What Is Cash Juice

Cash Juice is a social platform for you to share your businesses your products and your services etc.

It is also the sister rotatory site of Traffic Ad Bar. Together they are one of the best sites used by marketers today to promote their top-earning programs.

Darren Merrett is the founder of both, Cash Juice and Traffic Bar.

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Building An Audience

When you join CashJuice you’ll be given your CashJuice link. When someone clicks on your CashJuice link and joins CashJuice they will become one of your followers. Advertise your link to get more followers.

If you don’t have advertising experience, don’t worry, Cash Juice helps you advertise your link by using traffic exchanges.

Traffic exchanges allow you to view people’s websites and in return, your link will be advertised to other people, and the great thing about CashJuice is that when you have a follower that follower will generate other followers for you.

Making $$$ From Your Audience

Anyone can earn money on the internet with CashJuice.

There are many ways to earn money, I guess the most obvious way is through ads. We place ads on CashJuice, we make money from those ads and we share that money with you

CashJuice is free to use, but when one of your referrals upgrades their account we pay you money in return for you referring that person that has upgraded.

But I guess most importantly CashJuice is a platform it’s a platform for you to share your businesses your products and your services

The Cash Juice Plan

Connecting with successful members on the CashJuice community.

So how do you find out who the successful members are, well it is very simple with the “CashJuice Leagues“.

The CashJuice Leagues are designed to highlight who the experts are. They use a simple algorithm to rank every CashJuice member based on their activity and more importantly their success.

You can check the leagues at any time by clicking on the league’s tab from the dashboard.

Here you can see the members at the top of the league, you can choose to see the all-time league or the league for this month or last month.

You can see the member, their position on the league, and their activity and positions for each of the stats we measure. You can rank the league by each of the stats by clicking on the heading of each of the columns so if you wanted to find out who’s generated the most referrals it’s easy.

You can also see a summary of your positions by clicking on your league positions tab. Here you can see your performance at a glance at the end of every month we take the final rankings and issue gold silver and bronze awards to the top members.

The top 10 members each month are given lifetime access to the Diamond Club and they’re highlighted on the Diamond Club page as well as on the top of their profiles here.

You’ll also find that a lot of the Diamond Club members will share secrets of their success on their profile so you can follow them and learn at the same time. 🙂

CashJuice leagues are just one of the many features they have to help you accelerate your success in the online marketing world.

How Do I Earn Commissions?

Cash Juice Level Pricing

My Final Opinion and Verdict 

Cash Juice is very legit. It is a great platform to share your business with others. It is very different from other traffic exchange programs.

Like anything else, If you upgrade it will give you more exposure than you would get as a free member.

This is the beginning of your CashJuice journey it’s up to you where you go from here.

If you are a member I would like to hear your experience with Cash Juice.

Please use the comment box below for any questions you might have