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    Wow! Very informative article! I feel like there’s 10 scammers for every genuine business! It’s a wild time! Thank you very much for sharing!
    All the best!

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      Hi Benjamin! Thank you for your comment Now remember if you come across scams come back and share with us!

  2. Furkan


    I will definitely use Google Browse Safe Report. Based on my understanding, it can expose many sites quite easily.

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      Hi there, thanks for your comment. Google Browse Safe Report is a great tool to use. I am glad that you will use it and please if you find some scammers please come back and share with us.

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    Wow. This was a great site and very informative. Loved the tip about checking how secure google thought it was, didn’t know that was an option. Going to start using this more when I am looking for the best price on products too, a lot of time it does seem too good to be true. Thanks for sharing!


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      Hi Nick! Thanks for your comment. I am glad I can help! Remember if you come across scams please come back and share with us 🙂

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