What Is Traffic Ad Bar

Hi there! Let me guess… You are looking to increase traffic to your website.
I am not going to lie to you. The most effective SEO tactic is High-Quality content. Of course, you can always add to this method but never substitute it.

trafficadbar.com is the ultimate FREE website traffic generator.

One way to do that is by using sites like traffic exchanges such as Traffic Ad Bar.

So What Is Traffic Ad Bar?

Traffic Ad Bar is a traffic exchange website that sends free traffic to your site. It was founded back in 2009 by Darren Merrett. The fact that they have been around for so long indicates that they are legit. Dareen is very active within the community.

How Does It Work?

First, sign up for a FREE account. Then, here’s what happens after that:

You are going to answer 2 questions to customise your advertising:

Question 1

Do you have your own website that you have access to and design yourself?

Question 2

Do you use other traffic exchanges or advertising?

What’s Next?

-You will Add your website (s) to your account and other members will look at them.

-Write some ads and Traffic Ad Bar will put them on other websites just like you see ads on Google or Facebook!

-Traffic Ad Bar list members ads on other traffic exchanges so your websites are not only seen by the members but by members of other exchanges!

Here is what you need to do each day:

  1. Look out for the daily email from Traffic Ad Bar
  2. Click on the links in the daily email to earn points
  3. View other member’s websites to earn points and get hits in the Ad Network

2 Ways To Advertise Your Websites

First Goal:

Your goal is to earn points so you can move up the level ladder. The level ladder is your key to automated advertising.

Each of your websites is listed separately on the level ladder. The higher each of your websites is on the level ladder, the more hits you will receive.

If you have a website on level 10 and above, we will send out 1,022 links every 3 days, level 9, 510 links, and so on.

Second Goal: Earn Hits

Traffic Ad Bar built up an ad network outside of their platform. You can use it to get your ads seen across the internet.

All you need to do is view websites. Every time you view 25 websites you’ll get the opportunity to take your hits or exchange them for extra points.

If you want to see immediate results, take the hits and we’ll put your ads in the network for people to click.

Earn money while you use Traffic Ad Bar

Refer and make money by using the tools provided by Traffic Ad Bar. When your referral upgrade, you will get paid a commission

Upgrade Your Traffic Ad Bar

If you are tired to look at other member’s ads and websites to earn traffic, you can upgrade to put your website traffic on autopilot.

There are 3 different upgrades:

You will get a discount price for the first month 

Monthly Prices

  • Pro-Lite: $3.00, then $9.99 per month
  • Pro: $6.00, then $19.99 per month
  • Platinum: $12.00 then $39.99 per month

Yearly Prices

  • Pro-Lite – $95.00
  • Pro – $179.00
  • Platinum – $335.00


So do I think Traffic Ad Bar is legit? Yes it is!

However, I highly recommend upgrading to at least Pro-Lite so you can enjoy the autopilot.

I am not a fan of traffic exchange sites, but I have to admit that I am quite surprised by Traffic Ad Bar!

Please share your experience with Traffic Ad Bar or any other experience you might have had with other traffic exchange sites.

Until next time…


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18 thoughts on “What Is Traffic Ad Bar

  1. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your review as it contains valuable informations one needs to be aware of. I recently opened my website and i have been looking for ways i can increase traffic on my website, this is really an eye opener, thanks for this.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment.  I guess congratulations are in order for your website!  I am glad you enjoy my post.  If you ever decide to sign up with Traffic Ad Bar could you come back and share your experience with us?

  2. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on what is traffic ad bar. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really detailed one. I find it very helpful as it contains valuable information. Traffic ad bar seems like a very good platform for me as it directs genuine traffic to my website. I’ve always had issues with website traffic so traffic ad bar would play a vital role in my website. I’ll sign up for a free account now and come back with feedback. Thank you. 

    1. Hi Sophie!  Thanks for your comment!  I am very glad you are finding it helpful.  That would be my recommendation, to start with the free one.  That is exactly what I did.  But after a while it was very time-consuming so for only $9.99 a month, I signed up for Pro-lite so I can enjoy the autopilot. 🙂

  3. Hello, 

    There are so many ways we have learned to make our businesses better and generating leads or traffic to your site ha e proven to he a good means and we all want to see it happen. Getting to be involved with a platform that offers this service of helping with traffic generation is something we all would e to jump on. Thank you so much 

    1. Hi there!  Indeed, as entrepreneurs, we are always looking for ways to increase traffic, every little bit helps.  We cannot put all our eggs in the same basket.  Thanks for stopping by! 

  4. For the very fact that the creator of Traffic Ad Bar is same as CashJuice speaks a great deal. Well, this is kind of amazing in the sense that when you combine the 2 platforms along can really have a true boost in your on-line business. I even have benefited from CashJuice thus I’ll waste no time to try Traffic Ad Bar out particularly since it’s free.

    1. Hi Kelvin, yes Traffic Ad Bar and CashJuice were both founded by Darren Merrett.  The 2 platforms together really work well for my business.  Do you use CashJuice?  If you do, would you mind sharing with us?  Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thank you for this expository review on Traffic ad bar. It is explanatory with the videos along side. If there is one thing I so much appreciate you on this article,it’s the assurance of a dependable information and recommendation. You always take your time in impacting the masses with genuine information. I am interested in this opportunity since i am into affiliate marketing and wanting to increase a lot traffic to my web-pages. i will make good use of this opportunity asap. Thanks again for sharing this.

    1. Hi Joshua, thanks for your comment.  Indeed if you are an affiliate marketer this is a good way to increase traffic to your website.  You can also sign up with cashjuice they kind of work together with the same founder 

  6. Thanks for your review on TrafficAdBar. Thanks for your honesty that content is still king but it sure does take time so I always look for a helping hand to corporate with my content boosting. Thanks for your review on TrafficAdBar, I have to say that it looks simple to use and it is very affordable and best of all it is legit. I am going to check it out. 

    1. Hi Nuttanee, thanks for your comment.  Yes, it is a great site, it is worth it for you to check it out especially it is free!  I get a lot of visitors from that site 🙂

  7. Hi Carole, thanks for your article. I believe I have a Traffic Adbar account but after creating the account I didn’t really make use of it. Like yourself, I am not a fan of traffic exchanges and never got anything out of them except getting to see what other people are promoting out there.

    1. Hi Sue.  Thanks for your comment.  You are saying you believe, so you are definitely not active.  You have to follow their instruction and add the Cash Juice program, they work together.  If you follow the program it works very well.  I get a lot of traffic as well as new people that sign up for my offers.  If you need help, please reach out to me.

  8. It is a great opportunity to have seen a well detailed explanation about Traffic Ad Bar. I am quite amazed by the way Traffic Ad Bar works and impresses one getting traffic. I will highly recommend it for anyone. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. 

    1. Hi there, TAB is a very amazing traffic exchange platform.  It is very different from all of the others too.  As a free member, you get a lot of traffic.  I got lots of traffic as a free member too.  I eventually upgraded and got more traffic.

  9. This is definitely goin to be helpful for my website. I am currently trying to learn more about actually monetizing my website with all the knowledge I put on it. I must admit, this will be very beneficial for me and for my website. Your entire website seems to be like a bible for people like me, hungry for this knowledge

    1. Hi Missael!  Indeed this is a great traffic Exchange side.  It is not like the other traffic Exchange sites.  When you signup for free, you will be asked to join Cash Juice which is also free to join, both work together..  It can generates pretty good traffic to your site.  Thanks for your comment.  Let me know if you need help!

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