Volusion eCommerce Solutions – Your Review

Volusion eCommerce Product Overview


Volusion eCommerce Solutions is for all business types.  It provides a one-stop-shop eCommerce solution from newbies to large businesses.  You can run your business from the dashboard. Established in 1999, Volusion has connected people with innovative and powerful solutions to help grow their business. Volusion offers credit card process, design, and marketing.

Volusion eCommerce Review 


volusion - ecommerce


Name: Volusion
Website: http://volusion.com
Price: Up o 14 days Free Trial – Mini $15.00/month – Plus $35.00/month – Pro $75.00/month – Premium $135.00/month

CEO: Kevin Sproles

CTO: Bardia Dejban

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Location:  Austin, TX

The Pros and the Cons


The Good:

PRO #1: Security and Fraud-Free with every plan

PRO #2:  14 days Free Trial Period.

PRO #3:  All-in-one, Website, shopping cart and hosting are all included  

PRO #4:  Powerful integration tools

PRO #5:  You have access to unlimited support 24/7, live expert to help you anytime

PRO #6:  Share directly from your eCommerce to your social media Facebook, Twiter and Pinterest

The Bad:


CON #1  Some plans on all platforms will charge a transaction fee on each purchase, and this is on top of the credit card processing fees

CON #2  More charges…Volusion has added up costs:  add-on apps fees,  exclusions of a key feature, bandwidth charges (Once you go over your bandwidth they charge you for overages).. so pricing can add up very quickly, you have to be on the lookout

CON #3  You are required to purchase an SSL certificate for on-site credit card processing – it usually costs $100 per year. Needless to say that this is another add up fee.

CON #4  Their templates are difficult to customize with limited design features and no add-on

CON #5  There is no inbuilt blog with their template…Wierd we are in 2017, and everybody blog…it is an excellent way to promote; you can add a WordPress, but I hope you know coding otherwise you will be out of luck!

CON #6  Most of their themes are primary for online store only and are not responsive which means cannot operate well with IPad or Cellular


Who is VOLUSION For?


If you are a newbie or an expert are just taking your offline business to a higher level to grow your online business Volusion can help your commerce growth.  Today’s technology helps you time so you can focus on success.


Volusion Tools & Training


Volusion Site Builder Features:

Volusion enables you to design your store for your business. They are offering 75 theme templates and of those only 16 are FREE, and only 6 of the 16 free themes are responsive.



Since they came up with “Volusion 2” May 2017, (see my post at the bottom of this page), Volusion has introduced a fully Responsive eCommerce Themes.  They also mentioned that they would continue to release responsive templates which is good news, they have to keep up with their competitors don’t you think?


Content Management

Adding products to your store is quite easy with Volusion. With only three categories where you can enter your product information, the process is quick and straightforward, and it helps you stay organized, manage photo galleries, and publish relevant product information.

Click on the image below to see a short video of the dashboard.


volusion dashboard


You cannot make changes on those templates unless you are familiar with coding so if you are a beginner and wanting to make a change you will probably have a hard time.


With every plan Volusion offers those features:

  • Add Products in a Flash
  • Securely Accept Payments
  • Easily Manage Inventory
  • Built-in SEO Tools
  • Social Media Integrations:  Manage your social accounts and sell more across the web, all from the comfort of your Volusion dash.
Ease of Use

Volusion offers a Free 14 days Trial Period you don’t even need a credit card to sign up which is great!


Volusion Support

The support provided with the product. You have access 24/7 support via phone, chat, or emails to their Austin-based eCommerce experts for any help you might need, from support to marketing specialists and this for all plans except the Mini Plan.


Volusion Pricing

Volusion Different Package

Mini:  $15.00/month

  • 100 Products
  • 1GB of Bandwidth
  • Online Support
  • Secure Checkout

Plus:  $35.00/month

  • 1000 Products
  • 3GB of Bandwidth
  • Online + Phone Support
  • Secure Checkout

Pro:  $75.00/month

  • 10,000 Products
  • 10GB of Bandwidth
  • Priority Support
  • Secure Checkout

Premium:  $135.00/month

  • Unlimited Products
  • 35GB of Bandwidth
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Secure Checkout


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My Final Opinion of VOLUSION

My final honest option on Volusion is that it is a great platform, but I cannot say it is the best.  Based on research done Volusion software needs some updates and some improvement with their customer service.  On top of that, their additional fees can be costly if you don’t keep track of them so I cannot recommend them wholeheartedly.

However, that isn’t to say that this cart is the wrong choice for every merchant. Plenty of affiliates have found success with Volusion. You might as well sign up for Volusion’s free trial by clicking the link below, and try it out for yourself.


NEWS Splash:  

Volusion made the news May 30, 2017

As per Kevin Sproles CEO, Volusion has released Volusion 2, which is an upgraded version of their platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It consists of a simplified digital store setup, secure checkouts, including free SSL, and mobile optimization. (1)


[stextbox id=’grey’]”Small and medium businesses deserve the same robust website features and level of service as the established enterprise,” said Kevin Sproles, Volusion CEO. “Since returning as CEO, my number one goal has been to get Volusion refocused to help these entrepreneurs succeed.”[/stextbox]


Volusion eCommerce Solutions at a Glance…


Name: Volusion

Website: http://volusion.com
Price: Up o 14 days Free Trial – Mini $15.00/month – Plus $35.00/month – Pro $75.00/month – Premium $135.00/month

CEO: Kevin Sproles

CTO: Bardia Dejban

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100



I hope this review helps you…if you have any questions or you want to give me your review if you are a Volusion member use the comment box below.  I will love to hear from you!


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