Amazon Home Business Opportunity

Greetings and welcome to Amazon Home Business Opportunity!  I hope you are ready to discover things that you probably never knew about Amazon!

There is more than selling things on Amazon!  Did you know you can sell your services?

I have lots of goodies I want to share with you!

Selling your services is a great Amazon Home Business Opportunity.

Sell Your Services On Amazon

When you sell your services on Amazon, it will allow you to get discovered by millions of people, and many of them are right there in your area!  How cool is that?

Selling Service on Amazon will provide you with orders and easy to use tools so you can put your focus on your customers!

Sounds good but what kind of services can I sell on Amazon?

Available Services currently on Amazon:

Air Duct Cleaner

Appliance Technician



Auto Detailer

Auto Glass Technician

Bathtub Refinisher

Bicycle Mechanic

Car Electronics Technician


Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Installer

Computer Technician


Fireplace Specialist

Floor Cleaner

Flooring or Surface Specialist

Garage Door Specialist


General Contractor

Gutter Specialist


Home Cleaner

Home Organizer

Home Inspector

Home Security Specialist

Home Teater Specialist

HVAC Specialist

Interior Designer

Irrigation Specialist

Junk Removal Specialist

Landscape Contractor

Lawn Maintenance Specialist



Mobile Device Technician


Music Instructor

Pest Control Specialist


Pool Specialist

Pressure Washer


Specialty Cleaner

Tile Contractor

Tire and Wheel Specialist

Wallpaper Specialist


Window Treatment Specialist

Window Cleaner


That sounds so good Carole, but how does it work?

You will need to:

1-  Apply for Amazon Services by  filling out their application application

2-  When your application is approved you will receive an email with a link URL.  You click on the link to activate and register your account.

3-  Amazon Services do complete background checks on all the businesses and technicians.  Of course, if your line of work requires a license, Amazon will need that you have an active license and valid insurance.

4-  Next you will set up your account meaning you will choose the coverage location and the services you want to cover 🙂

5-  Let’s go to work!!!  Start getting jobs!

Amazon Services

Do you know what is great about all this?

1-  No startup Fees, you don’t have any monthly subscription fees nor advertising fees! (We love this, don’t we? :-))

2- No more chasing after customers, customers come to you!  I am so excited to share this with you!

3-  Amazon has already an established name so you will get the trust from your client and will grow your business!

By the way, Amazon does not have a set time commitment to sell your services. You can walk away at any time.


I know what you think!  How does Amazon Services make money in all this?

Very easy. here how it goes:

Pre-packaged Services:

For a one time service like assembly service (putting a together a bed, mounting a TV to a wall, etc.) Amazon will get 20% for any price up to $1,000.00. If the price is above that, then Amazon will get 15%.  We will get paid directly from Amazon after they deduct their fees.

Amazon deposits payments into your bank account every 14 days cycle and notifies you when they send the amount.

prepackaged Amazon price

For any recurring services like ongoing lawn service, home cleaning and so on, Amazon will get 10%

Wait, there is more from Amazon!

I told you I have a lot of goodies for you!

Amazon Home Service Business Opportunity is not appealing to you?  No problem!  Look what they have in store for you:

Work from Home with Amazon Flex Program:

Become a Delivery Partner and get pay between $18-$25 an hour.  Amazon Flex is already in over 50 cities.  Check if your city is on the list!  Click Here


-Be your own boss

-Set your own work schedule

Here is how it works.  You will need to download the Amazon Flex App

You don’t want to deliver for Amazon?  No Problem, once again Amazon got you covered!

Work from home with Amazon Call Center

Become an Amazon Virtual Customer Service Rep:  Click here

Working from home gives you lots of flexibility not to mention significant saving in commuting cost.  As an Amazon Work-At-Home Call Agent, you are not an independent contractor.  You are an Amazon employee and can work full or part-time for an hourly wage.

I hope that my article can help you.  If you have any questions, please use the comment box and I will be happy to help!

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Supplement A Retirement Income

Greetings!  If you reached my site today chances are that you are looking to Supplement A Retirement Income, am I right?  Well, you are in the right place!

When I got faced with early retirement due to my husband illness, I was not ready for that yet.  I was lost and didn’t know where to turn.  I needed to supplement my income so I can care for him.

I figured that an online business would be good to start, so I tried different online programs and guess what? Yep, you guessed right! They all turned out to be scams and I was their victim!

Don’t get me wrong, there are still legit companies online, but you need to do your due diligence before getting involved.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still legit companies online, but you need to do your due diligence before getting involved. There are always two parts to a business research:

  1. The Company
  2. It’s Founders


You need to check both!

Ways to Supplement a Retirement Income:

A lot of retirees need to supplement their retirement income to survive, sad but true! You have to admit that as a retiree it is not always easy to find work.

You also have retirees that want to work, by choice because it keeps them alive, so they look for home-based business, using their knowledge.

Whatever your situation is, it is always nice to earn extra income, agree?

So follow me, I will show you the road to a new beginning so you can supplement your income by creating your online business.

Affiliate Marketing would be an excellent way to supplement your retirement income.  It is not a “Get Rich Quick.”  You need to work it as it takes time and perseverance, but as a retiree, you do have the time 🙂

Here are some great 2017 Forbes articles on Affiliate Marketing that you can check out:

5 Signs That Affiliate Marketing Is Not Dead by Steve Olenski

The Definitive Guide To Affiliate Marketing by R.L. Adams

How Affiliate Networks Have Taken Affiliate Marketing Mainstream by Arya Bina

Steps to follow to build an online business

Start business

Build a business based on your passion and knowledge

Are you passionate about something? We all have something that excites us. Get a pen and paper; I will wait for you!
OK Ready? Let’s write things that you love and never really had the chance to do thoroughly because of kids, a full-time job and so on. Write what is your expertise and how can you help people that are passionate about the same thing than you.

Now start narrow down your list.  You don’t want it too broad because you will have too much competition.  For instance, if you are passionate about health, this would be too broad to target.

You can narrow your target niche by targeting “over 55 years old wanting to improve health.”


I use this keywords tool all the time to narrow down.

Here is a Niche Video that can help you understand more about a niche.  It is a video from Kyle co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

What is next after I found my niche?

You will need to build a website.  Oh no, I have no idea about how coding works, it seems so complicated!

Not so fast!  I am still here to help 🙂  Technical has never been up to my alley either.  But guess what?  I built this site; it is not too bad, right?  I know you can do that same!

Learning how to start Building a Website in today’s market is a must for your business to grow.There is a lot of sites available online to build your website. They provide you with the basic. The one I used and recommend is SiteRubix.

Learn from the best!

Don’t you want to learn from people who are successful and know what works today? Learn to build a strong foundation so you can secure a supplement retirement income.

Don’t try to do it on your own. Why? I have been there and done that! It is best to use an affiliate marketing training program with a platform. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They have been around for over 12 years now.

Do you know what the best part is? The Starter Membership is FREE.   It is not a free trial, it is FREE for as long as you want and you can learn, build a website, monetize it too. You don’t need a credit card either to sign up!
Your starter membership includes two websites, hosting and ten lessons! It will give you plenty to decide if affiliate marketing is for you!

Take a look at the Ten lessons included in your FREE Starter Membership

Wealthy Affiliate

Take a peek at the free Starter Kit. You will be amazed! See if this is something that will work for you. It could be a great tool to archive your goals!  Sign up for your FREE online certification classes, you have nothing to lose not even money! 😉

Can I ask a favor?  If you feel this is not for you can you share this page, it might help somebody that is looking to supplement their retirement income.  If you have any questions or comment please use the comment box!


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