How To Make Money On eBay Partner Network

Hey there, friends!  Thanks for stopping by today!  I guess you are all here because you want to find out How To Make Money On eBay Partner Network!  Ok, so let’s get started.

It all begins with Passion! This is just how it works.  You will get paid for sharing the eBay listings that you love. How freaking cool is that?

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This is how success works on eBay:  Find, Share, and Earn!

Find It:  ebay

Whatsoever you are passionate about, you will find it on eBay!

If you are a person with a bunch of followers on your Tweeter account or just a blogger or even starting an online business, you know what people like by now. If you are unsure, you can always use a keyword tool to research if your product is in high demand and what keyword to use to hit the highest traffic.

Current eBay PArtners  find success by linking to these areas of eBay:

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Search Results Link to an entire search results page to give your audience a wider selection.

Here is an example:  Let’s say that you are a buyer and in the market to purchase new wooden sunglasses.  You will search the internet to find reviews on that by keeping in mind that there are fake reviews out there.  After reading some reviews, you are ready to make a purchase.  You click on the link of one of those reviews to buy the item.  That link is a perfect example of affiliate marketing.  The person who promotes those sunglasses will earn an affiliate commission.    Affiliate marketing does not only comes with links to share, but there are also many channels such as reviews, banner ads, social media, and so forth.

eBay has over 800 million listings, therefore, you can extend your audience links to products you and your visitors are passionate.


Share Itebay

Once you find a product (s) and you have verified its popularity, now it’s the time to share it with your audience.

Obtain the tools you need to succeed.

eBay has a diversity of tools like link generators that allow you to add a few choice items to your site or high-volume product feed to your relevant niche products.

The most important thing is knowing what’s working for you.  I’m sure you will agree with me here.

eBay provides you with insights easy-to-understand reports and analytics geared toward evaluating and improving.

3 Key Questions Every Affiliate Should Ask:

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  1. What’s going on?  What is causing your current performance?  Once you have a better understanding of the “how” then next will be to find out the “why.”  
  2. Why was it happening?  What are the main factors that are driving your performance? What might have changed that could have led to the results you’re seeing?  It goes both ways too:  increase sale volume or decrease.  You have to be able to determine the what and the “why” then you can do something about it.
  3. What can I do about it?  This is where “optimization magic” takes place. Okay, here we go!  Let’s say your sales earnings were the highest ever last month.  So you need to dig and research the WHY.  Once you find out what else different you did that month, then you focus more on the change and promote similar items.  The location of the item is something to check also.  If you move the article to a different spot on your site could be a reason for the earnings increase.


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  1. Get a page on eBay that you’d like to share
  2. Use one of our tools to create a trackable link to that page
  3. Share your trackable link to your audience
  4. When someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you earn commission

Sharing = Promoting

eBay Marketing Tools:

eBay Marketing Tools provide you with a bunch of different ways to insert affiliate links into your website, blog, or social posts to drive traffic to eBay and earn commissions. eBay affiliate tools can be a key factor in your online success.

Earn It:Ebay partner earning

When you share something you are passionate about it is then easy to brag about it and on top of that get paid when they sell.

Ok, now is the BIG Question:  What do I get paid?

eBay pays a percentage between 50% – 70% revenue whenever you send someone to your eBay partner link, and they purchase within 24-hours, even if auctions take up to 10 days to finish.

OK, but how does eBay determine the percentage they are paying us?  Excellent question!  Here how it goes:

It all depends on the item category – like electronics or fashion.  They also have that great thing going on as if your customers haven’t bought anything in the past 12 months, you can earn additional cash!

Now I hear You!  Here comes the next Question:  When do I get paid?

eBay Partner Network (EPN) pays you once a month if you have reached the minimum requirement for payment which is $10.

Here is your final Question:  How do I get paid?

Purchases are posted with your earnings the day after the sale occurred. You can always go to your dashboard to review your earning.

Jump-start your affiliate marketing program:

Now that you have learned How To Make Money On eBay Partner Network Lets start making money shall we?  The following is some affiliate marketing guides that you need to jumpstart your earning!