Stay At Home And Make Money


Hello friends!


What is going on in your part of the world?

Yep, unfortunately, the answer is the same for all of us: “A Global Novel Coronavirus”



The Corona Epidemic has drastically changed our lives in so many ways. Many people have found it hard to make ends meet.  Our lifestyle and other things in life will be forever changed.


Covid-19 - A Crisis Also Present Opportunities


Which brings me to this part:


A Crisis Also Present Opportunities


With the Covid-19 things will never be the same, but here is the good news:


As we get back on track, what you will see, more than ever, is that this disaster will have accelerated many online activities/businesses. People will e-shop more than ever. More will work from home. It will be a virtual world. We’ll see companies doing every aspect of their jobs from home.


You must lay the foundation NOW to take advantage of that later!


Use the present lockdown to your family’s and community’s benefit while locking in your own plans for a profitable retirement.


Ask yourself how your niche can capitalize on that. How can your business get ahead of that curve? Now is the time to figure that out, meet the needs of what your audience needs NOW, and get ready for later…


Remember the time you said: “If I have the time I would start an online business but I cannot afford to leave my employment right now for many good valid reasons”.


Now it is a life-changing game friend, for all of us!


The fact that we are confined to stay home to save lives, we have too much time in our hands and we are wondering how to manage it.


Use that FREE time wisely

Get Paid Doing Online Surveys

Share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services.

Survey Junkie is legit and easy.

Here what you have to do to get started:

Create a profile and answer a couple of questions to decide which surveys you qualify for.
After you finish creating your profile, you will start receiving surveys in your inbox.

Home Office - Opportunity
Home Office

How to Start a Home-Based Recruiting Business

Let me start by telling you that most people don’t have a clue about this business or the income potential that’s available. So.. If you’re at the stage where you want your life back and want to establish a solid home-based business that you can operate from anywhere, then allow me to show you how.

You can operate this business from anywhere you have access to a computer and/or cell phone. This book is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. It is a deliberate and methodical method to create a home-based recruiting business.

Click here to learn more


Create A Course Online

I come across so many creativities that people post on social media, things that they were normally doing outside their home; for instance, people cannot go to gyms anymore. Why not starting online gymnastics classes?

According to an article from the Toronto CityNews from March 26, 2020, online gymnastics classes are in high demand after Covid-19 shuts businesses.  There is a lot of platforms that I recommend in this article:  Create A Course Online



You can offer your services online.  Fiverr is a great platform to create a gig and offer your work to a global audience.  You get paid on time, every time. Payment is transferred to you upon order completion!  You can make decent money!     


Turn Passions Into Profits

Ask yourself how your niche can capitalize on that. How can your business get ahead of that curve? Now is the time to figure that out, meet the needs of what your audience needs NOW, and get ready for later…


Now it is a life-changing game friend, for all of us!


The fact that we are confined to stay home to save lives, we have too much time in our hands and we are wondering how to manage it.


Use that FREE time wisely


OK, let’s do it Carole!


Wait!  How do I start?


First, you need to find your passion/niche!


What is a niche?


A niche is simple, it is an audience. An audience looks for stuff online, for example, what are some of the last searches you did in Google. These are ALL niches.

Click on the below picture 


Passion - Turn Your Passion into a business


Let’s say that your passion is “interior design” and your favorite room in the house is the bathroom.




Here is a little DEMO for you


Now that you have your niche, you need to build a website.


Wait a minute Carole!  I have no idea about coding! I can see that the world is going virtual now so can you show me how to create a website?


Absolutely!  First of all, you do not need to know about coding.  They made it very simple for anyone to create a website.


Follow me 🙂

Create A Website



Learning how to start Building a Website in today’s market is a must for your business to grow.

In 2020 more than ever, businesses need to have a website so, knowing how to Start Building a Website is necessary!  It helps your business to grow, therefore the online presence is a must today!


I made it very easy for you.  Let me direct you to a previous article I wrote:  How to start building a website


If you prefer, you can bypass the article and create your FREE website right away




Building Your Business


Now that you have your niche and you created a website for your business, you need a great platform that will teach you how to build a successful business.


There are a lot of great platforms out there.


I have been using Wealthy Affiliate because they offered me what I was looking for:  Free Starter membership, not a 7 days trial, free as long as I wanted and no credit card needed.  So, for me as a beginner, it was like I hit the jackpot!!!  I was right because I am still with them 🙂


Wealthy Affiliate


Wait there is more!


Now, what if I tell you that you could earn a passive income with WA affiliate program?


Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community!


Wealthy Affiliate - Best Affiliate Training
Wealthy Affiliate
-The Lucrative Commission Structure
-How to Get Your Affiliate Links
-How to Set-up Your Affiliate Payment
-Affiliate Stats and Management
-Tracking Links
-Automated (Autoresponder) Messages
-View All of Your Referrals
-Banners & Promotional Materials



Click below to watch the commission structure video




Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference


Each and every year Wealthy Affiliate has a Super Affiliate Conference down in Vegas.


Here is a breakdown of the Super Affiliate Incentive program. If you can make 300 unique Premium referrals (someone upgrades from Starter => Premium) from January 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2020 you will get invited to their annual Super Affiliate Conference. How cool is that!


Wealthy Affiliate - Las Vegas Meeting
Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate - Las Vegas Meeting
Wealthy Affiliate


Here is to a brilliant 2020 ahead, See you in Vegas!



I am here to help you. 🙂





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24 thoughts on “Stay At Home And Make Money

  1. This is an awesome tutorial for people to stop and adjust their lives to staying at home and make money, we all need to focus on this dramatic change in our lives to survive. You have provided a very good guideline to help people get started adjusting to this new lifestyle, and online shopping is higher than ever before with people forced to work from home.


    1. Hi Jeff, thanks for your comment! yes we are experiencing a major life change and a lot of people would like to start an online business and Have no idea where to start, so hopefully, this can help people!

  2. Wow! I enjoyed reading this post. I love how you keep it interesting and I was really eager to read each paragraph. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about online businesses, as it’s very much needed at this time. I love the presentation and the ambiance of your site. You’ve inspired me in a special way to take action and stay ahead of the curve.
    I think the questions you said we should ask ourselves are brilliant. The questions about how we can seize this opportunity by establish our business and assessing the current situation we’re all in.

    I’ve bookmarked your website for future reference.
    Keep up the amazing work Carole. Blessings to you.

    1. Hi Mikhail, thank you for your comment. I am happy that this post inspires you. I wanted to show people that it is not that hard to follow your dreams. You need persistence and you will get rewarded.

  3. Excellent post… as we ALL re-evaluate life in America (or anywhere else for that matter), and take this down time and try to put it to good use it’s important to acknowledge how fragile the business world really is. What we were all taught from the time we were children was to go to school get a good job with security. This pandemic has certainly shot holes thru the job security myth. I’ve been in sales for over 30 years and an old mentor once told me that for a salesperson, job security was having customers that liked and trusted you… because you could lose a job, but as long as you have a client base that liked and trusted you, then you could plug in another product and at least get a meeting. You’re post reminds me of his wise words…thank you


    1. Thank you Bob! As I was reading your comment about your old mentor: he was so right and you know what, the same rules apply for online business “like and trust”. We were taught to go to school, education and get a job. Now we have to reprogram our mind. It will be hard but not impossible!

  4. Its an interesting point you bring up. I agree that this pandemic will change many peoples thinking when it comes to building businesses from home. It has been quite an eye opener for many. I have worked out of my home now for years and besides not being able to go out and socialize my daily routine has not changed much at all. Great post! Cheers

    1. Hi Robb, thanks for your comment. Same here. I have been working online for a while now because I knew this was the thing of the future but I didn’t think it will happen that fast. That is why now more than ever I want to help people by showing them how to lay a strong foundation for a successful online business.

  5. I had no idea you could turn your hobby or a passion into a business like this! Or I actually had a vague idea but I had heard blogging is dead. But that’s the thing, how does this affiliate marketing differ from blogging? I mean if I want to turn my main hobby/passion which is strength training into a business, how does this differ from blogging? There are tons of fitness blogs out there and I thought a “regular joe” has no way of competing with them.

    1. Hi Jukka, thanks for your comment. Blogging itself does not make you money. If you blog and put AdSense or affiliate links on your blog then you can monetize. As to your question “being a regular Joe and not being able to compete with those tons of fitness”, well all you have to do is to narrow down your search. Fitness is very broad by itself. You have to narrow down your search by adding to fitness, like home fitness, or fitness online. You keep on searching until you have less competition. The video on my post explains how to narrow down your search. I hope I was able to answer your questions. Ask away! I am here to help!

  6. Hi

    I really enjoyed your post it was informative and sticks to the facts. I am a WA member and I am confirm it’s really the best platform to make money online. Keep
    Up the great work.

    1. Hi Russ, Thanks for your comment! It is always nice to come across a Wealthy Affiliate member. Indeed, I am totally agreed with you, this is the best platform to make money online. It is not a Get Rich Quick program. You and I both know that we have to put the time to it but we get rewarded 🙂

  7. You are so right… There haven’t been a better time to start an online business than now. The excuse “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t have the money for it” cannot apply anymore. People have a lot of time AND there are so many ways to start an online business without paying a single $$.

    But what is sad is that people have difficulties to get out of their comfort zone and they don’t want to live the struggles of a business. They prefer their “safe” job that is not safe anymore… And instead of taking this free time to learn a skill that will serve them for the rest of their life, they prefer to chill on Netflix and lose their time on social media.

    I do a lot of generalization in my comment and I apologize for everyone who’s working hard during these hard times, but it’s the sad truth. I hope people will open their eyes to create a better future for themselves.

    It was fun to read, thanks!

    1. Hi Audrey, Thanks for your comment. It really adds on to post. You are so right about people having a hard time getting out of their comfort zone. They like their job security which is understandable because the way we were program but this is things of the past. We have to reprogram ourselves. Like you said people can start an online business without paying a single $$. A great example is Wealthy Affiliate and on top of it, you can get access to their free entrepreneur classes.

  8. What a great article. You give a lot of information and a lot for one to think about. I appreciate that. And you are correct that now is the time to focus on the online, digital world. Especially with the Covid19 pandemic.

    I will be getting much more information from your site.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Indeed, the world is changing and now is the time to plant our seeds for the future. We have to be self-dependant. With crisis like this, we can see that our jobs are very unsecured. We have to build our security now to secure our future. I am here if you need help!

  9. I agree that this has never been a better time to start an online business…I had someone do a few websites for me a couple of years ago but got left in the dark and didn’t have the right tools to continue, but as you describe WA has training and support for every stage of the way is that correct ?

  10. Hi, an article full of spirit and positive encouragement in strange times. I agree with you that the world is changing radically at the moment. Not the least in how people will work from now on. It has already been shown that a lot of jobs can actually be done form home. A such it is important to grab the change and get in fornt of it. You describe the opportunity WA offer as well as some other online business opportunities, in a very good, but short and informative way. And i like the way you try to get people to ask themselves to seize the moment and create their own future.

    Neppe up the good work. The article has inspired me to keep pushing to create my own space in the digital realm.

    1. The world is definitely changing.  More employees are now able to work from home and for the ones that lost their jobs, it becomes a great opportunity for them to secure their future by starting something online.  The opportunities are endless.

  11. I have come to realize that for every major crises there is an opportunity coming up in it. been able able to earn from the house is the best thing right now and this is due to the covid 19 pandemic that has sent fear across the world. thank you for this awesome article. it is really helpful

    1. You are absolutely right! In every crisis happening in our life there is always a positive opportunity but we have to find it: out of a bad situation we need to find the positive. In the covid-19 situation, we have to free ourself and seize the opportunity to learn the online world and its benefits.

  12. As I was looking for information about how to start working from home and how to create my own online business on the internet, I found your website, and I’m glad I did it.

    You read my mind when you said how many times I wished to have enough time to start my own business and today as I stay at home because of the pandemic, it’s time to work on it, I have an idea about what to write about, something I love, something about crafts, but how can I start working on it?

    I would love to create my own website, but I think I will need some training, so I will take a look to your recommendations 

    1. Guess what?  I read your mind again because I wrote an article about sell my crafts online 🙂  Now with what is going on in the world, it will be a good time to lay the foundation of an online business.  If you need help, let me know!

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