Latest Scams Be Aware

Latest Scams Be Aware, Phone Scam!

Are you getting calls from numbers that are oddly close to your number? It is called “Spoofing” and you should not take the call. Scammers can also get your phone number from your social media and pose as you calling your family members and friends and they will never know you are not the one calling!

I highly recommend that you remove your phone number from all your social media.

Now, how about your caller ID is showing your number when receiving a call!!!  You will get curious and pick up the call. Exactly the WRONG thing to do.  Do not answer it.


Phone Porting Scam:

This new scam can drain your bank account!

Here is how Phone Scam work: The scammer calls your phone carrier pretending to be you. Nowadays, it is easy to find your personal information. They then “port out” your phone number to a pre-paid phone with a different carrier.

Voilà! Now they pose as you! They have your identity, and now they control your phone number. Their next step will be reset your email password, which is easy since they will get the authorization code texted to the phone. Bet you can guess the rest! We usually have our personal information stored on our phone, so they will reset your banking information to gain access to your accounts.

By the time you realize that you no longer have service on your phone, it will then be too late as the scammers act very quick!

Be Proactive!

Call your carrier and set up a port-out validation PIN, like this anyone trying to port your number won’t be able to if they don’t have your PIN. Do not use your date of birth nor social security for your pin as those are very easy for a scammer. No need to say that you do not save your PIN info to your phone 🙂

Can You Hear Me?

A new scam is tricking you to answer YES! Big, big mistake. The fraudster is recording your answer and will use it to make purchases.

So how can I protect myself?

Use your caller ID feature to screen your calls. If this is a number, you do not recognize, DON’T answer! Believe me, if it is a critical call they will most likely leave a message.

If you do not have a caller ID and you are asked “Can you hear me?” hang up immediately without answering the question!

IRS Scam Calls

Have you received one of those calls? I did!

Imposters will call you posing as an IRS Agent or debt collection. The scammer will give you a fake case number and phone contact information, giving you 24 hours to return the call or will be taken into custody by the local police. Please do not fall into that trap!

What to know about IRS

The IRS does not demand that you use a specific payment method nor ask for your credit card, debit card information. This request should be a RED flag. The IRS will not ask for your debit or credit card numbers over the phone. If you owe taxes, make payments to the United States Treasury or review for IRS online options.

The IRS usually will mail you a demand for payment and will advise you of your rights.

Furthermore, IRS DOES NOT threaten to have you arrested for not paying.

If you have been a victim should report it to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Other IRS Scam:  Identity Theft

Scammers will steal your identity and file a fraudulent income taxes under your name and get your refund.



BEWARE:  Here is another version of that IRS Scam

Beware of Fake Calls to Return part of your IRS refund. Fraudsters pose as Debt Collection Agency for the IRS. They contact you on behalf of the IRS to inform you that a refund was deposited by mistake and are asking the taxpayer to forward the refund by to their collection agency.

To read the complete Scam Alert from  the IRS urging Taxpayers to Watch Out for Erroneous Refunds click here

Online Dating Scam:

This is a very common scam!

Romance Scammers are hiding behind a fake profile. Scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money.

Signs of an online dating scammer

  • Proclaim their love quickly
  • They commonly say that they are from the United States but working overseas
  • Want to keep the communication off the chat site, like using email, text or phone to communicate
  • Tell you they would love to visit, but something happened and they are in a financial bind at the moment
  • The fraudsters will ask you for money so they can visit you


That, my friend, has SCAMS written all over!

online dating - scam

online dating

Again, PLEASE, DO NOT send money! An online love who asks for money is a scam artist and has a lot of victims. RUN AWAY!

Is there a way to check a scam artist?

You can do an image search of your so-called online love. If the person photo appears under many different names, you are dealing with a scammer!

Also, check the person’s profile a couple of days after you met, if the profile is gone, the chances are that you have a scammer on your hands.

Are you the victim of a scam? Share your story in the comment box to make others aware and prevent that the same thing happens to them!


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