Use Social Media For Business Marketing – Learn How

Greeting Friends!  Let me ask you a critical question:

Are you using Social Media for Business Marketing?  If not, you are missing out on great marketing opportunities! Nowadays the use of social media to promote the name of your brand and business and tell your audience about your goods and services is a must!

Social Media is great to get the word out about your business existence, and it helps get the word out!  What is also great about the Use of Social Media for Business Marketing besides exposure, is that you can grow a relationship with your audience!

I recall years ago when I first started in Real Estate I was passing out thousands and thousands of flyers, making cold calls which most of them were leading to rejections… back then, that was one way to get exposure.

Then came along the social media..I saw people posting their business opportunities, Realtors sharing their listings, and so on. So I started to blast the media with listing as well.  It didn’t do too well.  Do you know why?  Because I was thinking about me, I need to sell my listings…. Instead of thinking about peoples’ needs. What was their problem and how could I help them.

So yeah, lesson learned!  You must think about your audience NOT you!  You must assist them to FIND a solution to their problem!

Social Media - marketing
Social Media

Social Media Marketing to Succeed

Know Your Audience

Do some research – Find out what is going on within Social Media? What people discuss? What’s their interest? Once you get the answer, then you need to find out how to meet their needs by finding a way to resolve their problems.

Make The Right Choice

Don’t use a gazillion of social media.  Use the best one for your targeted audience.  Better to use less and be more efficient than using a lot and not targeting the right one.

Write A Plan

As you did when creating your website, you should also first write a social media marketing plan. Use a unique strategy for each social platform.

Make Time

At the beginning of each week set up some time to schedule (thirty to sixty minutes) your Social Media marketing content. Make sure your content is helpful to your audience.

Keep Track

Create a spreadsheet with social media content to keep track of when and where you post.

Social Media

Each Social Media is unique so don’t treat them as if there were all the same.  I suggest that you learn to use the Groups function within Facebook.

Get Ready

Don’t treat all social media networks the same.  Familiarise yourself with  Facebook Groups, do the same with LinkedIn and other social media.  Post related content within the groups, but only keep in mind how the audience differs from one social media to the other.

Be Responsive

Interact with your audience.  Respond to their comments on social media and on your website.  Don’t ignore feedback or comments even if they are negative. By doing this, you will be building a relationship with your audience!


Reporting and metrics all depend on your social media marketing goals.  It can be done weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Check your campaign to see what is effective and what is not.

Reanalyzing Social Media

You should reanalyze your social media marketing strategy on a regular basis, just like content on your internet site. Do some testing to see what works best.

Email Marketing


The Portent Free Content Idea Generator

Step 1:  Click on the bonus


Step 2:  

Type in a keyword or sentence into the box provided such as:

“Social Media Marketing” and click the white arrow to submit:

content - Free Content Idea Generator


Then this is what will appear:

(Inside the blue circle)

content - Free Content Idea Generator

“When Social Media Marketing Sends You Running for Cover”


Not happy with that one? Just click the refresh icon next to the subject box (white circular arrow thingy), and it will produce another headline. Click again for another and repeat until you find one you like and feel will get lots of social media attention.

Use Facebook Group For Marketing Your Business

Lots of people start a Facebook Group to market their business. Remember what I mentioned earlier:  “Instead of thinking about peoples’ needs…what was their problem and how could you help them.”… therefore if you start creating a group and invite people to join, then spam your Facebook group with links to your website, you are thinking about YOU.  Instead of asking people, join groups, and help them with their problems.


Lots of people start a Facebook Group to market their business.  Remember what I mentioned earlier:  “Instead of thinking about peoples’ needs… what was their problem and how could you help them.”…therefore if you start creating a group and invite people to join, then spam your Facebook group with links to your website then, you are thinking about YOU.  Instead of asking people to come to you, you go to them by joining groups and help them with their problems.

Once again, I hope you find this information useful. Please comment below and share!

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8 thoughts on “Use Social Media For Business Marketing – Learn How

  1. Oh! Thanks so much for these tips! This is perfect timing. I’ve always struggled with coming up with headlines and titles. I needed this! This is going to be fun, and the tip to remember that there’s a different crowd on each different social media platform is important. I didn’t think of it before. Very helpful!

  2. Carole, Thanks for your insights into Social Media marketing. I know Social Media is the way to go these days but I hesitate to get fully immersed with taking advantage of this media. Social Media seems to be so busy. No doubt I haven’t taken the right approach but I get bogged down with Questions such as – what school did you go to? what was your first job? – what is your most recent job? Or questions to that effect. I know that Linkedin asks those questions. Also they ask what your greatest qualification is. When I see that sort of thing it turns me off.

    However, your posts shows a different perspective. I like that you say to make a plan, and to create a spreadsheet to keep track of various actions. You have provided lots of different pointers for success with Social Media.

    I do have a Pinterest account, although I’m confused about whether it should be a business or personal account. It currently is a personal account.

    I am wondering Carole whether your promote your business through Pinterest as well as other Social Media. I would be interested to read your views on Pinterest for business, such as affiliate marketing.

    1. Hi Valerie! I know those questions are very annoying! But remember, your audience like to know who they are dealing with. Social media is a good way to interact with them. As for Pinterest I use them with my personal account. I do a mixture of business and personal within my personal account. Hope this help!

  3. Hi Carole,
    This post has some wonderful straight forward simple advice for getting ahead via social media.
    I really enjoyed the video and leant a lot from your site.
    This site inspired me to do more with my social media accounts.
    Thank you for writing this article.

  4. This is great, this exactly what I needed to help, I haven’t started using social media to help with my business yet,
    I was gonna start out with twitter and never realized all the other social media platforms that I can use to generate traffic to my website\
    I was wondering how I could start generating traffic to my site and this article was awesome to help me learn about using social media platforms!

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