Work At Home Scams List

Work At Home Scams



With the pandemic, many of us lost our jobs and money is tight. Scam artists view this as a huge opportunity. We are trying to make ends meet and a work at home business might sound like just the thing.

By the way, it is the right thing, but with the right team!

Scammers know we are vulnerable at this time and they will take advantage of it. They will offer a work at home opportunity with a full refund promise if you don’t succeed.

They are basically all the same “empty promises”. Some will even ask you for a fee to join and next thing you know, your credit card is charged without your permission for additional charges that were never disclosed to you.



Any online business opportunity that promises guaranteed income, large returns, or a “proven system” is likely a scam. If you pay for the so-called opportunity, you’re then often asked to pay even more: for business coaching or mentoring services to guarantee or increase your business’s success. The money you spend on those extra coaching services is almost always more money down the drain. ~ Federal Trade Commission











Look at it this way:


If you were to start an offline business you will have to invest your time, effort, and money.

Well, that is basically the same thing for online business. You can start an online business with no money and like any business, you will have to work it to make it grow! 

They are no such thing as a Get-Rich-Quick.

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Operation Empty Promises:

Job and Business Opportunity Scams – Federal Trade Commission


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