Syntek Global Opportunity – Scam?

Syntek Global

How did Syntek Global Start: Back in 1986 a man by the name of Curt Ence started selling fuel that claims to reduce harmful emissions and pollutants. He packaged the fuel in 55 gallons commercial use, and before you know, companies from all over the world depended on his product called XFT for Xtreme Fuel Treatment. This fuel treatment claimed to improve the mileage, decrease emissions, increase horsepower and of course, at the same time extend engine life.


Since this was doing so well, Mr. Euce decided to present his product to consumers since he was a successful distributor once and he knew the road to success.
In 2007 he turned his idea over to 3 men and 2008 Syntek Global was born.(1)


Name: Syntek Global Distributor for Xtreme Fuel Treatment
Website: http://www.syntekglobal.com
Price: $325 to $1,099.95
Corporate Officers:  John Winterholler, President, Curt Euce, VP of Products
Inception Date: 2008
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


Syntek Global was created in 2008 to allow people to become a distributor for them. It is a US-based international company that makes a product called Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT) which claims to improve mileage in a vehicle, longer life by utilizing detergents, demulsifiers, rust & corrosion inhibitors, lubricating agents, and polymerization. Brief, the engine runs longer, works better, and cost less to maintain.


Case Study and Finding – Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Commercial and Industriel Use:  Click here to read the study

New Umbrella Name for Syntek Global

New Umbrella Name for Syntek Global, 7 years after only focusing on marketing Xtreme Fuel Treatment. Syntek Global forged a partnership with world-class innovators, Dr. Danyi Quan founder of AlureVé.  Dr. Quan founded AlureVé in 2015, an MLM business offering beauty and skincare products. Dr. Quan was also a board member of MonaVie LLC.

Syntek Global and AlureVé joined the force and created a new umbrella company name: LivElite International intended to support each product brand.  Under that umbrella company, you will find Syntek (no longer Syntek Global) and AlureVé.

Syntek Livelite

Now you have a Fuel treatment product and beauty and skincare product!!!!  You would have ever thought they work together, but then again anything is possible 🙂

LivElite International ReviewLivelite International

Name:  LivElite International
Website:  https://www.liveliteintl.com
Price: $325 to $1,099.95
Co-Founders:  Curt Euce, Joel Theler, Kirk Newman
Inception Date: Registered with Utah Division of Corporation 04/23/2015 (1)  hmmm Their Website says 2008!
Registered Address: 12382 South Gateway Park Place STE 800 Draper, UT 84020
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

LivElite International Overview

On their site, they claimed that the company existence started in 2008, but if you listened to the video back in 2015, they are saying that they are proud to introduce their new umbrella company and indeed, the document filed with Utah Department of Corporation shows that it was filed April 23, 2015.  It makes you think!.

The company alleges that its mission is to help people create a life free of any barriers by being a distributor with their MLM Company.  LivElite International claims its products drastically improve a person’s lifestyle because of extensive scientific testing and award-winning chemistry.

The Pros & The Cons

The Pros:

  • Back Office
  • Replicated Website


The Cons:

  • High upfront investment
  • Mandatory monthly purchase
  • Distributors do not receive a commission on personal volume
  • The compensation plan is confusing
  • Replicated Website Free for the first month – Must pay $15 a month thereafter


Who is LivElite International For?

Like with any MLM company, you need to hustle and chase after customers to build up your downline.

LivElite International Tools & Training

LivElite international provide its distributors with a back-office which includes a tracking system, training system with videos and marketing tools.


LivElite – Trademark Details

To see the Trademark history click here

LivElite Support

The support is provided by your upline.

LivElite International Price –

How to become a distributor:

You must choose a Kit.

XFT Starter Kits:  

  • Beginner: $140.00
  • Deluxe:  $225.00
  • Premium $370.00

Awaken Starter Kits:

  • Awaken Prime:  $274.95
  • Awaken Premium:  $549.95
  • Awaken Platinium:  $1,099.95

Then you need to set up a monthly recurring purchase.  A recurring monthly order is a product purchase that allows your distributorship to remain active, which is one of the requirements to receive a paycheck on the commissions you earn and keep rollover volume, as well as have samples to give out, sell, and product to use for yourself. RMOs purchased in the first 5 days of the month earn double reward points toward FREE PRODUCT.

You will get a personalized Replicated Website with your contact information and URL for the first month only.  If you want to keep it you must pay $15.00 a month.

Replicated Website


LivElite International Compensation Plan

Retail Sales

– Paid Monthly

Preferred Customer Commission

– Paid Monthly These commissions to occur on recurring monthly order (RMO)

Unilevel Team Commission

– Paid Monthly Unilevel Team Commissions are the foundation for a stable residual income! Build a solid Member and customer base and receive commissions each month from product orders and/or re-orders generated in your organization down to nine (9) levels deep. The number of levels you are paid on depends upon your qualified Rank in the respective pay period.

-You must maintain Active status, and complete respective rank requirements, to be eligible to earn Unilevel Team
Commissions. Compression maximizes the benefits of the Unilevel. You are paid on nine (9). Levels of Active Members lines.  See Compensation Plan here

Binary Team Compensation

– Paid Monthly  See chart here

Sponsor Bonus 

-Paid Weekly  The Sponsor Bonus is a great way to start earning money immediately. As you build your team with LivEliteInternational, each time you sponsor a new Member that purchases a qualifying Starter Kit, you will make between $25 USD to $100 USD on each Kit sold.

There are no limits to the number of Starter Kits you can sell. The actual amount of this bonus depends on the qualifying Kit sold and the published bonus amount of that Kit.
A Member must be Active with a minimum of 50 PV at the time of the bonus payout to be eligible to receive this

Upline Bonuses *

-Paid Weekly The Upline Bonus rewards you for spending your valuable time to help your personally enrolled Members succeed with LivElite International. This bonus is paid on up to two (2) levels of your Unilevel Team.

Level 1: As you help your personally enrolled Members sponsor new Members into the business with a qualifying Starter Kit, you will earn a cash bonus based on each qualifying Starter Kit sold. There are no limits to the number of people they can sponsor. The actual amount of this bonus depends upon the qualifying Kit sold and the published bonus amount of that Kit.

Level 2: This bonus is also paid on the next level of Members on your team. All new Members that your Level 3 people sponsor with a qualifying Kit will earn a cash bonus.

*The Upline Bonus is not available for Members in the US & Canada.

My Final Opinion of LivElite International

LivElite International is an umbrella company for Syntek and AlureVé, 2 MLM companies. The company sells skincare products and Xtreme fuel treatment.

Syntek Global has been around for quite a while, and no complaint was filed with the BBB nor FTC, so that makes them legit, but it does not necessarily mean that it is an excellent business to consider. The upfront cost to join is quite expensive, and you must purchase products every month to get paid a commission. Based on my research done on Syntek-LivElite International, I do not recommend this business.

LivElite International at a Glance…

Name:  LivElite International
Website:  https://www.liveliteintl.com
Price: $325 to $1,099.95
Co-Founders:  Curt Euce, Joel Theler, Kirk Newman
Inception Date: Registered with Utah Division of Corporation 04/23/2015 (1)  hmmm Their Website says 2008!
Registered Address: 12382 South Gateway Park Place STE 800 Draper, UT 84020
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100


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6 thoughts on “Syntek Global Opportunity – Scam?

  1. Thank you for your honesty in this review. I have had many years of experience in the mlm industry and there are always two parts to a review and you talked about them. First, is the company actually legit, and second, if it is legit then is it legit then is it actually a great opportunity. It takes a great company to pass both of those! Thanks for your research!

    1. Hello Kayla, and thanks for stopping by my site! I agree with you there. There are two parts on the MLM I never really taught about it that way, but you are right. If you left the MLM world and are looking for something else, I can recommend affiliate marketing. Check my review of the one I highly recommend when you have a chance, Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. I never tried MLM before but this company or companies rather sound a bit dodgy. Thanks for sharing. If my friends want to get into MLM I’ll be sure to let them know to give this a miss.

    1. Hi Owain and thanks for your comment! MLM is not a business I would recommend. You are better off with affiliate marketing. At least you are in control of your business.

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