What Is PPC Campaign

Welcome to the world of PPC! Before moving on to “What is PPC campaign”  we need to know what PPC stands for, do you agree?

Great! PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Now that we know the meaning of PPC we will learn WHEN to use it, HOW to use it in a campaign, and WHY to use it. We will also discover all the many benefits that it will bring to your online business!

I will show you how to build a PPC campaign on BING because as a beginner Google is far more difficult to work with than other search engines.

Bing Ads Get Started Series of 5 Videos:

1-  Campaign basics

Now that we know the meaning of PPC let’s find out what it takes to get an ad campaign up and running shall we?



2-  Set Up Your First Bing Ads Campaign

In this video, you will learn step-by-step how to create your campaign.



3-  Ad Groups And Keywords

Learn to expand your campaign by making sure that you have enough ad groups with enough relevant ads and keywords.  Pay close attention to this one as it is crucial to your success with Bing Ads!  Ready?  Let’s find out how!4



4-  Activate Your Campaign

To activate your campaign you will need to set up a payment method



5-  Optimize Your Campaign

Make sure you get the most out of Bing Ads by following those recommended steps!



Unlike SEO, with PPC, we don’t sit and pray…we PAY to PLAY.

Setting Up Your First Campaign/Ad Group

Remember this formula, it is the ultimate flow of success for your PPC campaign

Relevant Keywords => Relevant Ad => Relevant Landing Page => Relevant Promotion

First, you will give your campaign a Relevant name, then you will working on relevant Ad Group

Working On Your Ad Group

Let say that you are site is about Affiliate Marketing and you want to target people that are looking to rank with Google.

The following is a good example for relevant Ad Group targeting your campaign “Get Rank In Google”

  • get ranked in google
  • how to get ranked in google
  • get ranked in google fast
  • how do I get ranked in google
  • getting ranked in google
  • how to get ranked into google

Do you see where I am getting at with Relevant Ad Group?  All of the terms are very closely related.  This relevance and the relevance of your ad is critical in terms of how many “clicks” you will get, also known as the CTR (Click-Through Ratio).

More Relevant Ad Groups = MORE SUCCESS!

Create Your Ad

When creating your Ad, keep in mind that it has to be RELEVANT to your keyword in order to have clicked and got the highest rate! Relevant is the magic word in the PPC world!

The same goes for every ad you create. You want your ad to be relevant to your keywords within your ad group, but you also want it to be interesting to the potential visitor.

Here is a screenshot of a Bing Ad PPC Campaign

Wealthy Affiliate - no money down

Wealthy Affiliate

Here are some things that you should focus on within your ads:

  1. Include the keywords within it
  2. Be captivating
  3. Be different from the other ads under the same keyword
  4. Offer a call to action (click here, go here, get started today, join now, etc)

Setting Your Initial Bids

I recommend that you keep your initial bids between $0.20-$0.30, that is a good range to start out with. There will be some keywords that you will be able to get traffic from for $0.05, and some that will cost much more. This will be determined relatively quickly as you start getting some traffic.

Relevance = Success

The beauty of the PPC world is that you have the ability to target “EXACT” keywords. In fact, you can be extraordinarily precise with your campaigns…this is something that will work for you if you understand the idea of RELEVANCE.

Quality Pay-Per-Click For Beginners
6-Part Video Course

I hope you enjoy my article on PPC Campaign and that you now understand the relevance of Ad Group 🙂  If I can be of any help please use the comment box below and I will get back to you within hours!

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