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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About WRITE ONLINE REVIEW



When you review products and having people engage with them, you create more trust with your readers. You review products you know to be useful to your potential customers and it’s clear from your review that you know what you’re talking about.


Remember in my other post “What Is a Fake Review, and Why Should You Care?” I mentioned that reading reviews online is one of the final stages of the purchase path. Once readers get that far, they are on the path of becoming a customer.


So product review content pages on your site can be especially profitable if you’re an affiliate of those products. You’re just one step away from earning a commission.


Real reviews are valuable because the author knows the niche and the competing products well.  With your final fair conclusion of the review, you help your audience make the best possible buying decision, which should be your main purpose.


So What Exactly Is a Real Review?


A Real Review is not a sales speech. It’s not written primarily to make money. The primary objective of writing a review is to help your audience make the right choice and for that, you have to earn their trust. You write honest reviews about affiliate products that you’re promoting on your own site.


A Real Review gives your audience the sense that you know and use the product. A fake review can’t do that. You must be confident. As an affiliate your review most be honest, you must be impartial but the reader needs to feel the real experience, so you can earn their trust. Don’t review a product that you are not confident with.


How To Create A Product Review:


Understanding how to construct product reviews is a very important part of your business. People are spending millions of dollars online and are researching products or services before they buy them.


You can take advantage of this as an affiliate marketer and with every product or service that you promote on your website, you should be doing so through a review style page/post.


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Reviews - why to Write them





According to the Federal Trade Commission guidelines, when you review a product from which you might make a commission, you must disclose that you are an affiliate and that you earn a commission when someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase.
Remember this:  You will get more trust by being transparent.


Should a Review Aim to Convince?


I am sure that you know the answer to that, but just in case, the answer is” NO”


Now Beware


If you research how to write a good online review and you stumble on this headline: “How to Write Convincing Reviews” don’t waste your time as the word “convincing” usually stands for “fake“.


Keep It Real


Remember: Keep this in mind:  When writing a review, you want to represent the prospective buyer’s best interest!  If you don’t and put money ahead of the customer, you will set yourself for failure!


Your Reviews should not be “convincing.” You have to keep it real.  They should be completely honest and based on your user experience,  without any agenda behind it!


Ideally, your review should include your personal experience of the product under review.


The FTC’s position is clear:


[stextbox id=’grey’]…the Endorsement Guides let endorsers know that they shouldn’t talk about their experience with a product if they haven’t tried it, or make claims about a product that would require proof they don’t have (1)[/stextbox]



But What About When It Is Not Possible?


If your business is a travel site, you have to agree with me that unlikely you’ll be able to stay in all the best hotels in Quebec, Canada for instance!


So how do you write an honest review without checking in the hotels? The answer is: Consider researching the best reviews and any other information you can find about those places. It should be easy now since we went over in my other article “Spot Fake Reviews“.  Then, put all your findings together into your own original coverage of the hotels.


You will have to do good quality research. It will take time. Then take your findings and add a thought, delivered in a format and voice that makes it uniquely yours.


How can I do that?


Easy:  By using Sites like Amazon and TripAdvisor.  You take all the reviews, I mean ALL of them, positive and negative. Look for common complaints, what do people love, who do the reviewers say this hotel is best suited to?

Are there reviews on YouTube? What do they say?


ReviewSkeptic is an online tool dealing specifically with hotel reviews.


Hotel Review – Lack of detail:  Look out for false hotel reviews.  A vague review of hotels should be a red flag right there. The reviewer cannot be specific as they had never been there!  So they’d talk instead of the reason they were there. “Spent a wonderful weekend here with the family”; “will always use this hotel for future business trips” are the kinds of things you’re looking for. Look for the word  “Verified” on the hotel review.


Here is some site where you can do research:



Again, it’s critical to be transparent.


Write a review that focuses on the site visitor and how you think it would benefit them. Make it clear in your review that it’s not based on experience but reflects accurate, thrill research of “expert” opinions.


Detail what that means.  Add, of course, that it has been supplemented by your own conclusions based on all those hours of research.


It’s always better, though, to be able to build true user experience or hands-on testing into your review but when you cannot like on-site like travel you have to another alternative than using the other approach.


I hope this helps you with any questions you might have about writing an online “Review”.  For any questions or comments please use the below comment box!