AIM Global

AIM Global Earning Opportunity – MLM

AIM Global Earning Opportunity is an MLM business originated from the Philippines.  They have now expanded to over 14 countries.


Alliance In Motion (AIM) Global  Review

Name: AIM GlobalAIM Global
Price: $288.00 Plus Shipping
Owners: Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel and John Asperin
Inception Date:  March 2006
HEADQUARTER:: Philippines
OVERALL RANK: 60 out of 100

AIM Global Earning Opportunity Overview

Alliance In Motion (AIM) Global is an MLM Opportunity. Known that in any MLM, despite what they tell you, YOU do not Own the business.  AIM partnered with Nature’s Way and sells their products. You are an independent contractor working for someone’s business, following their rules and policies, you have to be loyal to them.

MLM always makes you start by chasing family members, friends, your entourage, and so on, to sell products and possibility sign them up. Very different from being a business owner. For instance, if you start an online affiliate business people search online for a product or business you promote.  Wealthy Affiliate would be an excellent example of being an affiliate business owner.

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The Pros & the Cons


  • Good track record.  They have been in business since 2006
  • Multiple ways to earn
  • Profit-Sharing when you become an Ambassador
  • Free Distributor training



  • Like any MLM you cannot make good money unless you recruit
  • No FREE Trail
  • You do not own the business-MLM business is never your business unless you start it
  • Working to make other people rich

Who is AIM Global Earning Opportunity For?

AIM Global is mainly for anybody who is very active and is ready to hustle. If you are looking to build an online business and help people with their problems that is probably not for you. I would more turn to an affiliate marketing business. They are plenty of good ones online, but you need to do your due diligence.

AIMcademy Tools & Training

What is AIMcademy?

ATMcademy is a Digital Training School for all the members to support and teach them how to achieve their dreams.

AIM Global has an MLM training Academy including FREE videos. You will learn the in-depth of the Company, its products, and last but not least you will learn about the owners.  You will also learn about Networking and Internet Marketing.


The following is what AIMcademy offers you:

  • Foundational Lessons about our successful system
  • How to do AIM business using our Online Marketing system
  • Product training
  • And more training videos…

Learn how you to maximize the growth of your network marketing business
with our online training programs.

AIM Global Support

From what I could see there is email supports and no toll-free number. AIM Suppor

HOW To Become an AIM Global Distributor – Pricing

To register as a distributor, you must purchase an AIM World Global package of USD 288.00 plus shipping.
This cost is a one-time investment, and you will be a lifetime member. This package includes your business kit along with some products.

AIM Global - distributor

AIM Global


Introducing AIM Global Products



Introducing iPRO-TECT


ALLIANCE IN MOTION Global Compensation Plans

Pro-Distributor Compensation Plan

3 Uniques Marketing Plans

1-  Binary:

  • Retail profit income of 25% just sharing and inviting people to use the products:
  • Referral Bonus of P1,000.00 ~ $20.00  when you refer somebody to join the business and they purchase a global package.
  • Matching Bonus of P2,000.00.00 ~ $40.00 every time there is a referral at the left and right side of your binary organization or an equivalent product purchase up to a maximum of P32,000.00 ~ $639.00 per day for 1 Global Package Purchased (maximum of 7 Global Packages per single individual account). The very good thing here is you get P2,000.00 (~$40.00) matching bonus whether the match comes from your direct referral or indirectly from anyone under your network of distributors.


AIM Global - basic ways to earn

AIM Global

2-  Unilevel

  • You will get 5% on monthly purchases of your direct referrals and the purchases of their downlines up to the 10th level. The 10 levels are completed from further down when anyone in the top 10 levels made no purchase for the month. This applies to all your direct referrals and respective downlines no matter how many (no limit).


AIM Global - Compensation

AIM Global

3-  Stairstep:  Overriding Commission

  • Silver Executive – As a Silver Executive, you will get 10% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 10 points.
  • Gold Executive – As a Gold Executive, you will get 20% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 100 points.
  • Global Ambassador – As a Global Ambassador, you will get 30% overriding commission on your group’s sales volume when the equivalent points of your group’s sales volume reached 1,000 points.
AIM Global - compensation plan

AIM Global


You can also earn Royalty Income:

You will get 2% from any or all of your down line and his/her group’s sales volume who gets promoted to the global ambassador.

AIM Global - Royalty Income

AIM Global

AIM Global Complaints and Warning

Republic Of The Philippines-Department Of Health-FDA

FDA Advisory No. 2017-121

FDA advises the public against the purchase and consumption of unregistered food products and food supplements:

View Document here

AIM Global Distributor Opportunity


My Final Opinion of AIM Global Earning Opportunity

By joining AIM Global Earning Opportunity like any other MLM, you are not a business owner with them. They control you. In my opinion, it would be a smart thing to avoid AIM Global or any MLM. Furthermore, it can be quite an investment to join. Why should you pay to join somebody’s business when there is plenty of online opportunities that you can register for Free and make money? Did you just ask more how?

Did you just ask more how?  Well, I certainly can recommend one that I am very fond of, but don’t take my word for it.  Just check out here.

Alliance In Motion (AIM) Global is not a scam, or else they would have been shut down a long time ago.  They have a very long track record considering that they have been in business since 2006.  If you are looking to have your own online business, I would not recommend AIM Global as I am not a fan of MLM.

If you are a distributor I would like to hear from you, your experience, and so on, leave me a message in the comment box below.  Anybody who has any questions or comments, please do so in the below comment box as well!


AIM Global at a Glance…

Name: AIM Global

Price: $288.00 Plus Shipping
Owners: Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel and John Asperin
Inception Date:  March 2006
HEADQUARTER:: Philippines
OVERALL RANK: 60 out of 100


Natures sunshine

Nature Sunshine Business Opportunity – Scam or Legit

Nature Sunshine Business Opportunity is excellent for people looking to start a business selling health products.  When selling Nature’s Sunshine Product, you have to be signed up as a distributor with them first.

How Did It All Start?  

It all started 45 years ago at a kitchen table!!! Gene Hughes was having stomach problems. One of his friends recommended beginning taking cayenne pepper to provide relief. It was hard for Gene to ingest the herb with a spoon. So his wife, Kristine came up with the bright idea to put the herbs into capsules, and herbs encapsulation was born. The family-owned business went from small to now worldwide!


Name: Nature’s Sunshine MLM Business Opportunity
Price: Lite:  $0.00 Limited Feature; Pro Monthly:  $16.95 per month; Pro Annual:  $169.50
Founders: Gene and Kristine Hughes
Headquarter: Lehi, UT
Inception Date: 1972
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

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Natures sunshine - product

Natures sunshine

It all started in 1972 at the Hughes kitchen table, when Kristine Hughes idea to encapsulate the herbs took the Company Nature’s Sunshine to a whole different level by being the first company of that kind.  Now they are the leading company in the natural health and wellness industries, in more than 40 countries.


The Pros & the Cons

The Pros:

♦Don’t have to keep inventory
♦Free Monthly Webinar
♦Affordable to join

The Cons:

♦Products are a little bit pricey
♦Distributors need o sell $100 of products each month to qualify for their rebates and commissions.

Who is NATURES’S SUNSHINE  Distributor For?

Becoming a distributor for Nature’s Sunshine is not for everyone. If you can build a team of distributors
that each sells products and also recruit new distributors than you can grow your business otherwise this
is not a business for you.

NATURE’S SUNSHINE Tools & Training

Independent distributors have a back-office called where they can get their tools and training.

Natures sunshine - tools and training

Natures sunshine

How does it work?

The is a powerful automated marketing system that does the work for you.  All you have to do is to send the people to your site.  The system is easy-to-use. It has everything you need from inviting people to present, enroll, train and so on.


[stextbox id=’download’]

•Lite FREE Marketing Site (Limited function)

•Professional Marketing Site (Full Function)


•Commission Reports

•One-Stop Dashboard

•Contact Manager


•Downline Communication

•Website Support

•Email Campaigns

•Nature’s Sunshine Branded Emails

•Lead Capture

•24/7 Video Tours

•Orders and Signups




Website Support is FREE with all Nature’s Sunshine Accounts.  You can receive an instant answer to your question via emails or live with a customer support representative.


Nature’s Sunshine has over 600 healthy products.  To get your FREE Booklet of all their products and description Click Here!


NATURE’S SUNSHINE Compensation Plans

Nature’s Sunshine has two Compensation Programs:

Classic:  Design for people that wants to buy and resell

Legacy:  Design for people that want to network

NATURE’S s Sunshine has also a SnartStart Sponsoring Program.  Check out the video below to find out how it works

Nature’s Sunshine Legal Issues

Proposed consent judgment as to Defendant Sunshine’s Products, Inc., Complaint filed December 21, 2012, with The Superior Court Of The State Of California For The County Of Los Angeles (1):

Sale of Products requires a Warning in the State of California

WARNING:  This Products contains Progesterone, a chemical known in the Sate Of California to cause Cancer, (Consult with your physician before using this product)

NOTE:  Products are NOT FDA Approved

Nature’s Sunshine Rating with BBB

Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. is accredited by BBB since  12.11.2015 is rated A+

There is no negative reviews or complaints reported as of October 4, 2017

NATURE’S SUNSHINE Distributor Pricing Plan

Lite:  FREE with limited feature

Pro Monthly:  $16.95 per month

Pro Annual:  $169.50 annually

Not to get confused between the cost of becoming a Distributor and becoming a member.  The cost to register for a one-year Preferred Customer account is $40.00 which gets waived if you purchase over $40.00 of products. You will be getting up to 10% of your purchase.

There is also a Business Associate account that you can join for $75.00 a year which also gets waived when you make a purchase of $75.00 or more.  You will be getting up to 20% off of your purchase.

When you become a member, you will receive offers, discounts, and Nature’s Sunshine Publication. You will also be able to attend seminars and events.

My Final Opinion of NATURE’S SUNSHINE

This review is my honest, insightful and hopefully the most thorough of Nature’s Sunshine MLM Opportunity Scam or legit.  A company that has been standing strong for over 45 years and is in excellent standing with the BBB with an A+ rating, well in my book this “Business” is very legit!

Yes, it is an MLM, but unlike the fake Nature’s Sunshine Reviews that you see on the web, I want to be honest and as fair as possible.  Yes, they did have some legal battle, but who does not in the business? They rectified the problem and kept on going strong! The proof is that they have an excellent track record in networking. So yes I do recommend Nature’s Sunshine.

If you do not like MLM since most of them are schemes, I recommend network marketing which nowadays is on the growth!  My recommendation for you would be Wealthy Affiliate.  The FREE Online Certification Classes consist of a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue.


Name: Nature’s Sunshine MLM Business Opportunity
Price: Lite:  $0.00 Limited Feature; Pro Monthly:  $16.95 per month; Pro Annual:  $169.50
Founders: Gene and Kristine Hughes
Headquarter: Lehi, UT
Inception Date: 1972
Price: Lite:  $0.00 Limited Feature; Pro Monthly:  $16.95 per month; Pro Annual:  $169.50
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100


Do you have any questions or experiences you want to share? Please use the comment box below, as I want to hear from you!