before falling for it?

Remember this, “when it is too good to be true, it probably is.” Here is a perfect example of an online scam:

Start making money right away! I will help you and give you everything you need to succeed. Sign up now for a one time fee of $34.95, and you will be on your way to making six figures a year!

I am sure you came across something similar to this if you were looking for a way to make money online.

Online Scam









Let’s go over some easy ways you can spot online scam

How can you identify an online scam before getting involved in the transaction?

I have some tips below that will help you that will help you spot online scam.

  • When you are interested in making an online purchase make sure to know the value of the item. Do some research before buying. If you see that there is a considerable discount compared to other same things you found, try to find out why and if there is no justifiable reason then that is a significant sign of a scam. If the item is used, damaged, etc. then it is evident that it will be cheaper.


  • Is the seller is pressuring you to buy?
    If a seller is giving you a bunch of reason why this item needs to move quickly, it might be a sign of a scam attempt.
    Never move your transaction outside of the website you are buying from, as most likely you will be scammed.

Rule No. 1:

If the company requires you to pay money upfront it is almost always a scam.

Rule No. 2:

If the company promise that you will become rich like almost overnight, that is a scam. Scammers know that most of us dream of being rich very quickly without having to move a finger, so they use that against us by telling us that our dreams can come true if we do what they say! That is where our emotions take over our logic!

Rule No. 3:

Ask yourself if they are trying to help you or their pocket? Not too many people want to help a stranger from the goodness of their heart, they want your upfront money so they can move on to the next bait!

Spot Online Scam Websites

How do you check if a website is a scam?

If you are not sure about the legitimacy of e-commerce site, there are a few steps you can take.

  • Google Browse Safe Report:  Type the company URL into the check site status box and Google will give you a report about the danger level of this particular site.

This video will show you the easy way to check a website’s credibility so you can easily avoid scammers.

I also found another way to Spot Online Scam Websites by using Scamfoo. That site will help you identify scam websites and fake online business!

How to Spot A Fake PayPal Website or Email

Remember this: PayPal email always use your first and last name, and their website always starts with “https”.

Do you know what the “s” means? It stands for “secure”. If you come across a spoof account, you can report it to PayPal at

How to Spot an Apple ID Phishing Attempts

What is the meaning of phishing:

Phishing is an email or website that attempts to fraudulently get personal information from you, in this case, your Apple ID, password and/or credit card information. It appears to be legit, but it’s not.

Be aware, never send your credit card information, account passwords, or any personal information. Companies will never solicit such information from customers by email.

Apple strongly recommends to you report a suspicious email to them

Be Aware Of These Scammers!

Facebook Scams Friend Request!

Craiglist Scam

So you want to sell on Craiglist?

One of the biggest RED flags is that as a seller the scammer will offer you more money than the listing price! This scenario is very popular with Craiglist. Offer you more money and ask for some in return.


“I can’t come over and take a look because I have something I need to finish at work. Since the item’s still up for sale, please email me your details (full name, contact address, email and phone number), so that I can issue the payment via cashier’s check. I’ll also arrange for the pickup.”

The person will send you a cashier’s check for too much purposely. They then will ask you to reimburse the additional amount!” Guess what? The cashier’s check is a fake!

A Scammer will always find a good reason why they cannot meet with you. That is a big RED flag.  Their goal is to get you to act without thinking about it.

EBay Scam

EBay Buyer Scams – What To Do As A Seller?

If you are a seller on EBay, I strongly recommend that you watch this video tips.  It will show you how to spot scam buyers!


Where to Report Scams?

Did you spot a business or an offer that sounds like an illegal scheme or fraud? BBB (Better Business Bureau) encourages you to help them investigate and help others by reporting it.

Well, how would I do that?

BBB Scam Stracker let you search for scams and also report them.

Federal Trade Commission You can also file a compaint with FTD 

Let you report International SCAMS online


Scam Prevention

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) has published Internet Crime Prevention Tips

If you have any doubt about a scam, you can always research or leave me a comment, and I will do my best to help you!  If you come across new scams, please use the comment box so other people can be aware of that!

6 response to "Spot Online Scam"

  1. By: Benjamin Posted: April 6, 2018

    Wow! Very informative article! I feel like there’s 10 scammers for every genuine business! It’s a wild time! Thank you very much for sharing!
    All the best!

    • By: Carole Posted: April 7, 2018

      Hi Benjamin! Thank you for your comment Now remember if you come across scams come back and share with us!

  2. By: Furkan Posted: April 6, 2018

    I will definitely use Google Browse Safe Report. Based on my understanding, it can expose many sites quite easily.

    • By: Carole Posted: April 7, 2018

      Hi there, thanks for your comment. Google Browse Safe Report is a great tool to use. I am glad that you will use it and please if you find some scammers please come back and share with us.

  3. By: Nick Posted: April 6, 2018

    Wow. This was a great site and very informative. Loved the tip about checking how secure google thought it was, didn’t know that was an option. Going to start using this more when I am looking for the best price on products too, a lot of time it does seem too good to be true. Thanks for sharing!


    • By: Carole Posted: April 7, 2018

      Hi Nick! Thanks for your comment. I am glad I can help! Remember if you come across scams please come back and share with us 🙂

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