Writers Work Reviews

Product Name: Writers.Work

Website:  writers.work

Price:  Lifetime Membership $47.00 soon $94.00 or Monthly Membership of $15.00 Plus Upsell

Owners:  Jennifer and Mark Harrell

Address:  PO Box 340338, Austin, TX 78734-0006

Overall Ranking:  20 to 100

Who is it for:  Newbie – Expert

Scam or Legit:  Scam

When was it Founded:  2018

Training:  2/5

Verdict:  Not Recommended

Jennifer and Mark Harrell, the owners of Writers Work LLC, are also owners of Surveys4Checks.com, NovEighteen LLC, MyWritingJob.com, and Master Writing Jobs.


So what is Writers Work?

Writers Work is the all-in-one platform where you can find everything you need to become a freelance writer.

They claim that they can provide you with tools that can make you a more efficient freelance writer, and also help you promote your work and help you find clients.

So I stumbled upon Writers.Work while looking to promote some “work from home business opportunities”.  I was planning on writing a review about this program with the intention to promote and earn some affiliate commission by recommending the program to people.

After researching them I changed my mind about promoting them.  You will find why with this review.

How Does It Work?

To get started with Writers.Work, you need to buy a membership.  They won’t give you a sneak pic of what you will get until you sign up and pay.  Then you have 7 days to try the program, 7 days trial period.

After you paid you will get access to a lot of tools with the exception of their upsell.  We will talk about this later.

Tools Included With Your Membership:

Distractions Pre-Editor

Online Portfolio Feature

Training For New Writers

Once you are done with the training you can start working for other people.

Writers.worknwill give you a list of websites and writing jobs that are ready to hire you!

How Much Do Writers.Work Cost?























The First Plan is the lifetime membership for $47.00.  They claim it will give you access forever.  In their checkout page, they said that this is their Early Bird Pricing, 50% Off for a Limited Time and soon it might change to $94.00.  This is a tactic to put you into pressure to make you hurry up to make a decision!

The second one is the monthly membership for $15.00 a month which will give you access to everything as well.

They do offer refunds on both memberships within 30 days.


[stextbox id=’alert’]Don’t you think it is strange to have a lifetime membership for $47.00 and a monthly membership of $15.00 with the exact same features?[/stextbox]



The Tool Kit Bundle

The Premium Video Courses

Freelanders’ Tool Kit

Make a note that there is no refund for that!  You can keep those features as they are separated from Writers.Work Platform.

Writers.Work Features


[stextbox id=’black’]1-  Magical Job Finders[/stextbox]



Looking for a job online takes hours of research.  Magical Job Finders is a tool that will show you all the job listings available online in one dashboard.  All the writing jobs that Writers.Work shows you an be found in Probloggers, Craiglist, and Indeed.  However, the Magical Job Finders can make you save time as you can set some filters up.

Another great thing is that Writers.Work will notify you when they find a job that fits your description.


[stextbox id=’black’]2- Instant Submission Finder[/stextbox]



This tool will give you a list of websites that will give you a higher chance of getting hired.  Honestly, I couldn’t find how often this database is updated.


[stextbox id=’black’]3-  Deep Focus Writing Tools[/stextbox]



This text editor comes with many great features.  It will show you the live word counts that get updated as you type.  It will also give you the readability score and the trade reading level.  There is also a spelling and grammar checker.


[stextbox id=’black’]4-  Project Organization[/stextbox]



This feature allows you to organize all your work in one place.  You will be able to see each project deadline.  This is a great feature, especially as you get more projects, it will be easier to keep track of deadlines.


[stextbox id=’black’]5- Online Portfolio[/stextbox]



This feature allows you to showcase your writing skills and your development over the years.  It will allow you to market yourself better and make you stand out from other fellow writers.  However, this is pretty basic and you can build a better-looking one using Canva which is totally Free for individuals and small groups working on quick projects.


[stextbox id=’black’]6-  Career Training Videos[/stextbox]



In this module, you will find a lot of videos that will teach you the basics of writing, copywriting, how to market yourself, and more.


[stextbox id=’black’]7-  Habit Builder[/stextbox]



Habit Builder is a word counting tool, which will count all the words of your articles.  So this feature is pretty limited to words counting.


All-in-One Platform for writer

This Platform is for all writers:  From Newbies to Experience writers

Job Hunting within the platform

Will teach you how to do your taxes and how to charge the client



So many complaints

Weak training

Job posted are most of the time expired

No real support


Better Business Bureau:

There were 29 complaints filed with the BBB

Jennifer and Mark Harrell, the owners of Writers Work LLC, are also owners of Surveys4Checks.com, NovEighteen LLC, MyWritingJob.com, and Master Writing Jobs. BBB has separate profiles on these companies which can be accessed here:


Advertising Review:

On September 13, 2019 BBB contacted Writers Work, LLC regarding advertised claims on its website, https://writers.work, and its Google Ad.

BBB requested the business discontinue the savings claim, “50% off for a limited time early-bird pricing” and representation that the “Pay Once” option has been marked down from $94 to $47 ~BBB


Final Verdict:

Here is a RED Flag:

Legit companies DO NOT charge you to sign up or become a member of any Writers platform. They take a fraction of any payment received for an assignment.  Therefore Writers.Work is a Scam.


There are 2 platforms that I highly recommend for writers:  Freelancer and Fiverr


I highly recommend for Freelancers:

“The Money Book for Freelancer, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed” by Joseph D’Agnese (Author), Denise Kiernan (Author)




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